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10/05/2018 9:45 pm  #1

Donjon/Dungeon Sfar and Trondheim

This might be a weird one but for inspiration and pure reading enjoyment I can really recomment the Donjon/Dungeon series by Lewis Trondheim and Koan Sfar.

Yes it is a comedic, parody of fantasy with anthromorphic characters (main character is an anthromorphic duck) but the world is compelling the storyline is great and the art a symbiont of old school d&d (Otis,Tramp etc) and cartoony.

There is lots to steal here. The premise and first impression might seem childish/funny d&d parody butit is very well written.


10/07/2018 4:51 pm  #2

Re: Donjon/Dungeon Sfar and Trondheim

I'll have to check it out! I see there are some collections at Amazon.

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