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8/28/2018 9:09 am  #1

Jack Vance

Seems fitting on his birthday today to pay literary tribute to one of the English language's greatest stylists, wordsmiths and neologians. A few choice quotes below. While he's best known for his spell-casting "system", I find his works inspirational from a humorous perspective, too. Enjoy!

"An intellect in full control of itself unfortunately must sacrifice that receptivity which distinguishes the primitive mentality. This is an evolutionary step I have, on the whole, been happy to make."
The Asutra

"My own concepts in this regard are easy and clear, and I am sure that the word 'simplistic' will be used by my critics. These folk are callow and turgid of intellect; I am reassured by their howls and yelps."
The Face

"'I am more inclined to punish Hurtiancz for his crassness,' said Ildefonse. 'But now he simulates a swinish stupidity to escape my anger.'
'Absolute falsity!' roared Hurtiancz. 'I simulate nothing!'
Ildefonse shrugged. 'For all his deficiencies as polemicist and magician, Hurtiancz at least is candid.'"
Rhialto the Marvellous

"Rhialto said sternly: 'Sarsem, your conduct has been less than wise. Need I remind you of this?'
'You need say nothing! In sheer disgust, discharge me from my indenture! The humiliation will be an overwhelming punishment.'
'We are not so cruel,' said Ildefonse."
Rhialto the Marvellous


"Enough of this intolerable inanity! I propose that such loquacity passes beyond the scope of nuisance and over the verge of turpitude."
Jack Vance, Rhialto the Marvellous

8/28/2018 9:44 am  #2

Re: Jack Vance

This one has to be my favourite:

Cugel grimaced "But I am no thief; Fianosther sent me here to collect certain object, and therefore --"
Iucounu held up his hand. "The offence is far too serious for flippant disclaimers. I have stated my abhorrence for plunderers and thieves, and now I must visit upon you justice in its most unmitigated rigor - unless, of course, you can suggest an adequate requital."
"Some such requital surely exists" Cugel averred. "This cord, however, rasps upon my skin, so that I find cogitation impossible."
"No matter. I have decided to apply the Charm of Forlorn Encystment, which constricts the subject in a pore some 45 miles below the surface of the earth."
Cugel blinked in dismay "Under these conditions, requital could never be made."
"True" mused Iucounu, "I wonder if after all there is some small service which you can perform for me."
"The villain is as good as dead" declared Cugel, "Now remove these abominable bonds!


8/28/2018 4:11 pm  #3

Re: Jack Vance

Indeed, I have an abbreviated version of that saved, too. There is no shortage of splendiferous shimmering nets of prose...

"Enough of this intolerable inanity! I propose that such loquacity passes beyond the scope of nuisance and over the verge of turpitude."
Jack Vance, Rhialto the Marvellous
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8/28/2018 6:39 pm  #4

Re: Jack Vance

I love him! I usually read The Eyes of the Overworld once a year, laughing harder and harder every time. He's great.

Blackadder23: Insanely long villain soliloquy, then "Your action?"
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