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8/11/2018 9:21 am  #1

Trogos Gold Rush

[Preliminary notes for a new campaign]

There has begun a new gold rush in the misty woodlands of Trogos. Adventurous prospectors from Khromarium and its vassal towns are flooding the area as the streams and slot canyons provide ample locations for panning and other forms of placer mining. A small boomtown (Mulgrave) has already emerged close to the popular prospecting sites.

There are many rare woods and herbs to be harvested in the forest, and the impossibly deep slot canyons hold even stranger treasures. There are rumours of a triple temple of Lunaqqua, each dedicated to a different aspect of hers (the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone), and of an ancient Hyperborean burial site as well.

However, there lurk many dangers in these woods constantly enwreathed in the mists rising from the unfathomable gorges. Ape-men scouting parties from the nearby City-State of Kor, native tribes of troglodytes, as well as the strange oon, a subterranean servitor race of the mi-go; giant weasels, wolverines, snakes, and spiders, owl bears, and even lycanthropes, fungi, and sentient plants; crazed druids, shamans, and cultists, and possibly the mighty phoongh, intelligent humanoid grasshoppers who seemingly kill for their own entertainment and embrace their own death as if it was part of their nefarious plans.

(By-the-book AS&SH, except CON for encumbrance, 20k starting XP, and (2d6+6)*10 starting gp)

Typical vistas in Trogos


8/12/2018 3:59 pm  #2

Re: Trogos Gold Rush

Loving the vistas! Great visuals for players.

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