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6/24/2018 1:11 pm  #41

Re: AS&SH Referee's Screen (Official)

I was wondering what the referee screen is gonna be made out of. I was very impressed by some of the very thick cardboard screens that are being made nowadays for games (5th edition, Mongoose Traveller, Fantasy Flight Games RPGS, and was hoping this one would be the same.


6/24/2018 6:36 pm  #42

Re: AS&SH Referee's Screen (Official)

Too early for specifics on that, SavageGM. Right now it's all in early planning stages, with art underway, and ideas for tables being considered. Next will be conversations with printers, and assessing the very things you're curious about. For now, primary focus remains on the two new adventures. So, more to be figured out soon!

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6/24/2018 10:54 pm  #43

Re: AS&SH Referee's Screen (Official)

Blackadder23 wrote:

MrManowar wrote:

The only other bit I would add is this: maybe some ready reference sheets of names based on ethnic backgrounds for on the fly NPC's as a kind of add on bonus on top of the charts and such.

That is already available here:

And an abbreviated (one page) version is at the very end of this:

Excellent!  Thanks this will be very useful!

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6/25/2018 1:05 pm  #44

Re: AS&SH Referee's Screen (Official)

You're welcome.

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