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3/04/2014 7:53 pm  #1

The Tree of Crows

The Tree of Crows 

On the shores of Hyperborea the lost fleet of Erik the Red came ashore long years ago. Only Ullr, the god of glory, was able to make the journey through the mists which cut off Hyperborea from old Earth. It is said that Ullr blinded the eyes of Erik and lead him to this place, lost to the All-Father and the reward of Valhalla. 

Erik's people landed among a chain of islands they named Vikland, but Erik himself was never found. The skalds say that Erik turned back toward the mist when his eyes were opened and he saw how he had been tricked by Ullr, but an island rose from the sea and his ship was raised unto a great height. From the wood of this ship sprang a tree and this tree is the birthplace of crows, the eyes of the All-Father,  When the tree is found again by Erik's people the crows will come to Vikland, great death, glory and the return of heroes, for the All-Father has never forsaken his people or the harvest of heroes he needs for the last battle. 



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