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1/02/2018 1:14 am  #1

Bismarck, ND

My local game group is going to be trying AS&SH for the first time starting either this month or early next (depends on a system launch art work), if you're in the area and interested contact me and we can discuss if it would work for all parties involved. We currently have myself as referee and three players.


4/08/2018 12:33 am  #2

Re: Bismarck, ND

I take it from the views and lack of responses that there are no other players in this Northern wasteland.

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4/08/2018 5:44 am  #3

Re: Bismarck, ND

You might want to mention it over at our G+ page, too. There is decent activity there:


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4/08/2018 12:42 pm  #4

Re: Bismarck, ND

Hey Madhatter, I would also post on Dragonsfoot’s Looking for Games/Gamers forum.

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