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2/03/2018 10:23 pm  #21

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

From 2017-03-05 

Yoshimi harvested a mountain ape penis and wearing it for a necklace/totem. Tip is pointing down. 

The party confirms the stairs go down in one room.

Another secret door leads to a room with a cliff face that goes down. Yoshimi clambers down 150 feet of rope and doesn’t find it’s bottom. 

They have Kellen check for traps and secret doors where they’ve looked before and find one. This leads to a room with a hole in the ceiling and Vandall looks up it and can see some light. 

Kellen finds another secret door and Vandall goes through it. Kellen finds no locks or traps on the door at the end of it. Vandall opens that. In that room is a chest. Kellen doesn’t find any locks or traps. Vandall opens and gets a dart. Making his save takes only half damage from the poison. In it he finds 2 potions, 2 gems, and a piece of wood looking thing. Maybe even petrified wood. It looks like a 3d tetris piece. They go back to the room with the 30 foot wide staircase. It goes down, down, down. 

They descend into an ornate room with many columns. The opposite side of the room has a large archway that opens into another room. In that room is a door on each side and between them is a floor to ceiling window looking into yet another room. Yoshimi approaches the leftmost door. It is made of brass and opens into the next room. Looking through the window she sees that there are doors opposite the brass ones that appear to be made out of quartz. She goes through the brass door as everyone else hides behind the columns. The hope is for Yoshimi to lead anything she finds back to them into an ambush. Finding nothing they go through the quartz doors into a wide hallway.

In their searching (down the hallway to the left) they find large, glass display cases inset into the hallway walls. In one set are rather pedestrian taxidermy. The next has slightly abnormal taxidermy. Reptile heads on mammals, bird heads on reptiles, and mammal heads on fish. Another case has normal taxidermy of fantastical beasts like orcs and kobolds. They find another display with orc heads on kobolds and such, an owlbear, and even a minotaur. The last display case contains creatures they’ve never heard of nor could have imagined. A bear with multiple tentacles for arms and its head replaced with a conical looking thing with multiple horns protruding from it. There is even a large ape with 4 arms and what looks to be a metal bucket for a head. Determining that there is no treasure nor danger to be had they continue roving the hallways. 

Kellen finds a secret door. Thoggy walks through it immediately is engulfed with flames but avoids slipping on the fiery oil under his feet. As he is the room he briefly sees what is in it. It looks like it contains beds, that are now on fire. He retreats out of the room and after thick, black smoke starts filling the hallway they close the secret door.

The party no cautiously explores down the hall. He also avoids slipping on some oil as a torch falls near him and sets it on fire. They briefly see 4 men run away from the pyrotechnics. =The party splits in two to cover both hallways that are connected to each other by cross corridors that are home to the taxidermy displays.

We pause the session here since the DM and others are tired.

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2/03/2018 10:28 pm  #22

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

From 2017-03-12

The party goes down the hall in search of the dudes that torched them.  They split into 2 groups and go down parallel hallways.  They reach an intersection and the hall between the 2 groups has a door on either side. One across from the other.  Kellen checks them out and doesn’t find any traps and picks the locks as near as he can tell. The doors still refuse to open.  Thoggy tries to kick down the stone doors but fails. He then decides to use his might to bust it open and fails. Vandall has the same thought but also fails.  Moghrabi throws a Knock and the door opens. 

Kellen goes in and ransacks the place not finding anything besides a cluttered room with a bed, desk and bookcase full of books. He rifles through them and doesn’t find much of value.  Moghrabi comes in and checks things out. He recognizes the books as relating to necromancy. He also looks through the room and checks under the mattress. He finds a scrap of paper and reads it. It has explosive runes prepared on it. Both Kellen and Moghrabi succumb to the blast. Trevor and Spunky heal them up a bit.  As the group prepares to continue their search a group of 6 creatures attacks them. The party is able to kill them all and ransack their bodies for 84sp, 63ep, 14gp. They also notice the eyes of the human looking creatures have no visible iris or pupil. Just a milky white orb. 

Wounded and low on spells they head back to the staircase and mirror room.  Before they get there a large group of the same creatures are upon them. They try to fall back to a four way intersection to make easier work of them. The creatures hold their ground and a number of them break away and run down the hall.  The party decides to engage the group in the hallway. Shortly after they do the breakaway group attacks the the other side of the party.  The monsters start making quick work of the mooks and taking their toll on the party members. Kellen doesn’t help matters by putting some arrows to the backs of some of the mooks.  Eventually most of the creatures are destroyed and a few run off, not wanting to press their attack once most of their number fell in battle. 

The party heads back up to the “safe” room on the first level in the temple sanctum area. They heal up a little and Kellen and Vandall go looking for any secret doors that might have been missed.  After a fruitless search they all decide to head back to Khromarium to heal up and maybe find some more gullible sellswords to hire.

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2/03/2018 10:31 pm  #23

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

From 2017-04-23

Poor bunch of notes for this session, but here's what I have.

In Khromarium looking for mooks.  

Got a poor reaction from the mook markets. Their reputation precedes them.  

The party takes the stairs to the upper left from the 1st level. They descend into a room with broken bits of wood.  They cautiously explore the dungeon the find themselves in.  The party is jumped by a bunch of ape men. They are dealt with eventually.  The party finds in their lairs  5 jewelry, 7 gems, and 4 potions.

We will pause at the loot gathering phase. Prior to any healing and planning

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2/03/2018 10:36 pm  #24

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

From 2017-05-14

And we pick up where we left off. 

The party heals up, goes back to the level 1 barracks and rests.

They go back down and head to the rooms to the “north”.

They fight 2 barbed devils. It goes poorly. Thoggy gets a bunch of good hits in, but Yoshimi gets dropped. So the party grabs Yoshimi and they run for it. When they get to the temple area the devils stop. 

The party decides to do a quick heal up for Yoshimi and go back to town. 

Stopping here prior to going back into the dungeon.

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2/03/2018 10:40 pm  #25

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

From 2017-05-21

So after 5 weeks of rest and such the party heads back to the room with the devils.

The party comes to the door, checks for traps, and Vandall opens it Moghrabi casts stinking cloud into the room. A hand casually reaches out of the cloud and closes the door. The party rushes in after the cloud is gone. They beat on one devil and kill it once Thoggy and Vandall beat the crap out of it. The other devil gets his turn and at one point gates in another devil. This one teleports between Moghrabi and Kellen and gives him a killing blow. The second devil is vanquished after the newest one gets caught amidst a fire web cast by Kellen. Once that second devil is killed the third (newest one) disappears. 

They heal up quickly and check the room. They find 4,500 sp, 1,500 gp, and a white penrose tile (refer to the courtyard tiles for shape). They waddle back to town under the load of their loot. 

Casting identify on white penrose tile. They determine it’s magical, with a fairly strong dweomer but can’t ascertain any specific magic properties or powers. They decide to take it to town and have a sage identify look at it. They agree to pay 900gp for the sage to look at it. He says it has a strong magic aura. It has something to do with a puzzle or a pattern. When asked if was a teleporter the sage says, no it doesn’t. The question seems to jog something and he says that explains the odd dweomer he couldn’t identify. The tile does have something to do with a portal or portals.

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2/03/2018 10:47 pm  #26

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

From 2017-06-04

They decided to go down the stairs behind the barred door.

They go down into a room with some writing on it: "Be respectful of the sleeping", "Honor the pious"

Kellen finds a secret door. They check it on move into the hall way. Kellen’s amazing ability to find secret doors finds two. The first is a small closet holding molding, falling apart cloth. The second bends around until it dead ends. Kellen easily notices the sliding device that peers into a room without light. Yoshimi decides to look and an use a torch to add some light. She notices what looks like a bed and maybe an altar or shelf. The dim light makes it hard to see details. She also decides to put the desiccated, mountain ape penis in a hole. She also decides to not telling anyone. 

They party goes in to the room with the bed and altar.

And I didn't seem to have any more notes for that session.

What I do recall is that the altar/shelf has a mural of a man sleeping and another man nearby playing drums. Another wall is a lovely mural with blue sky and clouds...with a desiccated mountain ape penis protruding from it. Yoshimi meditates and stares at the wall and notices that the clouds can barely be seen move after long enough time staring at it. The bed will give a full night's rest in but one hour of actual sleep in it.

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2/03/2018 10:57 pm  #27

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

From 2017-08-06

They leave the room with the bed and go through the plain door in the room they entered the leave at. They hear some faint rhythmic sounds. They explore around hallways until they open a door that looks to be some kind of temple.

There are several people standing around the room. In the center is a two tiered dias/platform. On the first level are 4 people drumming. In the center of that, on the second tier, a single man drumming as well.Spunky enters the temple and talks to a priest. The priest talks about the mission of Skarl and MĀNA-YOOD-SUSHĀĪ. The party gets some education about their religion. They then leave an scout around to find what they think will be corridors leading to another door of the Temple of Skarl. The enter a room with 5 square columns. Yoshimi and Vandall fail saves vs sorcery rolls. They are freaking out and having a nervous breakdown, like a severe fear reaction. Spunky decides to slap Yoshimi, connecting hard. She decides to punch back. The rest of the party comes in and makes their saves.

The walls are covered in murals. The "start" is to the right of the door they entered the room. Each mural is a series of 3 panels. The first set shows a man sleeping with a man drumming near hear and group of people gathered nearby, the next panel had one of them get up and leave, the final has another one getting up and leaving the group. In the series of murals around the room has the second individual entering a scene, he walks out of the scene, the final always have a number of anything in the second panel being dead. The second wall looks to be mostly humans and at least creatures the party has scene or recognize. The second and third walls are creatures of nightmares and wild fantasies. in all cases there is death behind the form entering and leaving the panels. The last half of the last/first fall is blank (it is the wall to the left of the door they entered).

Kellen finds a secret door in a column. He opens it and 4 wights walk out of the murals, from a depiction of the death figure/god. Moghrabi and Yoshimi get hit, fail their saves and lose a level. Spunky and Trevo successfully turn them and Thoggy and his shiny halberd make short work of them. Kellen finds 8 gems, a scroll case, a book, a wooden case that is large enough to hold a deck of cards and a 2 handed scimitar. The blade isn’t so much metal as looking like the night sky. Kellen catches a glimmer of light or something but can’t make it out. 

Pause the session here and decide what to do next session 

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2/04/2018 8:21 am  #28

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

Notes from a year ago! Good stuff.

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2/04/2018 11:37 am  #29

Re: Khromarium Campaign Fork

Ghul wrote:

Notes from a year ago! Good stuff.

I still have lots of sessions summaries to go through. I just stopped since I'm still sick with something and decided to get some sleep.

Maybe later today I'll get to them.

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