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4/06/2014 9:20 am  #1

Bestiary forum

TThis is really just a triviality. But the Bestiary forum says "for creatures found in Hyperborea. I assume it's not meant that way, but it sounds like it's onky to discuss official creatures, not new creations from other peoples campaign. If I have sone that I made, would that be the place to post them?

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4/06/2014 9:45 am  #2

Re: Bestiary forum

We'll let Jeff chime in, but I would venture to say if you have some homebrewed monsters you use in Hyperborea or you think would be a good fit, we're happy to have them. Indiscriminately posting monsters from some other game would be viewed less favorably, I think.

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4/06/2014 11:39 am  #3

Re: Bestiary forum

I pretty sure that the creatures described in the Bestiary do not constitute the entirety of all that can be encountered in the world of Hyperborea!

Post new ideas as well as variations on old creatures as well as questions or discussions about the same.  Give us what you got!
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4/06/2014 7:22 pm  #4

Re: Bestiary forum

Yes, if you have an idea you'd like to share on some critter you've dreamed up, please do share. 

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