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11/15/2017 6:48 am  #21

Re: Winter is coming

lige wrote:

Anyone ever read the Helliconia books by Brian Aldiss?  There's a lot of great stuff about long seasons (I think centuries or at least decades long) and the changes society (and human physiology) goes through to adapt.   Lots of weird creatures too - I should re-read them with Hyperborea in mind.

I read them many years ago, still have them.   I agree that they are a good way to get a feel for how these long seasons might be handled in game.  I can still find impressions of his descriptions in what passes for my memory, especially the winter, though sans much detail at this time.


11/22/2017 9:06 am  #22

Re: Winter is coming

Took me a while to remember the references but finally the old gray sack matter yielded. I always think of the descriptions in Dillon Wallace's books of the Labrador winters and the 60' tide swings on the Atlantic coast of Canada. See The Lure of the Labrador Wild and The Long Labrador Trail, both on project Gutenberg.

Much better than either though with less insane winter action is the book by Mina Hubbard, the widow of Wallace's friend Leonidas Hubbard, who died on the trip described in Lure: A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador. Also on Gutenberg but the critical edition from McGill Queen's University Press is pretty cool.


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