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7/21/2018 3:31 pm  #1

Qalupalik and "Esquimaux" Myths

I had the notion to research genuine Inuit legendry to see if there is anything IRL that hints or links with Kthulhu, as Esquimaux are portrayed in the game as ardent worshipers (following Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu). I was amazed to discover that indeed, their mythsare populated by terrible sea gods more feared than loved, appeased and obeyed out of terror and necessity. I am uncertain whether or not Lovecraft knew this, but Inuit mythology can very easily be (fictionally) extrapolated from his own Myth cycle, perhaps as an older source of later legends.
I found this great short video (5 minutes) of the legend of Qalupalik... 
A retelling or re-imagining of the "dead but dreaming" Old One? A mythicized interpretation of the half-Deep Ones and their penchant to return to the depths?

Edit: Tried to embed the video but kept getting a weird redirect. The link above is directly to the You Tube video.

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7/21/2018 6:57 pm  #2

Re: Qalupalik and "Esquimaux" Myths

Interesting mythic tale.

I have run a couple higher level esquimaux character adventures at a couple convetions.

I very much enjoy the background material. Thanks!!

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7/22/2018 9:24 pm  #3

Re: Qalupalik and "Esquimaux" Myths

Their myths and legends are fascinating.

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