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3/15/2016 5:35 pm  #1

Great weird dungeon art for sale!

This is from Jason Sholtis, author of Operation Unfathomable and other awesome gaming stuff (that's the one I ran at GaryCon last year). He's put some of his originals up on Etsy, and, given the fine, discriminating tastes around here, I thought I would pass along: "Sorry to trouble everyone but...

FOR SALE: actual physical drawings, many of which appear in
The Dungeon Dozen tome Barrowmaze Swords & Wizardry Core and other places. Wealthy collectors of esoterica and outsider art speculators take note!

1. Shrink the heaps of drawings sitting idly around the home laboratory and spilling over into disputed territories
2. Replace said heaps with sacks of cash

1. Follow the link indicated (to my Etsy store)
2. Convert your unwanted cash into ORIGINAL WEIRD DUNGEON ART
3. Receive art in the mail, you frame, you stash, you foist upon loved ones as unwanted gifts, you do whatever it is one does with drawings. I stack them up in heaps, which is no good to anybody.

Enjoy a 10% discount when you enter the coupon code
NERDBONUS at checkout.

This is only an experiment, so ACT NOW before I come to my senses and pull the plug on this thing. There are only 20 drawings up for sale at the moment. I will be adding more ASAP."



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