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2/10/2015 8:36 am  #1


Moby-D|ck, chap. 3 wrote:

A boggy, soggy, squitchy picture truly, enough to drive a nervous man distracted. Yet there was a sort of indefinite, half-attained, unimaginable sublimity about it that fairly froze you to it, till you involuntarily took an oath with yourself to find out what that marvellous painting meant. Ever and anon a bright, but, alas, deceptive idea would dart you through.—It’s the Black Sea in a midnight gale.—It’s the unnatural combat of the four primal elements.—It’s a blasted heath.—It’s a Hyperborean winter scene.—It’s the breaking-up of the ice-bound stream of Time. But at last all these fancies yielded to that one portentous something in the picture’s midst. That once found out, and all the rest were plain. But stop; does it not bear a faint resemblance to a gigantic fish? even the great Leviathan himself?

Welcome to Hyperborea, Mr. Melville.

(PS: I had to get creative with the book's title to avoid the auto-censors!)


2/12/2015 11:44 pm  #2

Re: Melville

Had I stayed in my program, I would have written my dissertation on Melville (or Lovecraft). 

Moby-d*** is full of genius!


2/13/2015 6:03 am  #3

Re: Melville

Great post, Handy. I had no recollection of Melville citing Hyperborea, as I read the book in high school.

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3/19/2015 11:46 pm  #4

Re: Melville

Eeek! Bad memories of name calling in grade school..

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3/20/2015 7:28 am  #5

Re: Melville

Scalydemon wrote:

Eeek! Bad memories of name calling in grade school..

You weren't helping yourself by always hanging around with that Queequeg kid!

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3/20/2015 8:18 am  #6

Re: Melville

My favorite Melville story is "Bartleby the Scrivener".  It's an excellent guide to modern business as well - it's amazing how much work one can avoid through polite intransigence.

(Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.  Following my advice may get you beaten or fired.)

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4/04/2015 1:00 am  #7

Re: Melville

Hmmmm.  "The Piazza" is definitely my favorite short story of Melville's (although he wrote several good oens), and Typee, Mardi, M-D, and The Confidence Man, are my favorite among his novels.


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