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2/27/2023 11:41 pm  #1

Port Zangerios

I am runnign a campaign (via Fantasy Grounds) for my Monday gaming crew. That is my friends from college (1980's), my 2 daughters and a couple of other gaming buddies (5-7 show up every week). We did Late Trapper's Lament to start and they all decided to ride the trading ship to Port Zangerios.


I certainly am using the "wear masks" lore, and it being a city with pirates and thieves is also blended in. But I have never liked a city that is too lawless. I picked a Dyson Logos city map anmd went with it. The wharves to the West outside the city walls are the pirate town. The city itself is run by a Duke and a ruling counsel with the pirates basically being second in command.

I back a kickstarter called Ebonclad (5e D&D) a while ago and it provides a bunch of Thieves' Guild adventures that are easy enough to steal from. I have a bunch of other cities to quickly steal from (work full time so only so many hours in the day to create all from scratch).

So far I ran an intro to the thieves' guild adventure there over 2 sessions. Next week they are going to a nearby island that is known to have ruins to explore (dungeon crawl with some hex crawl woven in). One of the advantages to Zangerios are those close by islands that can have ruins from older times in them.

So far everyone is liking the system and the flavor.

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2/28/2023 1:51 pm  #2

Re: Port Zangerios

I like your Map choice. Definitely looks like it fits in with the descriptions...

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