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7/15/2022 1:49 am  #1

Cities like Khromarium?

Inspired by "At the Mountains of Madness" I want to discuss the possibility of more cities like Khromarium existing in Hyperborea, even if they are buried under 50 feet of ice. I am working on an open table project for Hyperborea in which a ruined alien city of black gneiss has been discovered on a distant isle by Viking explorers. After that first expedition returned to Khromarium laden with strange treasure and bloodcurdling tales, adventurers from across Hyperborea have flocked to the site and a crude trading town has sprung up like a parasite to profit from them. 

I strive to stay within canonical possibility in my games I'd appreciate ideas on how to work this sort of thing into Hyperborea. For example, where might such a site plausibly exist in Hyperborea?I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and criticisms.  If we follow the pattern of Khromarium's occupation (elder things, snake men, vhuurmi, Hyperboreans, and finally Earthmen) there is potential for a huge variety of content without the adventure site devolving into a lolrandom gonzo zoo.  

Sadly my idea isn't terribly unique as it looks like this guy has already done something similar. 

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7/15/2022 4:39 am  #2

Re: Cities like Khromarium?

Yes, did something with on that ideal with Zenopus' Doom.

The area is built over the top of an ancient Hyperborean city called Ulzdarium (see Test PDF)...

Eh, good link to 'Dreams in the Lich House,' will come back to that later, he done some good work...



7/17/2022 11:52 pm  #3

Re: Cities like Khromarium?

I'm fishing for locations for a ruined, frozen Elder Thing city. The mood I am going for is At the Mountains of Madness meets The Thing. I don't believe there are any frozen mountainous islands in Hyperborea with an Antarctic vibe but the Referee's Manual suggests Elder Thing cities in the Spiral Mountain Array.  The Barrier Mountains are a possibility but I get strong Pacific Northwest vibes from the Savage Boreal Coast and want something more strange and remote. The mountains beyond the Plain of Leng or Ithaqqa Plateau seem about right but I am open to suggestions.

I imagine five identical mountains surrounding a plateau above the treeline, forming a pentacle around The City. In the center is a great tower, the God Trap Construct used in the Elder Things' long war against the Mi-Go. Perhaps the only obvious means of entrance is are thousands of ancient steps hewn into the mountainside at a lung bursting graident.

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7/18/2022 7:13 am  #4

Re: Cities like Khromarium?

The glaciated mountains near Brigands Bay, the Broken Coast, or between Xambaala and Dagon's Bay maybe?

I guess it depends how isolated you wanted it, but that could done with "impassable" mountains and huge walls of ice.

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