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3/11/2022 8:08 am  #21

Re: Isle of Daofeng

Oh heavens no, the highest level folks are 6th.

They really stepped into it with this one.

They are nominally on a quest to get the crown or head of the false god(dess) the cleric's church has heard of (the coiled goddess).

This is a bit of a distraction since they wanted to investigate "the area at the center of the map". I warped Taken from Dunwich to fit, added a yith teleportation network, had to figure out where *that* went, and they ended up here.

Did I mention they broke their node of this network? The found a mining device on Selene. The weird scientist figured out how to drive it and decided to bring it with them. I created some tables for what happens when you take a powered device like that through the network while it is still "on".

It wasn't the worst thing that could have happened but it wasn't great. Good thing they are actually back "on" Hyperborea. Lots of nasty places they could have gone. I mean, it's a yith thing.

What? Me worry?

3/12/2022 6:11 am  #22

Re: Isle of Daofeng



4/02/2022 4:52 pm  #23

Re: Isle of Daofeng

nice setting/area. Love the science-fantasy aspects.

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4/19/2022 6:52 am  #24

Re: Isle of Daofeng

I think I'll put a small band of hoops on the island.

Also...the things are 15d6 in 1e/2e Gamma World!

I guess they gotta be tough to deal with intelligent, 4 armed, giant apes.

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