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7/17/2021 6:39 pm  #1

Pale Green IOUN Stone

Borne of actual campaign play, I propose a slight modification to the pale green IOUN stone. I think the +1 level benefit should improve hp, SV, FA, CA, TA, progressive thief abilities, spells per day, and so forth, but should not grant the possessor new class abilities or access to higher spell levels. I’m finding too many corner cases, like, “When my 3rd-level monk uses the stone, can he speak with animals? Can my 3rd-level fighter choose a new weapon mastery? Can my 4th-level pyromancer learn, memorize, and cast fireball?” I think it’s far easier to manage by simply saying, “You’re better at everything you already do, but you can’t do anything with the stone that you couldn’t do without it.”

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7/18/2021 7:51 am  #2

Re: Pale Green IOUN Stone

Ahh, yes, it would not hurt to have language reinforcing that this particular IOUN stone does not grant your character a free level; rather, it allows the character to perform all known abilities as though one level higher. 

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