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4/01/2019 7:11 am  #1

Hyperborean Black Ruins:

Hyperborean Black Ruins

An adventure for my Black Marshes setting, but of course could be adapted to any location.

This is adapted by me from one Corey Ryan Walden's work called by the same name (shown here on this forum). I enjoyed the scenario as it included a region, which I was happy to incorporated into the Black Marshes and this made it a very interesting piece of work as it generates some history for the land around the ruins.

I been planning this for years, so good to finally finish it.

Black Ruins: Here:


4/01/2019 9:57 pm  #2

Re: Hyperborean Black Ruins:

Thanks, I am always looking for good content. Morikel Vheez will serve as a hook since that House features prominently in my campaign.


4/02/2019 5:48 am  #3

Re: Hyperborean Black Ruins:

Good stuff brock

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