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4/03/2014 9:50 am  #1

Jeff VanderMeer

Has anyone read Annihilation? It's very good. The author, Jeff VanderMeer, was the editor of The Weird, a pretty amazing 1,100-page anthology of weird short fiction of the past 100 years [edit: not 200; nothing weird happened in the 1800s!]. Here's the anthology:

Annihilation is the first book of a trilogy, but he's been very clear that this isn't a trilogy in the lame current fantasy sense. It's three different approaches to a setting. I'm pretty sure movie rights are already sold and progressing seriously. I saw him read and talk at my local bookstore.

Anyway, the book's definitely worth reading:

Link to a Guardian review.

And the book on Better World Books (I work in publishing; leaves me with a real problem linking to or buying from Amazon).

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4/03/2014 10:20 am  #2

Re: Jeff VanderMeer

A friend of mine on Goodreads recommended this book just the other day.  It certainly had an interesting premise and I've considered picking it up.


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