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Play-by-Post » The Scorched Sanctuary » Yesterday 8:46 pm

Iron Ranger
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Gundrabu desperately tries to unravel the clamps from his back but suddenly feels the ground give way underneath him and his stomach flips as he grasps at mid-air!  

Swordsmen & Sorcerers » New Character Classes: » Yesterday 1:15 pm

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The theory is should I have long hair and keeps me warm in the winter, or short hair and helps in summer, when it gets too warm.

I agree, a method must work to suit those using it. I just stating, Method I is scary and should with logic gain a lot more character death, but it just: 1) sentimental evaluation; where it was how I original played game and 2) this game is a horror story and these low attributes and hit points add to the horror and 3) ah, what was three again. Still good fun, I must admit!

Oh, yeah, just remember three, totally agree with hit points, a fighter could roll 1 hp at 1st-level, then 2 hp at 2nd: aaaagh. I rolled a few NPCs with such low hp, but to me it mean character has to use more tactics to survived than those who get high rolls or max at 1st-level. 

When I did my first PbP Conan D20, It stated that each player after first level rolled a 1d6. so for warriors (1d10 HD) the 1-2 was a 8, the 3-4 was a 9 and the 5-6 a 10, same theory for other classes. Still I did not make it easy for them ingame; but to me it no fun for a player who keeps roll 1hp each time they go up a level. Getting a level should be fun, not ah ya bastard, I just rolled a 1 again!


Play-by-Post » The Scorched Sanctuary » Yesterday 12:43 pm

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Iron Ranger wrote:

Eirvit wrote:

Gundrabu tries to slip out of his pack and fish out his crampons.

Assuming you mean his original and not the pack he had in his arms before he slipped?

Make a d6 Dex feat.

Yep! The pack in my hands goes sliding down along with me or before me as I flounder back and forth, wrestling myself out of my pack. Then I seize my crampons. (As I think this through, it does seem most natural that they would be tied to the exterior of the bag).

D6 - 4!


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