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Maps » Dungeon Scrawl - Yet another web map editer/creater » Today 4:20 am

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Looking good, will attempt something later!

Play-by-Post » The Scorched Sanctuary » Yesterday 10:44 pm

Iron Ranger
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The cart continues to pick up speed then suddenly lurches downhill with a jerk. 
[Votin roll Dex Test]

Campaign » A Crow's Nest Upon Bleak Shores » Yesterday 9:57 pm

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Session 26 Part One!
The final preparations for the defense and militaristic movements regarding Helios were speedily underway.  Brother Antonius and other leaders decided to put the weak, infirm and helpless to safety and away from the assaults that would soon befall Helios.  The runegraver offered to assist those in need of safe passage to the cave recently discovered so he and a small contingent of men-at-arms escorted groups to shelter.  The ranger, barbarian and ice lord assisted with final defenses and traps to waylay the foolish rushing headlong.  The cleric and paladin blessed the townsfolk taking up weaponry and armor to defend the walls and homes as the bard regaled them all with tales of bravery and instilling courage while Ember, his flaming companion flitted about like some fiery star in the cold winds above them.  The long frigid sunless night was still weighing on all those cold souls as fires dotted sections of the town providing flickering light and small islands of warmth to those hurrying about.  The howling of wolves could be heard in the wind and baleful blasts of a horn from the mountains signaled the arrival of the enemy forces although they were some ways off yet.

Suddenly a piercing keening whine was heard as a streak of something like a dying comet rapidly sped to diminish and crash in the frozen tundra.  This shocked and stilled all advances and calls of war as eyes tried to adjust to the sudden lighting change.  The silence was eerie and the watchmen could no longer discern any movement of the enemy forces.  The PC’s quickly decided to take this seeming respite to investigate the flying object’s final resting place to see if there was any relation to an earlier crash they encountered.  Breaking off into a run, the PC’s used the adrenaline fueled determination to get there, examine and retreat back to the town before anything else could disturb what remains could be found.  As time passed and they approached the scorched earth and s

Maps » Dungeon Scrawl - Yet another web map editer/creater » Yesterday 1:07 pm

I use this and can confirm it's good to go

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