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9/30/2016 7:51 am  #21

Re: Melee attack rate

The one campaign that has a berzerker (although my little girl just rolled up a berzerk last night), he's only Enraged like twice. Once they really couldn't retreat out of the way and it ended up ok. One other time they left the room and closed the door early.

Either way there wasn't much left of useful stuff left to salvage after those Engragements. Especially since I'm rolling with Exceptional Strength (prolly not gonna do this for future campaigns) and he has 18/00 yeah...not even hamburger left after pounding on stuff well after they are dead.

What? Me worry?

9/30/2016 11:41 pm  #22

Re: Melee attack rate

mabon5127 wrote:

Handy Haversack wrote:

I've toyed with the idea of using 1:6 as the chance for a berserker to keep on killing. Turning on the Cuisinart sometimes seems a little too much of an easy option, esp. for parties, as you say, who have figured out methods for isolating the berserker after the liver gets chopped.

I wonder if it would be worth coming up with some consequences for *that*: the berserker has to make a save or a CON feat or even a trauma roll or end up having done something terrible to him/herself while isolated: maiming, weapon smashing, gear destroying, madness getting, even auto-gutting. Seems like it could make for a fun table. Blackadder23? You busy?

Though anecdotal experience so far has told me that most berserkers are taken out by their inability to retreat. When the rest of the party "tactically withdraws" (runs screaming), the berserker gets left behind. "Everyone who *doesn't* want to volunteer for this suicide mission, take one step back." "What was that?"

I've run my Keltic adventure with a Berserker 3 times at cons and twice the 1 came face up.  Its always good for a laugh.....

Definitely. The only time it's happened for me was at GaryCon last year when my 4-hour DM session lasted an hour and a half. I helpfully pointed out that it was the dice, one another, and the monster that killed them, not me.


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