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12/05/2017 9:37 pm  #21

Re: Few Game Questions

Blackadder23 wrote:

Caveman wrote:

I a bit confuse about the officer when a character gets to 9th level, does he get one officer for each unit or just one officer for the troop?

They are called troops, then state a unit and a officer commands a unit. Is unit = troop?

I think each different type of troop has its own officer. Maybe Jeff or Dave can comment if this was the intent of the rules.

It's mostly a moot point, because how many campaigns really run to 9th level, and how many actually involve domain management? My experience back in the 1980's, when I was a teen and could play D&D all the time, was that the answers were "very few" and "none" respectively. I'm thinking for older gamers (which I believe most of us are) the answers are going to be "even fewer" and "still none".

Yeah, none or almost none. But still, there's rules for then because some people might be interested in this (there are, indeed, as de can read above). I have never been interested in then, but I have never been a player myself, only GM.

My own take? No rules apply. The rules as written don't make a lot of sense. It should be built on a case by case basis. Nothing prevents a 9th level wizard to hire more henchmen and officers as the player ser fit for his own purposes. There are clear rules for hirelings, it should be used here, as well.

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