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11/13/2017 7:00 pm  #1

Gary Con X Special Announcement

::::: Gary Con X Special Announcement! :::::

It is with great pleasure and immense honor to announce that I have been invited to run "Celebrity D&D" at Gary Con X on Saturday, March 10, at 8pm. However, it won't actually be a session of D&D, because Mr. Luke Gygax has requested that I run the role-playing game that I created, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea. Why? Because he wants to play AS&SH! How could I possibly say no? 

AS&SH is inspired by traditional rules as conceived by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, with setting materials inspired by the fiction of Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith. It fits the paradigm established by Gygax, Arneson, et al., and it is my sincere hope that the event is both fun and memorable for participants and spectators alike. 

What a privilege to be asked to run this event! I had the fortune to work closely with Gary Gygax during his final years, co-authoring Castle Zagyg, and functioning as an author and project manager for the Yggsburgh line of city supplements. During that time, we became good pals, so it is also bitter-sweet for me to accept this honor, because I do miss Gary, and I will always be his fan.

The event will also include some celebrity players, such as "Melf the Elf" (aka Luke Gygax), "The Sage" (aka Skip Williams), and more to be announced soon! I have created a brand new Hyperborea adventure for the event, called, The Ice Sphinx, inspired by a painting by Nicholas Roerich, and by the animated film, "Fire and Ice". Here is the full description:

An Adventure in Hyperborea, by Jeffrey Talanian

Nightfall: a one-year timespan in Hyperborea, when the giant red sun does not reveal its face, and scant light is provided only by sparkling auroræ and the two ellipsoid moons. It is also the time of winter, when temperatures plummet, winds howl, and glaciers crawl hungrily. In the Keltic city of Gal, local shepherds have arrived bearing alarming news: Whilst gathering their flocks in the fields below the southern mountains of the Broken Coast, they spied a sphinx composed of ice. One herdsman’s brazen sons dared enter the mouth of the sphinx, and at length they emerged with a handful of sapphires. Since then, a voluminous wall of ice has formed, spreading outward from the ice sphinx and consuming all in its path.

If you have not yet registered for Gary Con X, I would advise you to do so at your soonest convenience. From all that I understand, this is going to be the best one yet -- a complete weekend of fun and gaming in the little town where it all started: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Gary Con serves as a celebration of Gary Gygax's life and the wonderfully collaborative and creative form of game play that he and his fellows shared with the world. Don't miss out! It is going to be a fantastic weekend.

Jeffrey Talanian

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea - A Role-Playing Game of Swords, Sorcery, and Weird Fantasy

11/13/2017 7:41 pm  #2

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement



11/13/2017 7:51 pm  #3

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement

Congrats man! Sounds like a great adventure. 

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11/13/2017 9:14 pm  #4

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement

Sounds like a blast, Jeff!  =)



11/14/2017 10:02 pm  #5

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement

Congrats man!

Who all is going? I'm hoping my wife and I can make it this year
Maybe we can get in some games of ASSH.

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11/14/2017 10:21 pm  #6

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement



11/15/2017 7:18 am  #7

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement



11/15/2017 9:24 am  #8

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement

Jeff, super awesome, and what a great opportunity for more players and DM's to learn more about your wonderful game! 

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11/15/2017 1:32 pm  #9

Re: Gary Con X Special Announcement

This is awesome. Congrats Jeff! Hopefully, this will get Luke playing nothing but AS&SH!


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