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2/04/2016 9:13 am  #41

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Thanks, I still working at my version of the area, but been a bit busy with other stuff. I will probably add it in future, just because I enjoying it so much and think others might enjoy it also. 



2/04/2016 9:22 am  #42

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Damn, man this is amazing.

What is the scale again for the hexes? The standard 30 miles?

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2/05/2016 9:34 am  #43

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

5 miles per hex.

There is a map legend to assist here:

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2/05/2016 10:38 am  #44

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Amazing work, Caveman!

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2/05/2016 11:06 am  #45

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Caveman wrote:

5 miles per hex.

There is a map legend to assist here:

Most excellent. Thanks again for the great piece of work.

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2/06/2016 12:34 pm  #46

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Cheers to you both!

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10/26/2017 2:29 pm  #47

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

The Coming of Thule

Seen by a ships crew from Blackmarsh Castle, trading with Kárrskøg coastal town of New Vinland.

Through a shimmering haze,
a strange thing occurred,
it neither rouse or fell,
just materialized from beyond.

It emerges from the air,
appearing amongst the waves,
an enormous rock formation,
and at it's centre tall white-cap mountains.

There it was,
thick in pine and rich in grasses,
and amongst the flora,
life moved in abundance.

~ A Strange Occurrence, Rhelmorr Vunnos; Ship's Shanty.

I adding two of the maps so the other areas are not seen in case some person wants to place the island further out at sea.


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10/29/2017 6:59 am  #48

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Southland and Castle Blackmarsh:

Done various Changes to Area...

Been working at forests, marshes, rivers, location, ruins, etc.

Adding or change locations. One Cowford, been changed to Conan Bridge, thought it sounded better.

Samh's Landing: Keltic word Samh: meanig powerful man, giant or god. My reasoning is Helios appears to locals to assist them in protecting themselves  against the mass of hordes of undead in the Greylands (Forsaken Desert and Plains and further south into the Forbidden Steppes).

Added more to Dwarven Kingdom.

Westhorpe was off by 5 miles, had to redo (in far south).

Other maps. Blackmarsh Castle, redone, added legends, shade buildings, added names, etc.

Conan Bridge (once Cowford) Map: Re-numbered, fixed walls around keep (it was ruined in certain places). Added more buildings and farms and renames the people in list to suit Hyperborea. (from the Craft Dungeon of Reynaldo Lazendry by Jeremy Reaban).

Location of Tuzun Thune's abode...

Here for Maps:

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10/31/2017 8:13 pm  #49

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Very nice!

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11/01/2017 9:41 am  #50

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Cheers Man.

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11/01/2017 10:09 am  #51

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Wow, this is very good work. Love your integrated maps!


11/01/2017 2:29 pm  #52

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Druvas wrote:

Wow, this is very good work. Love your integrated maps!

+1.  Those are slick!

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11/05/2017 7:56 am  #53

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Oops never saw post, cheers men!

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11/11/2017 1:34 pm  #54

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

New version 2 of Grey Coast...

Novo Grey Coast:

Added Thule island.

Naming rivers.

Sorting Forest.

Adding more locations and ruins.

General fixing errors and making the map look more artistic, plus giving the map a more precise description of area, naming plains, some of the unnamed forests, etc.

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11/21/2017 10:17 am  #55

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

The Final Grey Coast

Well this is it, I quite happy with result and feel the map is as complete as it can get, which is an unusual felling considering the progress made.

Grey Coast Map:

Not doubt other places will be added, but that is normal and I meaning 4-5 years from now, there maybe an advance, but happily no more for now!

With aid from a Giz I finished the last area on map which need some life (Stonebrook area left-base of map) giving two villages Greenroad and Hillvale and also Tomb of Iron God as a location, and I added extra with 2 more settlements to develop area.

I named every unnamed island. That to me makes the map complete in every useful lore of the land. Of course one culture naming an island something, does not mean every other culture or group uses same name, but it is a general description that has now become common in the areas after 300-400 years of constant use, so most relate, even if they not know what the name means.

I plan next, script work for areas and typing in many descriptions and some examples of names, not everyone, like Yul in Mongolian means "Beyond the End!" Which I used to call an island at south of the great peninsula to signify what the people of the once Greyland had thought was the far-reaches of the world, etc.

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11/30/2017 7:51 am  #56

Re: The Blackmarshes and Beyond:

Blackmarsh Lore

Basically I am putting together the lore of the lands for each region in my Grey Coast setting, but it is taking time. I have stuff, near 50-60% done if not more, but because there is about 9-10 regions, and within each region a village or location I trying to create, it is a lot of work.

I at present working at a Thieves' World maps and written work, I not sure how long I can focus on that either, too much of the same stuff tires me and I doing it alone so, bit by bit.

One area Blackmarsh has been done, tried to edit it dozens of times and still find errors, but think it is good enough to post. Also, Blackmarsh Castle, the main city of Blackmarsh is added.

One region done!

Blackmarsh Region:

Blackmarsh Castle:

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