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10/01/2017 8:00 am  #1

New Character Classes:

New Character Classes (well some new, or modified, or stole from others or completely ruin: you tell me)!

Well big speech time...As a purist, that is I will have 3d6 placed as rolled, first into Str, next Dex, etc. I even roll for hit points at first level. This is a horrible experience, I never enjoyed it, even when playing Eric Holmes blue book (my first D&D sourcebook) at the age of eleven, a few year later starting to get AD&D 1E, I still hate it, even now I hated it, but I do not hate it with AS&SH, it suit the environment. My Esquimaux ranger Assiminik with his 1 hp is suitable to the state of chaos within the realm of Hyperborea and I accept the loss and actually enjoy the game-play with it. But not with AD&D, it was created to be heroic and with the fear of rolling 1s every level raised, which is meant to be a time to celebrate going up a level instead of cursing the gods if one rolls a 1 for hit points! Still AS&SH is not heroic and it oozes the macabre; Hálumán; the Kimmerian Magician with 1 hp and 4 hp with his crow 'Hyginos,' is a joy, not penance.

 I think more people should have a try at the rolled hit point, instead of the safety margin of maximum at 1st level, it is a horror story and this will return it more to the greater horror; which I feel it will add to greater Role-play, generate more personal fear and the endeavour to win against the undefeatable! Ah, the reason for this post, purist, I have just rolled 200 sets of attributes for; ah, well 200 NPCs for my Grey Coast setting.  Not one Barbarian!!! Now, first you must know I not using the 2 for 1 rule. I would use it for my PC, but not for the NPCs, reason being; every fighter would have a Int 4, Cha 4 and Str 17.  
   What makes a character more interesting is the various attributes, if the fighter rolled,for example: Str: 15, Dex: 9, Con: 11, Int: 10, Wis: 6, Cha: 14. Why reduced the the charisma, just to raise his strength, the rules let it happen, but he is more interesting with the Cha 14, he is commanding, proficient in the way he speaks to others and well, unwise, but still capable.  

Bard, well in first 176, only three bards and two paladins, but in the last 24 got another 5 bards and 1 paladin. Get a bard means get a paladin; was thinking it might have been best to have prerequisite for paladins as: Strength 9, Constitution 9, Wisdom 9, Charisma 15. Replacing the Dexterity with Constitution as a holy warrior need to be fit, the Dex is for missiles, why should a paladin bother, his Cha controls any mount he will have.

 Just a thought...

 Now out of 26 Classes; as purist (extreme) only one Class was denied me. The Barbarian. Okay the great barbarians, I bow to it's prowess, for sure, I am a great Conan fan, this is perfect; makes him unique, problem is, I cannot roll one or role one! Hence strolls in the Savage for the foothills of Hyperborea... 

See next post for link...

 I tried not to make him to powerful, but could not help myself. I was watching "A man called Horse," (and the Return of a man called Horse) and whoosh, it just was... Note a low wisdom erases some powers; though the Class can still be taken. Now the Savage is a weaker Barbarian, but still with capable abilities. Next the Cataphract is the horseman of the Classes, the barbarian is minor with no major talent in other horse activities (and I still cannot roll a barbarian, remember I GMing), so in trots the Horselord.

 See next post for link...

 Horselord needs to be strong and quick and charismatic, but he is a Thief Subclass as I thought it best represented the hit and run of the Mongolians and other savage horsemen of the past.

 The Chronicler comes from a OD&D magazine done by Richard J. Leblanc, jr., of New Big Dragon Games Unlimited. I converted it to AS&SH. It is an NPC Class, but I think it suits the location and it does no harm to include it.

 See next post for link...

 Oh, yeah, here is the Mystic Priest of Xathoqqua, the reason is I never had a PDF download site, but thanks to Blackadder's links, I joined the site he used, so cheers BA!  

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10/01/2017 8:07 am  #2

Re: New Character Classes:

Mystic Priest of Xathoqqua
Mystic Priest II

So any comments would be useful (if you see bad grammar, tell also), I as stated; tried to keep Savage less powerful than the barbarian, but with the mass of abilities I added; I did not quite do that, but with the Wisdom penalty, even though Savages (and Horselords) with Wis 8 or less do exist and can survive without the more spiritual abilities, I not sure how XP works wis those of Wis 9 or higher and not sure if it unbalanced; I tried to keep it just? (Also they not been gameplayed).

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10/04/2017 5:58 am  #3

Re: New Character Classes:

Thanks for these!  The first two look interesting.  I have not downloaded the rest because:

Downloading them invokes attempts by Agents of the Outer Dark to try to install a media player from, take me to a cannabis online ordering site (not that I'm against a consenting adult ordering cannabis if it is legal in their community), and others, I expect, if I continued to download your offerings.  (I'd have a mess to clean up if I wasn't using NoScript to block these things up front.)   The price of a free membership at MediaFire?  

Again, thanks for sharing the fruit of your hard work!

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10/04/2017 6:36 pm  #4

Re: New Character Classes:

Cheers Thorn; yeah I have a few mis-clicks with mediafire in past, I now tread careful in it; in case of random button attack!

I might have made Horselord too powerful, thinking possible have Spurring charge at 3rd level, not quite sure yet, and change one of the other abilities to 5th, and at 7th the Terrifying Impale.

Also just noticed I made error, copied Mystic Priest stats from 1E As&SH, had previously typed a list in a Table Chart, which looked unsuitable, and did not change the d4 HD to a d6 after change, this is correct PDF Here.

Mystic Priest of Xathoqqua

I can only ask Pardon for any confusion!

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10/05/2017 6:28 am  #5

Re: New Character Classes:

These are very cool, man! Thanks for sharing.

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10/05/2017 7:06 am  #6

Re: New Character Classes:

Cheers Chainsaw, any criticisms would be appreciated!

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10/14/2017 6:16 am  #7

Re: New Character Classes:

I revised the Class (Horselord)

Changed "Terrifying Impale" (backstab ability) so it must be taken at 7th level, if fear is to be created, it must be by a great warrior...

The only other ability I changed was "Spurring Gallop;" by making it 3rd level  ability. Reason is that a novice Horselord is still perfecting that skill, he can still use the horse stealth move (mounted stealth ability at 1st level), he just has to be more cautious at the start of his career.

Horselord v2:

I think that is the best that can be done for him. Tried to ponder a 5th level ability, but thought it would take away from his basic skills, "wilderness survival, tracking, etc.," he needs them at 1st level. And as a trained horse archer, trained from a early are, I did not want to take away his "Horse Archery" ability and make it 5th level, it just to far away for the training he should of had, to suddenly learn it later.

I had meant to add "Hidden Arrow," as a title to range backstab; this has been done! Fixed a error in text in introduction.

I think that is it, I am starting to enjoy this new Class, I when I created a 1st-level character, felt it was to powerful and removing the abilities to a different grade; helps. Though feel something needs thought about, but cannot find it. It might be the xp value, I unsure!

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10/18/2017 8:40 pm  #8

Re: New Character Classes:

I really like the Chronicler class as well as the Horselord. I think I will run the Chronicler with just two small changes (adding leather armor and short sword to their respective areas) and this presents a Black Company type annalist from the Glen Cook series.


10/19/2017 6:45 am  #9

Re: New Character Classes:

bat wrote:

I really like the Chronicler class as well as the Horselord. I think I will run the Chronicler with just two small changes (adding leather armor and short sword to their respective areas) and this presents a Black Company type annalist from the Glen Cook series.

Cheers Bat...

Good idea, might home-rule that myself. I keep as is for Class, but as an adventurer type, it would seem appropriate.

I think any Class can don armour, example magicians in plate armour, it just reduces their spell casting effect. As with thief, he can wear light armour, but it quotes that he suffers a -4 penalty in medium. So, if you really want to protect him. Full plate will do, he just cannot concentrate on mental works, even scribing notes (as he in theory encumbered). Theory is a magician in full plate with a Greatsword is possible. he just suffers -4 to his attacks and has a spell failure chance of 3-in-6 (50% not bad). Page: 140 2E for spell mischance.

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10/25/2017 4:26 pm  #10

Re: New Character Classes:

Good call on the armor!


10/26/2017 9:50 am  #11

Re: New Character Classes:

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10/26/2017 1:48 pm  #12

Re: New Character Classes:

Caveman wrote:

Theory is a magician in full plate with a Greatsword is possible. he just suffers -4 to his attacks and has a spell failure chance of 3-in-6 (50% not bad).

This is true, but it's worth remembering the magician also has lousy hit points, a poor FA, and likely no strength bonus to melee (or maybe even a penalty). So that's probably not a good use of his time.

(A funny thing about that chance of spell failure: some people just have no luck. The warlock in my campaign strapped on plate mail and from that moment on he just could not cast a spell. I think he blew six spell failure rolls in a row, and he finally gave up and switched back to banded armor. Then he was killed in melee - or rather possessed by an alien entity, but close enough!)

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"The fear of death, its risk each time, is one of the most stimulating parts of the game. It therefore behooves the referee to include as many mystifying and dangerous areas as is consistent with a reasonable chance for survival." - J. Eric Holmes

10/27/2017 4:30 am  #13

Re: New Character Classes:

Aye, it was just an extreme to prove something.  

Works for the Chronicler, and even the thief could put on full-plate if he knew a fight was to occur and no chance of Backstab!

A magician in light armour has good chances, and a large shield, if he somehow needed two hands to cast a spell, he could drop shield; an AC vs missiles of 5 base, is not bad (with 1-in-6 chance of failure). Or, carrying a bag of holding with full-plate in it for when the spells are finished for the day. I do not expect the magician to charge in with his staff, but as can happen the enemy can find him and he can have more protection than sorcerer's Armour.

My 3.5 wizard could never rely on his fellows to stand in front of him and protect him, they would run at the enemy and leaving him standing looking like and idiot. When the vampire attack him, that was it, he started donning armour and became a warrior-wizard, worked quite well except for another who pouted my spells were not at their full potential, but that did not stop him melting Frost Giants.

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11/06/2017 7:33 am  #14

Re: New Character Classes:

Mystic Priest of Xathoqqua Redone

Slight error: I noticed in "Major Pact," effect that it states gain instead of gained. I think every error now has been noticed! I hope!

So last time, (I hope).


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