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7/17/2017 8:45 am  #21

Re: Gary Con X (2018)

Ar'Pharazon wrote:

I'm not sure if I'll be running it Friday or Saturday but I'll be running Descent into Krimmea at Gary Con. As I figure out my schedule with the 3 other games I want to run, I'll post here what day/time slot for DiK.

Cool! This one has a neat description. Krimmea's always been a place I wanted to explore.

mabon5127 wrote:

This sounds fun!


mabon5127 wrote:

What is a site-based adventure specifically?

I put that in mostly for newer-school players who may be expecting more of an linear adventure "path," where they're guided along from set piece to set piece, as opposed to a "site" where they wander around a bit more freely. May not be helping make that clear though, so I may ditch it.

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7/17/2017 9:03 am  #22

Re: Gary Con X (2018)

Ah I see. Sand box wouldn't really be understood by newbies either.

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