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Convention and Game Day » Gary Con IX (2017) » Today 4:19 pm

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Just wanted to drop in and apologize to everyone for having to cancel my game today (Thursday).  I had to leave the convention to deal with a water leak here at home.  Still waiting on a plumber at this time, as it was more than I could deal with myself.  I'm hoping to get back there tonight or tomorrow morning in advance of my noon game tomorrow.

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con IX (2017) » Today 12:43 pm

Replies: 144

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Some pics...

My Foolsgrave game Weds night, clockwise from me standing: Jeff, Ernesto (not visible), ligedog (not visible), Kevin, Ross, Emily, Ancalagon, Cloak n' Dagger (away from seat), Josh

Breakfast this morning, clockwise: me, Ghul, Ancalagon, ligedog, Cloak n' Dagger


Tacojohn at Blade Blade booth

Ghul at the Hyperborea booth

Ghul and Tenkar

DSL, Darlene


Paul Stormberg's game

Welleran's game, beginning with him standing, clockwise: ?, ?, Brian, Guy Fulleron, Josh, Wheggi, ?

Cloak n' Dagger's game [img]

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