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Swordsmen & Sorcerers » Warlock of the Illusionist bent... » Yesterday 10:02 pm

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francisca wrote:

foxroe wrote:

It's easy enough to house rule in. Warlock that does illusion magic. Done.


well yeah, a kickass name is the hard part!

I've used Phantasmyr for my more-real-than illusions class of illusionists.  It's a good name but I'm not sure it evokes much warrior-ocity either....


Forum Troubleshooting » Captcha? » Yesterday 8:49 pm

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Man. I wonder what in the world could be wrong here?

Forum Troubleshooting » Captcha? » Yesterday 8:45 pm

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Four months a member and 78 posts. Still doing it... even if I just want to preview my post before submitting it.
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Swordsmen & Sorcerers » Warlock of the Illusionist bent... » Yesterday 8:35 pm

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DMPrata wrote:

Sorry, I should have elaborated. I think the illusionist option fits the legerdemainist better, as a sneaky and deceptive character archetype. In the same vein, animating a small army of skeletons and zombies to do one's bidding seems more fighter-like than thief-like; thus the necromancer option for warlocks, but not for legerdemainists. Again, individual referees should feel free to make different design decisions for their own campaigns. I'm just expounding on what I presume to be Jeff's reasoning. Jeff and I long have operated by Crowley's maxim, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law".

Ahhh, got it. I was hoping for some really cool Hyperborean lore tid-bit, but I like your reasoning. At the very least it makes sense aesthetically.

Announcements » Second Edition AS&SH PDFs Released! » Yesterday 4:14 pm

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I am absolutely stunned!!!

Convention and Game Day » Gary Con X (2018) » Yesterday 3:00 pm

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Events submitted! So, a few changes from before, most notably dropping Death in Every Shadow (as I can already tell it won't be ready by then) and making my Thurs/Fri evening Foolsgrave off-grid games into on-grid games. For all of the on-grid Foolsgrave games, I've requested two rectangular tables that fit ten and officially allowed only six so that I can take extras who don't get in during formal registration (first dibs on those extra slots to Ar'Pharazon, Druvas, francisca, mordegast, capitalbill, who already expressed interest).

Weds 8PM-12AM - Foolsgrave (off grid; Ar'Pharazon, capitalbill, Guy Fullerton, Cloak n' Dagger, Josh, EOTB, grodog, tacojohn; full)

Thurs 8PM-12AM - Foolsgrave

Fri 12PM-4PM - Crash at Corpse Creek
Fri 8PM-12AM - Foolsgrave

Sat 12PM-4PM - The Strange Tale of Crystal Point
Sat 8PM-12AM - Foolsgrave

Crash at Corpse Creek. A strange object has fallen from the stars, crashing into the cold, haunted swamp of Corpse Creek. Several curious trappers from a nearby camp went to investigate, but none have returned. The remainder have hired your group to find their friends, but they warn you that Corpse Creek teems with the living dead and that its strange bugs have awakened early from their winter freeze, including some giant varieties never seen before in Hyperborea. A site-based adventure for player characters of levels 3-5.

Foolsgrave. Khromarium's mysterious spiraling towers of black gneiss predate mankind, an ever-present reminder of how strange and alien things once ruled Hyperborea. During the Festival of Plutonia, a sombre commemoration of death, darkness and the all-consuming void, one such tower's impenetrable doors slowly creaked open, admitting anyone brave enough to descend into its depths. Many have entered, but few have returned - some with wealth overflowing, others simply mad, drooling and babbling. Locals n

Swordsmen & Sorcerers » Warlock of the Illusionist bent... » Yesterday 1:10 pm

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I agree with Dave's specific reasoning in this case. Also, more generally, I personally like to maintain distinctions between the various classes, for flavor if nothing else. I really don't even care that much about the in-universe justification. If legerdemainists and warlocks each have a school of magic that the other can't use, and if they both share schools of magic that shamans can't use, it forces players to make choices, and choices (IMO) are good. If a player questioned it, I would just say something along the lines of "Xathoqqua moves in mysterious ways".

On the other hand, if a referee wants to allow it, I say go for it.

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