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5/18/2018 12:10 pm  #21

Re: Happy Birthday, Ghul!

Ghul wrote:

I remember what you did in Taken From Dunwich, your dirty rat fink! ;)

I thought everyone at the table was gonna kill me!


5/19/2018 6:59 am  #22

Re: Happy Birthday, Ghul!

Ghul wrote:

grodog wrote:

Chainsaw wrote:

Congrats, old timer! I sent you some new tennis balls for your walker. Let me know when they arrive. Thanks!

Clearly someone's not worried about being made an example of at the NTX ASSH games this year ;)

Vengeance will be mine! ;)

Don’t run me over with your speedy upgraded walker - show some mercy to a whippersnapper like myself!

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