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1/15/2018 9:28 pm  #1

Starting items for 4th-5th level AS&SH adventurers

I put together a document for PCs starting with 16,000 experience points for a Dwellers of the Forbidden City mini-campaign I'm starting (I intend to run a campaign from scratch assuming this goes well). I thought I might as well share the text here in case someone else finds it useful. The below text assumes the conception of non-magical +1 armor and weapons. It also assumes that most permanent magic items have some sort of drawback.

Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Starting Items

All AS&SH characters beginning with 16k experience points start play with the following items:

* Any one of the Premade Starting Equipment Lists By Class (see separate document).

* Items from any of the other “packs” from the provided Quick Start Equipment Menu lists purchasable from your 3d6x100 g.p. in coins, gems and jewelry

* Roll 1d6 to determine your special items according to your (sub-)class:

Fighter or Fighter Subclass Special Items *†
1-3: Potion of Healing, Fine Armor, a silver melee weapon OR an additional Potion of Healing.
4-5: Potion of Heroic Action, Fine Armor, any melee weapon of Hyperborean Steel‡ OR 20 “Arrows/Bolts of the Hawk” (+1)
6: Potion of Super-heroic Action, Fine Armor, Aodhán's +2 Hurling Hand Axe: this axe is composed of steel, perfectly balanced & razor-edged. It can be hurled to a range of 60' with no penalty to the attack roll; at its maximum range it halts in midair and drops to the ground. The bearer of Aodhán's Axe tends to become reckless over time & perhaps cursed to an early grave (-1 penalty to all Saving Throws)

Cleric or Cleric Subclass Special Items *
1-3: Antidote, Fine Armor, Scroll of Distinguish Alignment & Remove Curse
4-5: Potion of Cure Disease, Fine Armor, Scroll of Delay Poison & Locate Object
6: Potion of Extraordinary Healing, Fine Armor, Scroll of Speak with Dead, & Neutralize Poison, Staff of Healing (12 charges)

Magician or Magician Subclass Special Items **
1-3: Potion of Levitation, Copper Defensive Bracers (AC 8), Scroll of Identify, Gust of Wind & Phantasm
4-5: Potion of Fire Protection, Bronze Defensive Bracers (AC 7), Scroll of Sorcerer Lock, Dispel Magic & Ice Storm
6: Potion of Water Breathing, Iron Defensive Bracers (AC 6), Scroll of Extrasensory Perception, Infrared Vision, & Wall of Ice, Rod of Absorption (6 charges)

Thief or Thief Subclass Special Items *
1-3: Potion of Climbing 600, Fine Armor, Dust of Disappearance (3 doses), Penetrative II Poison (5 doses),
4-5: Potion of Gaseous Form, Fine Armor, Ring of Free Motion
6: Potion of Invisibility, Fine Armor, Redscaler: Dagger +2, +4 vs. Scaled, may cast Decipher Language 1/day and Detect Scaled (as Detect Undead) 1/day. Redscaler is loathe to shed human blood.

If a player rolls a parcel of special items another player has already received, take instead a package from a lower result. If no lower result package remains unclaimed, take a package of one rank higher. If all packages have been dispensed (likely only in the case of back-up characters), that PC has been unlucky recently and begins with no special items.

* Fine Armor is perfectly fitted to its wearer, made with expensive materials and functions as non-magical +1 armor. If the wearer receives a critical hit with a damage multiplier it no longer functions as +1 until it is repaired by an armourer specialist. Some time and coin will be required to restore it to “fine” status.
Huntsmen also receive their 1d6 result in HD of well-trained hunting and/or war dogs.
‡ Any weapon made of the rare Hyperborean “steel” functions as a non-magical +1 weapon (+1 to hit and to damage but cannot harm creatures that can only be harmed by magical weapons)
** Some classes may begin with a few additional items, e.g. poisons or potions for witches, etc. Consult Judge.

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1/15/2018 11:53 pm  #2

Re: Starting items for 4th-5th level AS&SH adventurers

Nice! Dwellers of the Forbidden City is a great module - very much in the AS&SH vibe.

If you're looking for some inspiration, I'd like to recommend Kellri's Old School Encounters Reference:

There's a page (27) that has a couple of tables for generating "experience" and treasure for higher level NPC's, but it could be used for PC's as well. The supplement itself is a trove of useful tables otherwise.

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