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12/10/2017 12:16 pm  #1

Thieves World of Gazipur

The Thieves World of Gazipur

This map is of "Sanctuary," Thieves World which I got with the box-set in 1981. I have for about 2-3 years being trying to incorporate it into the Hyborian Age, though 200 years before Conan was born.

It now Gazipur, a conquered Turanian city on the Vilayet Sea, North of the Turan Territories prime.

I have added more walls, houses, etc., changed or added more street names and removed the mass of dots as map was from central map of one of the booklets and was shaded to explain regions within city. 

The link is to a post on my forum, but from there, you can get to map (Due to changes beyond my control, links in my forum are probably broken, added another link directly to map below).


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