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11/12/2018 1:13 pm  #41

Re: Gamehole VI (2018)

MrManowar wrote:

Gamehole was a fantastic time! As always it goes by too fast but it's great to catch up with friends and share gaming time together. For the sake of brevity, I'll only talk about AS&SOH events.

First off, I was in Francisca's Escape From Onja Cot adventure. We did well, defeating the mysterious wizard and I played a Viking Skald who defaced Onja's depictions of his deity. It was a good time and the whole group played well together and Rich graciously let us explore all around and provided a fun time for the duration of the event. I liked it!

Next, later that day I ran my Crow's Nest Upon Bleak Shores game. Ar'Pharazon played in that one and it was fun to have a forum member in that! They plowed through a fast paced adventure and even killed the "God of Eight", something my home campaign group ran from. I had a great group of players and one killer berserker who rolled some amazing damage scores. The team worked very well together and I was pleased with the results. Now, it's time to catch up on sleep, hahaha...

That was a fun game to play in. I especially loved some of the flavor detail you threw in, particularly how you played the crow priest. Thanks for running it!


11/12/2018 1:27 pm  #42

Re: Gamehole VI (2018)

My recap:

Fantastic time, great to see familiar faces and friends. I came across a ton of new Hyperborea players, probably 12-16, and a few even backed the current KS after the games! 
The five games I ran were a blast. My kill count made it up to 16 (yessss!), and it seemed everyone had fun. Four of the five games were ones that I had run previously at Gary Con, so it was enjoyable to see a new group try and face the challenges offered. 
My fifth game was Moldvay's Castle Amber, run straight, using AS&SH rules. The game was an absolute blast for everyone, and it might have been the most fun I've ever had running a session. I was able to extensively taunt the party using an outrageous French accent, there was a boxing match, a troll under a bridge, a 5 course meal that got crazy, and a berserker who was cursed for the rest of his life to hold a 2 handed weapon in each hand.

I am very much looking forward to GameHole VII!


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