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4/01/2019 7:07 am  #21

Re: MMM - Mini-Monster Manual

More Monsters and Creatures IV

Hyperborean Killer Ray: Here:

Hyperborean Manta Ray: Here:

Hyperborean Stingray: Here:

Lamprey: Here:

Marsh Haunter: Here:

Mer-man: Here:

Mould Walker: Here:

Nightshade: Here:

Shadow Dancer: Here:

Shambling Boar Thing: Here:

Spawn of the Night: Here:

Taybuse: Here:

Tiger Shark: Here:

Tiger-man: Here:

Titan Scarab: Here:

Water Weird: Here:

Zhorg of the Swamp: Here:

To the few....And to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, David Wesely, Eric Holmes, Jeff of course; amongst others.

Shambling Boar Thing, Spawn of the Night, Titan Scarab, by Jimm_Ibis.

Mould Walker, Nightshade, by Yora.

Shadow Dancer, by Albie Fiore.

Marsh Haunter, Taybuse, Tiger-Man, Zhorg of the Swamp, by Caveman.

Hyperborean Killer Ray, Hyperborean Manta Ray, Hyperborean Stingray, Tiger Shark, by Gary Gygax  and Caveman.

Lamprey, Mer-Man, Water Weird, by Gary Gygax.

Hyperborean Killer Ray, by Lincoln MKZ
Marsh Haunter, by  Frank Frazetta.
Mer-man, by David C. Sutherland III.
Mould Walker, by David C. Sutherland III.
Nightshade, by Caveman.
Sadowdancer, by Caveman (mutated from head of shadow dæmon and female dancers silhouette).
Tiger Shark, by B.
Titan Scarab, by J. MacGown.
Water Weird, by Christopher Burdett.
Zhorg of the Swamp, by John B.

And others unknown or just unpronounceable.

Well that is the monsters and creatures for the now, till something else happens, but this is the majority at present.


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