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12/12/2017 10:43 pm  #81

Re: Gamehole V (2017)

Ar'Pharazon wrote:

MrManowar wrote:

Fantastic time at Gamehole for me!  It was tremendous fun to play in Chainsaw and Ghul's games this year!  Also a blast to meet francisca and game with him!  Fun to share beers with you all as well.  I still can't stop laughing about a spell my cleric cast in Ghul's game and loved exploring the environs of Chainsaw's game.  You all are great people and I can't wait to start my AS&SOH game for my home crew in most likely early 2018.  Hope to see you fine folk again at the upcoming Gary Con!

It was great gaming with you again Cory. You were rocking it as a priest in Jeff's game. You and your buddy Chad sure know how to play casters!
Looking forward to gaming with you again at Gary Con!

Great gaming with you too Michael!  Looking forward to seeing you at Gary Con and maybe we game together again!

Other bands play, Manowar kill!

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