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12/13/2016 6:16 pm  #1


I happened upon the adventure "Tunguska" from Mjolnir #8, a Swedish gaming magazine. It reads to me like it could be dropped into Hyperborea with minimal effort. Check it out!


12/24/2016 7:17 am  #2

Re: Tunguska

I'll check it out!

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12/26/2016 5:29 pm  #3

Re: Tunguska

I say, that looks rather interesting - not come across this magazine before. Yes, I can see how the Tunguska scenario would fit right in with Hyperborea (something for those year-long deep winters...).

​The 'zine also mentions Blood & Bronze, which I need to check out on DriveThru.  It looks reminiscent of both Thulsa's Ancient Kingdoms of Mesopotamia and Eridu (a really splendid weird Mesopotamia goldmine here:; B&B could be a great inspirational source for an ancient worlds vibe in AS&SH.



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