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7/31/2014 11:37 pm  #1

Virtual Tabletops?

So it looks like I might have to resort to something like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds in the near future if I want to be able to keep gettting my gaming fix (shifting schedules, babies on the way, etc. etc.). Does anybody here have any experience using virtual tabletops or can they recommend one in particular?

I sort of poked around Roll20, but it didn't look like AS&SH was supported and I really don't want to run another system or at least I was wondering if there's a system agnostic program anybody uses, even if it's just for dice rolling and combat tracking.

Any advice or help is appreciated.


8/01/2014 1:52 am  #2

Re: Virtual Tabletops?

Obviously, GMs need to do some setting up (but there are excellent guides regarding the process). If the virtual table is not that important, you can just always go with Google Hangouts (or, while doing so, the GM may share his screen to provide visual cues).

(Anyways, I am quite interested in playing AS&SH online, so let me know if I may join.)


8/01/2014 3:23 am  #3

Re: Virtual Tabletops?

I run AS&SH on Roll20 most of the time. "Not supported" simply means there are no premade character sheets.
What I did was to create a campaign without any system specific character sheets and make my own. All the static things I put into the character description page, and in the abilities I made macros for melee attack, ranged attack, saves, thief abilities, attribute tests, and so on. Takes a bit time the first time, but after that it's pretty easy to use.

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8/01/2014 7:11 am  #4

Re: Virtual Tabletops?

I started with a gaming group last fall, using mainly google hangouts for voice/video. If one of us had to share a picture or map, we would just hold it up to the camera. One person would map, we all used real dice, had our own paper character sheets, etc. One step removed from an actual table. This works fine, especially for those with limited time. You can plan a 2-3 hour session even on short notice.

From there, we started using google docs/drive to share character sheets, standard actions (marching order, etc) and DM notes. These are neat because everyone can edit them at once.

I recently ran a session using roll20, and while the players and I liked it, I found the level of prep required was higher. Of course, for a long-term campaign, much of the prep is one-time, once you get the characters/tokens created, and the setting maps uploaded they are there for good.

Next time I run a one-shot I may try just using roll20 as a shared whiteboard, it is entirely possible to just draw freehand on a shared campaign screen, this avoids a lot of the extra prep work.


8/01/2014 8:30 am  #5

Re: Virtual Tabletops?

I'm interested in this topic as well, as o e of my players brought up the possibility of using Roll 20 recently. I have no actual experience with it and would like to hear more about everyone's thoughts and tips. With or without AS&SH. ~ cartography, writing, game design
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8/01/2014 9:57 am  #6

Re: Virtual Tabletops?

Google hangouts isn't a bad idea, especially with google drive being as easy to use as it is.

Thanks for the tips and advice, I need to mull my options it seems.

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