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4/25/2023 3:38 am  #1

Caverns of Set:

Caverns of Set:

Used in a Conan D20 PbP with Chartauk.

This is an underground temple hidden in a cavern system...

Cavern of v1 | Nialldubh | Flickr

Adventure Maps GM: | Flickr


4/25/2023 3:46 pm  #2

Re: Caverns of Set:

Nice... Good find...

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4/26/2023 4:49 am  #3

Re: Caverns of Set:

Well, it one of my efforts...

Thought folks would recognise my style by now?

Love the B&W stuff, but trying ye auld colour stuff with Inkarnate...

World of Kar Agath: | Flickr

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4/26/2023 7:16 am  #4

Re: Caverns of Set:

Cool, any rough content notes for areas of interest?

What? Me worry?

4/27/2023 11:00 am  #5

Re: Caverns of Set:

Cavern Format 

I using D20 Conan rules from Mongoose, but it easy to describe the essence of each encounter.  

Hunt for Staff of Set and a Tome of Set: 

At beginning Sheema the witch explored the Caverns on her own. Her demonic heritage and her patron being a servant of Set helped her get by the greater demon guardian at the cave entrance...  

Two routes: The route to the left was divined as too dangerous, while the tunnel to the right was endurable... 

(In never created mentally any encounter down left tunnel. The theory would be they too dangerous on her own, but with a group she could scathe through. This would be major undead and demons). The altar by pool was meant to a dangerous encounter with a many-tentacled demon of the deep. The statue symbols were 90% capable of animation to guard their particular region, chamber, etc. 

The alcoves seen cut into the cavern walls held corpses of the acolytes of Set, some were badly destroyed with age while some returned as risen dead (zombies). 

Each acolyte carried amulet (which could allow a character to pass in peace), but the witch never took one fearing it a curse?  Still for a delve, this would make game move quick (which had been the plan) but witch eventually retreated from caves and return to town to gain help from two thieves, two fighters and a strange encounter with a were-boar (random encounter) also recruited him into the ranks... 

I obviously had to make encounters more difficult and upgraded some encounters, but not by much. The threat would not be too much different than it would have been for one character... 

Still, more alcoves, more zombies... 

The Shrine had no hostiles (first chamber encountered) but chest with dagger (magical), but she never open it (this is before reinforcement and she was on her own). 

First Crypt Room: Each on theory held one lesser mummy each: 

Cist Chambers v3 | Nialldubh | Flickr

Cist Chambers v2 | Nialldubh | Flickr

Sealed Crypt: The other major crypt, more powerful priests of the ancient temple, but the huge bronze unblemished doors were never opened. The scripture on doors warned of great danger beyond (sometimes this stuff is a lie, but in this case it was the truth). 

The group continued on:

 Bridge over Troubled Waters: Underwater was swollen zombies which would rise on a 4-in-20 chance (rolled reach time an adventurer crossed the crumbling bridge). They had to cross one at a time, using central island as a base. I never rolled an encounter for the 6 delvers. 

Alcove Chamber: Major battle with undead zombie horde, but easy battle for team now...

 After that I just stressed on the massive caverns try to give and aura of horror (not sure that worked, PbP, etc.?). 

Cavern before temple is vast, with great pillars of various disguises of Set, human to serpent. Again attempting to generate a feeling of, ”uh, ai, are they going to come alive, eh?” moment, not sure that work either!  

Temple: Greater demon guardian the front doors. Well, the previously mentioned amulet was to allow her access, but none had cert amulet and demon conversed at doorway and was preparing to attack at which, Witch seduced demon (she half-demon herself), but seduction magic which works on demons, not zombies, so good fortune there. 

So, in temple, there is varied traps, animated statues and many crypt undead of various forms. Other lesser demon guardians. But using a charmed demon to collect artefact and group fled temple posthaste, cause there to be no need for many trap ideas I had for temple?!

 That is about it but going back across bridge or at shore, more bloated zombies rouse from water and attacked, but crew got out mostly in one piece... 

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7/06/2023 4:17 pm  #6

Re: Caverns of Set:

Na Chuba! Na Gita! Negatorie Na! Na! Natoota! 

7/07/2023 4:48 am  #7

Re: Caverns of Set:


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