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9/26/2022 5:01 am  #1

Paladin a question of honor

So,  I have been running a West Marches style game with the Caves of Chaos being our first adventure area. So one of my groups had a scout and a fighter go into the room with the medusa. The medusa promplty turned the scout to stone the fighter saved and ran from the room. The party closed the door up and wrote on the outside "medusa" on the outside of the door and moved on.
This was the scout players second and last game, he wasn't terribly impressed with how the other players handled this situation. Neither was I but the character who barred the door and marked it was a paladin, this seems very much out of the code for paladins I just wanted to hear some other opinons on this.
I am tending towards a revocation of powers with the possiblity of an atonement quest. to get back into the gods good graces.

Has anyone seen one? Has anyone seen one in a hundred years??

9/26/2022 6:09 am  #2

Re: Paladin a question of honor

Well, what level was the paladin (and rest of group).

We can be scared of big nasty things that can squash us like a bug on a windscreen and if we cannot win, it might be best to run?

The natural instinct of an animal that finds itself in a no-win event, should be to run...

A paladin that perceives the best part of valour (honour) is to retreat to fight another day is wise.

And I think they were very considerate to write on door a warning to others?!

Still, as a player who feels betrayed by such an event due to lack of motivation from rest of team might pray the gods (like Xathoqqua) for some kind of revenge? But seriously PC do die and running from a Medusa is no shame, still perhaps they could return with a stone to flesh potion, but that should be rare.

Perhaps just have his twin brother (if player is willing) who is a scout and has exact same attribute have a premonition of events and have him approach the group to have then rescue his brother...?

Still, ignore any of above suggestion as they might be wrong, but worth a laugh?!?


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