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7/15/2022 5:18 pm  #1

Khromarium: Shattered Spire of Azathoth

The Prompt

So, I used the random adventure generator to give me a prompt.

* Title: Acolyte of Chaos
* Mission: Destroy a Crystal
* Hook: Asked as a favor
* Antagonist: Corrupt official
* Potential Ally: Demon seeking the soul of antagonist
* Complication: Old rival of a PC becomes involved
* Obstacle: Monster
* Twist: Antagonist is actually pursuing a worthy goal
* Reward: Magical armour; shield; or weapon, 2 magic items


I decided on upon a map from Dyson. Used a decent amount of the content from the blog posts.

Then I set it in The Sinking City. This is the newest section and it's spires aren't as magnificent and even this one is a minor spire.

Thoughts and Inspiration

Tower is a temple of Azathoth

Eddie of Iron Maiden is an avatar

The crystal is a means to summon and control the avatar. Each of the
different versions of Eddie are faces of the avatar. Each having
different strengths and such.

Minor avatars of him guard things

Outside of a specific radius the tower looks whole. Inside it
you can see its reality.

The boundary couldn't be breached until recently. Even then the
connection between the sections only recently appeared.

Avatars in each level reset to "original" state in 1d4 hours.

Anything "not original" and not alive to the tower is sent elsewhere.

The Tower

# Level 1

Zombie Eddie (Avatar 1)

Basically a hasted gloom-eater zombie

# Level 2

Axe Murderer Eddie (Avatar 2)

Basically a hasted zombie, but no zombiesm.

Axe has paralyzing toxin SV+4 or paralyzed for a turn

# Level 3

Ghoul Eddie (Avatar 3)

# Level 4


# Level 5

# Ladder between 5 and 6

60 feet
1:8 chance of harpy or wyvern flying
The spikes holding it on level 6 somehow have resisted
the reset effect of the tower.

# Level 6

Pary working for a corrupt ward council member, Elpis , female kimmerian.

They are seeking the crystal as well. Elpis will use it to deal
with her enemies.

Lawful Good NPC Party, total number = 9, 4 classed, 5 mercs

3 chests on the "safe" side
  * Chest 1
    * Consuming Darkness (in Latin)
      * reading summons a grey ooze
        * seeps out of book
        * Test of DX to avoid a possible attack
  * Chest 2
    * Bulging Light (written in Latin)
      * reading calls forth a minor or weak Colour Out of Space
        HD 5 instead of 10, only drains 2d4 CN, Fear SV at +4
  * Chest 3
    * Rise Avatar, and Destroy (Hellenic (Kimmerian dialect) Kimmeri-Kelts, Kimmerian)
      * Methods of summoning an Avatar
      * Describes devices that have been used to
        summon or control an Avatar
        * the crystal in this tower is in the book

2 in the crumbling side.
  * Test of DX to make the jump, or fall 60 feet.
  * Chest 1
    * 3,000gp
    * The Hungering Maw (Keltic (Goidelic) - Kelts, Kimmeri-Kelts)
      * reading it summons a gibbering mouther
        * SV vs Death to control it for 2d6 turns
  * Chest 2
    * 3,000gp
    * The Bloom of Chaos (Thracian (Ixian dialect))
      * SV vs Sorcery +4
      * fail - Confusion for 2d6 rounds

# Level 7

Legionair Eddie (Avatar 4)
5th level fighters. Laminated Armor, Large Shields and short swords (gladius)
1 stationed at each of the 4 columns of the interior

Southern wall is a series of murals. Incarnations of
Azathoth and The Avatar leading destruction of various kinds.

Harpies might be here (outside) or on level 9

# Level 8

Behind the secret door is a shrine

There are 4 statues of the Avatar. Each holding a differing
manifestation of Azathoth

Each is wearing a necklace. The necklace will open the tower
door on the first level. It will also show the wearer any
hidden/secret doors in the tower.
If the wearer is a follower of Azathoth then the avatars will not attack.
If not, the avatars need roll a save vs sorcery to attack.

They also give the wearer Truesight when looking through the telescopes on level 11

Removing a necklace causes a manifestation of Azathoth along
with a mode of the Avatar (3:8 chance)

1. Gibbering Mouther
2. Grey Ooze
3. Colour out of Space
4. Otyugh

# Level 9

4 Eddie as a bard (avatar 5)

There are wearing guitars with the bottom edge of sharpened to
a fine edge. They will wield them as a great axe +1.
The Mesmerize ability of these bards will cause those failing
their saves to start head banging, "throwing the goat", and other
forms of moshing while in such a state.

# Level 10
4 trooper Eddie (Avatar 6)


# Level 11
2 wyverns live on the platform


# Level 12
Boss Monster (cyborg Eddie?)

# Level 13

What the party is up to (at the time of the original post that is)

The party has ran into the NPCs at level 6. The party was told to do away, the berserker that climbed up first, opened the door, and asked where the bathrom was actually.

Berserked tied a rope to the spikes/structure the rope ladder is attached to and climbed down.

The party decided to attack instead of parley. It was going badly for them until the berserker used his horn of valhalla and flooded the room the npc's were in with 40 berserkers.

They are hiding out and recovering from their wounds deciding what to do next.

edited 2022-07-25 : reformatted original post, and updated level contents

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What? Me worry?

7/17/2022 5:55 am  #2

Re: Khromarium: Shattered Spire of Azathoth

Looking good...

It interesting to to quickly randomize a small adventure in a few minutes...


7/17/2022 9:37 am  #3

Re: Khromarium: Shattered Spire of Azathoth

Well, the prompt is quick...figuring out if can fit in the campaign is longer...then finding/making a map...then filling it out...

It's the merest pebble that leads to the avalanche :-)

Although I think I might have read through 5 or 6 before this one resonated.

The block of text before the prompt is where the party is in the adventure inspired by the prompt.

I still need to fill out at least 2 or 3 more things

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7/18/2022 7:25 am  #4

Re: Khromarium: Shattered Spire of Azathoth

I forgot and idea for the 3rd level.

The tapestry is a very black, such that it's a bit difficult to see detail. Nothing "bad" just weird.

Behind it the wall is a bit translucent/transparent. Looking inside you find what appears to be a chimney. Looking up you see sky (one that isn't what is outside the tower if asked).

This chimney connects to Trilemma's "At the Hour of Death" dungeon.

I have in mind maybe another pocket dimension like thing somewhere in the tower. Something maybe more Azathoth-y.

I think I still have some time before I need to, it depends upon how fast the party goes through the tower.

What? Me worry?
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7/19/2022 4:34 am  #5

Re: Khromarium: Shattered Spire of Azathoth

Yeah, I try the 'Beyond the Veil,' effect with my adventures, and Azathoth is a good god (well not good, ) for that kind of effect...

A bit of mad pipping... 'Song of Azathoth,' to tempt them it to their doom...

Spore-men worship Azathoth and they look like an interesting boss-character or guardian?


7/25/2022 2:12 pm  #6

Re: Khromarium: Shattered Spire of Azathoth

Did some reformatting of the original post, plus added some level content.

I need to also work in what I call "Ethereal Eddie". The Eddie standing over the body of the Iron Lady. Might just be a side kick of cyborg Eddie or the actual guardians/boss monster of the crystal.

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7/25/2022 3:25 pm  #7

Re: Khromarium: Shattered Spire of Azathoth

This is great! You had me at "Eddie of Iron Maiden is an avatar..."

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