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6/30/2022 7:25 pm  #1

Tourist Trap Monster

Just a local celebrity statted up real quick for fun.


"We lost Bertram in the Savage Boreal Coast. The fog had closed in and it was slow going through the swamp, didn't want to sink in the mud, you know? Bertram was part of the rear guard when suddenly the water roiled and a... man-gator burst forth. It sank its claws into the poor Frank and dragged him screaming into the water before any of us could react. Good riddance I say, bastard had it coming, but he went down carrying most of the food..." 

Large creatures with the back half of an alligator and the front half of a hideous humanoid. Some say these are distant relations of the mountain apes, adapted to the fog drenched forested swamps of the Boreal Coast where they lurk in wait for prey. A certain danger to travelers, they are luckily rare, preferring to lair far into the wilderness. Still, they are known to occasionally travel along the rivers, hunting the unwary travelers on those paths. Largely uncaring of treasures, they are known to strew gems and jewelry from their victims about their lair, letting the rest sink into the muck with the bones of their prey. 

Alligator Man: #E 1 (1d4)|AL CE|SZ L|MV 30 (swim 40)|DX 8|AC 4|HD 5+4|#A 2/1 (claw/claw)|D 1d8+1/1d8+1|SV 14|ML 9|XP 500|TC Q, R| Special:
Death Grip: If both claw attacks hit one opponent, an alligator man will grip its victim the next round, causing 1d8+1 hp damage per round as it sinks its claws into the flesh. An extraordinary feat of strength can break the alligator man's grasp, and possibly extreme damage can convince one to let go. While grasping its victim, the alligator man will attempt to retreat into the water to drown its prey before devouring it.


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