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6/05/2022 9:35 pm  #1

Daemons on the storm

ARITOK (Storm Daemon) 

"I spent some time among the berserkers of the Barrier Mountains (ask not how I gained their trust), studying their ways. It was three months into my stay when a storm rolled around and all the tribe came out for their orgiastic celebrations. Sacrifices were thrown from the cliffs and they danced and cavorted among the crags and rocky slopes, their songs more beast howls than words. That was when I saw their god in a flash of lightning, looking down upon us from a ridge above with flaming blue eyes and the people saw it too, their shrill, ecstatic howls drowned by the roar of thunder that echoed among the peaks. Then there was a flash of light and a deafening crack as a congregant was struck by a bolt of lightning. By the time I blinked the glare from my eyes, the figure was gone, but I felt as though those burning eyes still stared into my soul..." -EC 

An aritok is tall, roughly humanoid if slightly hunched, and powerfully built. Its head appears as a lion skull with a few scraps of flesh and muscle attached and blue flames in its eye-sockets, its body is quasi-skeletal and loosely wrapped in bindings. Electricity crackles around it, and its claws are massive and sharp. Often content to remain distant from living beings they generally reside among storm-lashed mountain ruins exulting in the howl of wind, the crash of thunder, and the clatter of rock splinters blasted apart by lightning. Aritoka are honest to a fault and hate lies, and hold illusionists in particular contempt. Despite their lonely proclivities, occasionally one becomes the focus of worship for mountain dwelling folk, their power, honesty, and reclusiveness bizarrely making them ideal cultic figures among vhuurmis and lightning-addled berserkers. 

Aritok (Undead Type 13): #E 1|AL CE|SZ L|MV 40|DX 10|AC -4|HD 10|#A 3/1 (claw/claw/bite)|D 1d6+2/1d6+2/1d10+2|SV 12|ML 10|XP 3250|TC A| Special:
Lightning Aura: The electricity crackling around an aritok will leap to those in melee range, those wearing metal armour must make a death save or take 1d4 damage. Further, those striking the fiend with a metal weapon must make a death save or take 1d6 damage.
True Seeing: At all times, has the power of a true seeing spell.
Resistances: Cold, fire, and gas attacks inflict 1/2 damage, or 1/4 damage if save is made.
Immunities: Immune to electricity. Immune to mundane weapons; harmed only by silver or magical weapons.
Sorcery Resistance: 5-in-20 sorcery resistance versus spells, magical abilities, and all sorcerous devices. Sorcery resistance should be checked before a saving throw is rolled.
Spells: Can cast the following spells at will (though only one at a time): Lightning Bolt, Gust of Wind, Call Lightning, Discern Lie, Cause Fear, Bestow Curse. Once per day each, can cast Control Weather, Chain Lightning.


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