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4/26/2022 8:18 pm  #1

The Flying Dead

Third of my pulp undead trilogy, the bat-ma... uh, the chatterer.


"We got a lead on where those bat-cultists had taken Ned and went to rescue him. We didn't know we were too late until he swooped down on us, with several other missing villagers. We lost a few before we escaped, but the worst part is I'm pretty sure they took Grimolf alive..." 

Made from victims of wicked bat-cultists, the chatterers are undead who have had a horrid procedure done on them while they still lived. The finished result is a hideous amalgamation of human and bat; thin and light; with blind, glassy eyes; large and thin ears; a mouth of wicked needle teeth; arms and hands warped into the wing structure; and their feet being twisted into cruel talons. They constantly chirp and make clicking sounds, allowing them to echolocate much like a bat. Their transformation has left them relatively fragile for their size and are unable to stand up to the battering that other undead might take, but their mobility gives them an advantage over common forms. Their preferred method of attack is to swoop down at victims with their talons, but if caught on the ground are reduced to biting at their foes. 

Chatterer (Undead Type 4): #E 1d6|AL CE|SZ M|MV 20 (fly 50)|DX 10|AC 4|HD 3(d6)|#A 2/1 (talon/talon) or 1/1 (bite)|D 1d6/1d6 or 1d4|SV 15|ML 12|XP 107|TC nil| Special:
Echolocation: Chatterers echolocate like a bat, giving the ability to sense even invisible creatures. Further, the incessant chattering can fray the nerves, causing those who fail a sorcery save modified by willpower adjustment to suffer -2 to attack and to further sorcery saves for 1d6 rounds. This effect can only apply once, no matter how many chatterers are in the vicinity. However, a chatterer affected by deafness will be effectively blinded, forced to the ground where they may only attack with their bite attack and attacking as a 1HD creature with AC 6.
Immunities: Immune to cold, fear, paralysis, and poison.
Save Bonus: +2 to Avoidance saves.


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