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3/29/2022 11:45 am  #1

Khromarium livery/coat of arms

Any thoughts on what the livery of the town guard might be and/or the coat of arms that Khromarium might have?

Since it's known for its spires I'm guessing that makes as much sense as anything.

My Khromarium has several wards and I think each would have some variation as well. Looks like I have 6 wards and 6 locations names "SPIRES". So I guess there are at least 6 spires, but probably more. It's just that they are groupings?

My general idea is that the older spire groupings might be a bit more numerous just because they are near the height of the power of the wizard-kings with the later ones might only being one or two spires in the grouping.

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3/29/2022 1:06 pm  #2

Re: Khromarium livery/coat of arms

I might be tempted to give Hyperborea a bit more Classical flavor by having the various factions use standards (a la the Roman eagle) rather than medieval banners - e.g., maybe Khromarium would use a toad, the Picts a spider, the Kelts an elk, the Ixians a serpent, etc. Maybe the different wards of Khromarium could have different standards (could do double duty as local idols or the like).

Spire banners are a pretty cool idea though.

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3/29/2022 3:07 pm  #3

Re: Khromarium livery/coat of arms

I'll think on it more, but I am tending towards spires.

Also, each grouping has a primary spire and its shape is different in each ward.

That way there is a come theme for each ward but room for distinction.

Reading elsewhere on the forum I kinda like the idea that the "town" guards are more private militia. Especially since they are grouped by ward.

Maybe have those guarding the wall bear all 6 insignia since it pulls from all wards? Stealing the idea of the Black Watch and running with it.

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3/29/2022 3:30 pm  #4

Re: Khromarium livery/coat of arms

My thoughts more formalized:

The general livery/coat of arms of Khromarium are the spires. It is by far the most distinct feature of the city.

Each ward has a grouping of spires. Each grouping is different in number. Each grouping has a primary spire with a distinct shape that the others in the grouping share.

Each ward's guard uses a livery inspired by "its" spire.

(edit: creating a "Khromarium Guard").

The exception is the Khromarium Guard.

Their livery is the 6 primary spires only. They are drawn from each ward.

Their is a special detachment, The Guard of The Wall. They have the same livery as the Khromarium Guard but there is a wall with battlements on the bottom border.

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3/29/2022 3:36 pm  #5

Re: Khromarium livery/coat of arms

And to run with the idea that each ward's guard is sort of a private militia I think I'll also blend in what San Francisco has:

This is a private patrol force that is part of the city charter.

They protect and patrol their ward. They pay special attention to anyone that has paid them to. However, they nominally care about everyone in the ward.

(edit: since I edited the previous post I am updating this post)

The Khromarium Guard has one or two garrisons in each ward. They "outrank" ward guards. They don't get too involved with "ward matters". They are funded by taxes and such that the oligarchs and royals collect.

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