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2/08/2022 8:07 am  #1

Real Magic Items

Our table uses real tactile props in game. 
Some of those include real treasure chests for the players to "store" their treasure. The treasures are actual coins made of metal and plastic coins of "gold",silver" Shells/scrolls/potions/gems. The gems are plastic, scrolls are had made using either photoshop of some other program, printed  and a wax seal placed on them. Potions are bought at sites like amazon. And are mountain dew type drinks, the bottles being fancy and gamey looking. Etsy has great wands/Chtulhu parchments/ spell books. Our groups other GM also made a "magic box". That holds cards "Fate" cards that inspire the GM and players to consider the metaphysical and the intrusion of the fates, gods or just plain old dumb luck in our games.

Links below to videos that inspired us,(we actually are using all of these currently in game).



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2/08/2022 12:49 pm  #2

Re: Real Magic Items

I prefer the models and grid map , even for PbP, as I can add pictures to my Flickr. That works well and folks enjoyed the drama of the images.

Secret boxes, yeah, did that over a decade ago around the table. Hated having to roll dice that might mean the death of a PC, but did not want them to see their rolls. So Tupperware box with solid colour would do. Or just got them to drop the dice behind my GM screen...

Prefer dice bags to boxes (though I have a few), too encumbersome.

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2/08/2022 4:23 pm  #3

Re: Real Magic Items

I like digital maps and maybe a battle map. Minis are sometimes used in my table but not often. I like the tactile things at the table.

Nice minis btw

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2/08/2022 5:26 pm  #4

Re: Real Magic Items

Whew, I got hundred of models, nae thousands and most still need painted and I not painted in 10 years or more, but strangely over the last week I been dragging them out of the dust cover dark abyss and commencing to paint. Forgot how much I enjoyed it, but one must keep an open window even if it is blowing a gale outside. Think the chemical were harming me, hence why I stopped, but don a mask, proper air ventilation (major gale ootside) and walla. 


2/08/2022 7:48 pm  #5

Re: Real Magic Items

It's all fun hobby, this scene.

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