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2/04/2022 4:09 am  #1

Island map

Another island map. Anyone could use this in their game. Why did I make this one? I wanted to try out some new features of the site at the time.

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2/04/2022 5:44 am  #2

Re: Island map

I joined yesterday for Free. Going to experiment myself. Got a map partly created, but I trying to do a world and I copying something I done previous, so it not blend well.

Plan is to do sections of the world; so detail is better and join together on my Computer.

Still it an amazing site, mountains, trees, etc. and easy to do once you know what buttons to push, will show stuff once I happy with it.

Happy Map Making!  


2/04/2022 9:40 am  #3

Re: Island map

Good luck! I love the site. It is not as clunky as other mapping programs . It is fast to create, and it has tons of options.

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2/04/2022 7:04 pm  #4

Re: Island map

Yip, I not having any major problems, a few minutes to stop banging my head off the walls and hey presto, found the help button (Edit the FAQ tab in drop down list to top left, and scroll to bottom of page) that took me to ytube videos to work problems and it was a easy as that.

Good old Inkarnate...

For any who want to try, it good for free maps and cost nothing to try...Inkarnate - Create Fantasy Maps Online

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