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1/11/2022 7:43 pm  #1

Time Eater

Well, I needed a creature that could quickly kill the this is my first pass at such a thing.

Using the Colour Out of Space as a pattern.

Time Eater

SZ S MV 20 DX 12 AC 9 HD 10 ATK 1/special D 1d6 ML 12

A many tentacled demi-material form with a distinct and coruscating glow. Each will be a
random color. Very rarely they are multi-hued.

Can only be hit by magical weapons.

Disintegration does not work because of the semi-corpeal
nature of them.

Casting time related heals them for 1d6+spell level hit points.

They feed on time. If a spell that manipulates time is "present" then they
are targeted. "Present" means if the spell is memorized or if there is an
innate ability that is time related.

These attacks do 1d12 points of damage. For each
point of damage done to defender that many spell levels are "lost"
to "time damage". The "time damage" is also applied physically.

For example, Temporal Accleration is a 5th level spell. When
5 points of "time damage" are done to a defender with that spell
memorized then that "time ability" is lost, as if it was cast.

If there are no other time related spells memorized then the time
eater stops the attack. "Time Damage" "attacks" from highest spell
level to lowest. Any "time damage" done carries over to the next

If the "time ability" is an innate quality then then time eater
keeps attacking until the creature is dead.

After not being attacked or not find any "time" to feed on a time eater will go dormant in 1d6 turns.

In their dormant state they have a fainter, more blurry glow. Any magic that can interact with them
will awaken them. Walking through them with magic armor or pendant will awaken them.

What? Me worry?

1/12/2022 10:33 am  #2

Re: Time Eater

Fascinating idea!

HYPERBOREA- A Role-Playing Game of Swords, Sorcery, and Weird Science-Fantasy

1/12/2022 11:05 am  #3

Re: Time Eater

Also patterned after the thought eater from 1e AD&D.

I was trying to think of something that would really mess up a Yith. I think these will do that.

I might add in that if you also pass metal objects through them it would be enough to wake them from a dormant state. Mostly to make them more interactive if a party does mess with them.

So far last night's group as avoided waking them.

The weird scientist of the party did manage to figure out basic operations of the mining device that was blocking the entrance into the time eater cage.

The group is in a Yith outpost on Selene. It had set up the base minimally and had started excavation efforts. Then it mined into a "cage" they were put in ages ago. The cage had metal walls that kept them inside it and magic wards and sigils to keep them dormant. That is until a 10'x5' square was made into it :-)

I also have Superior Albino Apes as "security" for the Yith. Taking the idea from Taken from Dunwich and how the Yith there is controlling creatures.

The apes were let loose to attack the time eaters, to no avail. The 2 yith in the place got killed before any of them could escape.

Then the apes eventually started eat each other.

So 2 dead yith, with dry/mummified corpses.

Lots of gnawed bones in piles, and a final death scene where the 2 groups of apes fought and killed each other making 4 mummified ape corpses.

What? Me worry?
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