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1/11/2022 1:46 pm  #1

2 game scenes

Here are 2 game scenes that happened at the table I was playing in. They happened more or less like this but we,(GM and I "cleaned" them up and made them more like a scene in a story). Based on the Homebrew game. That takes elements from ASSH and other sources. First scene is when one of the players characters is trying to win the hand of a prince in marriage.

Modelii is lounging on a large chair on one of the large balconies of the villa. He is reclined back drinking a lightly golden fluid from a crystal clear glass. He looks over to a large iron cooking pit. Orange embers and fire dance   . The flames licking a slab of meat on a spit. Seeing the party approach he sits up a little, mock toasting their approach and gesturing to the scattered seats around him. He takes a second  to turn towards one of the main ground floor areas . This area leads to the exotic gardens of Lady Arsenios home. He sees over the rim of his goblet Willamette and Don Valez Marcado as well as some minor dignitaries and guardsmen walking below, deep in discussion. Modelii turns back around and smiles out one corner of his mouth. 
 "It is a beautiful day." he says breaking into a full smile. Standing and making his way to a small waist high glass table where a sweating pitcher of water sits. Selecting a glass he pours water and drinks deeply from it, he squints and looks towards the sky to the sun. "If a little hot," he says grimacing. 
"Do you think it was wise doing what you just did down there?, asks Tessa taking a seat across from Modelii on an identical wicker like reclined chair. "How are you going to tell your business partners what you have done and why?" "No", says Modelii. "I have not thought that far ahead , but I will think of something. In the end they may even thank me for it." Tessa shakes her head. "Thank you? For placing all your wealth, your title,everything on the chance that a pirate, albeit a successful one, has a chance at winning by out maneuvering several noble women for the hand of the prince. This isn't some navel engagement, Modelii. She's out of her element. This is politics. The inner court of a kingdom. Does she know that if she fails, as a non noble woman her life would be forfeit? Does she know that by you vouching for her, its you that now runs that very risk? You might be a nobleman now, but you were born of low birth. Current status will not protect,...." She is cut off by Modelii raising a palm. "I never told about my life before all this, before the days as a gladiator , before slavery? No? I didn't think so. My father was a noble head advisor to the tribal chieftain of my tribe. This was before the sect of the Amber priest came and brought us the word of conversion or death. I was barely four summers old when a severe drought brought famine and death to our people. The elder wise men of the tribe , the chief,and my father all thought it better to leave the place we were and travel beyond the iron mountains. There was a story,..." He pauses,...Modelii's eyes become distant as he recalls the memory. "...A legend,..more myth then true knowledge. Of a place where sweet water flowed from a wound in the earth . The place of the blue crystal. When the people heard this , of the plan, many refused. Saying it was better to wait and pray for rain, that our sorcerers must try, and try harder. They said there where too many old, and sick, to make the journey. They were right, we had many such." He pauses and takes another gulp of water. " My father and the leaders of the tribe knew the fear of their people. The fear and the doubt. My father proposed to the chief and the others that if they made the journey. And if all that awaited them was the wailing of Asmodeus in the desert. That the tribe may put my father to the sword and deliver his head to the patriarchs of the Nubawi tribe to the south of the mountains. Thereby settling the blood feud between the tribes and by the mutual customs of both tribes, his people would be allowed into their land and our people accepted as  fellow tribes people. The tribe agreed and after a hard journey they came to the valley of sweet water and the tribe grew a flourished. I learned that day when we entered the valley. Our new home. Something that he spoke to me only three times in my life. Once when we left and once when we entered the valley. His wisdom to me was there are times when one's very survival means risking it all on a gamble." "When was the third time? You said he told you three times," says Tessa. Modelii looks into her eyes and says,"that was the day the troops of the Amber priest destroyed my tribe. It was the last thing he told me as he died in my hands." 
Tessa looks away from his eyes, down at her feet, avoiding Modelii's eyes," It's a huge risk. I don't know what I would do if,.... This man Marcado I don't know what he's capable of. He may try to slide the scales,...I,...I don't trust him. Modelii shifts closer to her across his seat and says inches from her face,"I don't trust him either." a wide smile on his face. She fights the urge to do the same, but the impulse is too much and she smiles half chuckling and smiling. She clasps his shoulder for a moment and says. "Your a smart man,Modelii."  Smiling again he says," No, I'm not. I'm just that lucky." He stands again making his way to the table. "What about if you and she succeed? what about Marcado if he is the viper in the garden? What about the sect of the Amber priest that came to your valley, and exterminated your people?" Modelii turns his back slightly to her staring at the still flaming fire in the cook pit. "Some battles, some gambles never end. Until the final hand is played," he says throwing the contents of his glass onto the hot coals causing them to flame high for a brief moment.


The next scene is when the party is well on there way to discovering the meaning and being of the bioroid women on the pirate ship and that the very gods have a stake in them as well.
scene 2
standing on the upper deck of the Poseidon's lie, the strong breeze becoming gushes of wind at times, Willamette stood letting the cool rains splash and drench her. The spring rains had begun in this area of the ninth  world and the basins around the salt marsh, while dry most of the year, now were 
full. With their filling they became inland seas and those merged further to the west and south with the salt water seas of the coast. Life literally exploded overnight, with sea life in the waters. Even the basins "Coast lines", sprouted hybrid versions of yuka trees and cats tails and all manner of foliage that in other places would take years to grow this large. Here it happened in a matter of days. She was breathing in the scent of the folly bulbs in a cove they were just passing, when she heard footsteps behind her. Turning swiftly one hand on her dagger, she turned to see the smiling figure of Modelii walking towards her. A half empty bottle of rish wine in his hands.
"Care for some company on this beautiful night"? asked Modelii closing the space between them.
" I was enjoying the night already and I have company of my own, already as well". replied Willamette. Modelii, water streaming off his hair and beard walked over to the edge of the deck where she stood. Looking down he saw large sea life keeping up with the ship. Looking again he exclaimed, "Thats a 
mermaid!" "I never knew we had them out this far. Atlantis sure, even Mu,Certainly Lemuria, but here?" The mermaids were in a school swimming hard just beneath the water. Each one and a half ,to just under two meters in length. "we are moving 48 knots and they have kept up for half a ships hour now",  said Willamette smiling. "Time to give them a break". she said.
Heading to the Poseidon's Jaunt she motioned Modelii to follow. The Jaunt was a outward thrust platform, railed and plated against the waters but allowed the crew to get to,"floor level" with the oceans.
As they arrived Willamette grabbed a small basket of fruit off a table on the jaunt. She began tossing apples and citrus to the mermaids. The mermaids giggled.splashed and leaped from the water, catching fruit as it was tossed to them. Munching gleefully they pointed at Modelii's bottle and brought their tail fins up out of the water to giggle and splash water in his direction.
"What?", asked Modelii. "You want this?", he said pointing at the bottle he had leaning in the crook of his arm against him. "sorry girls, your pretty enough  but wine affects your kind more then mine and,..." His words were cut short as a slim blonde mermaid threw a apple at him that hit him on his chest. "Hey! Thats no way for a lady to act."
"They don't want your wine. They want that red  waffer shaped  gem around your neck. Haven't you heard? Mermaids love the shiny expensive stuff more then two legged girls do." said Willamette. Modelii lifted the leather strapped gem between his fingers and asked the mermaids, "Want this? hmmm?"
He moved further out to the edge of the jaunt and knelt over and extended the gem. "its gonna cost. the cost being a kiss. C'mon, who's the brave girl among you?" The mermaids on his close approach dived and swam back out of reach, save one. Modelii looked over and saw a dark haired mermaid a few inches from his reach. Her eyes glittered and her hint of scales on her flesh shimmered in the reflected light and rain. "C'mon. Just a kiss. Its a fair trade no?" said Modelii waving his arm in. She moved closer a few inched then a few more, until they were inches apart. " Thats right just a kiss." cooed Modelii as he leaned over and puckered up. As fast as a shot the mermaid snapped forward grabbed the gem and snapped the cord. Before leaping and diving into the sea with her prize. Modelii having barely caught himself from falling in,sat, and threw his head back in loud laughter."You were not kidding, Oh Captain! just like some land girls!" He said extending a hand to Willamette. 
"Strange reaction for a man that has just been tricked and robbed." said Willamette helping him up.Still chuckling Modelii replied," You see, gems are just  baubles, now the thrill of life lived is,......" 
Modelii suddenly fell silent. "Do you hear that?" he asked looking into Willamette's eyes. "Yes", she said pushing away and heading to the large cabin where her wives stayed and lived.Pushing their way under decks. They opened the door to their room. Inside the dim light of a grand bedroom, with only the light of a few tech lanterns and candles. They saw Willametes wives asleep or in a trance. their eyes were closed but each spoke the same words in unison. Or finished and completed sentences for one another." The rupture of planes is sure to occur when the transsubstantiated object rises its protean form from beneath the sands,where it has been sleeping  for aeons uncounted." They intoned.
The crew some standing just outside the door, began to mutter. "They are bewitched! Toss those things unborn to a woman into the sea Throw the witches into the sea, lest they bring doom upon us!" Willamette drew her dagger. " "These women are my property. I say what is to be done to them. Any man who wishes to challenge my right as captain may face me in a duel to the death, or be marooned on the isle of Slecka The choice is yours , but by the nine fold hells I will kill the men, crew or no, who rise against me or them" With that the crew quieted and the only sounds were of heavy breathing and the girls voices. "Words! Signs! Maps! the presence of hidden energies course into epistemology. It will be so in our times. It is angelically inspired", said one. "All Angelic messages are recast by human intent, by which means they become comprehendible," said another. "Every angel is terrible , never more so then now at the end of our history". They said in unison,...then they fell silent."What the devil." Said Willamette. Modelli looked at Willamette , hardness and concern in his dark eyes the mermaids all but forgotten.


Na Chuba! Na Gita! Negatorie Na! Na! Natoota! 

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