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12/11/2022 1:40 pm  #81

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Caveman wrote:

Nearly there, only a few months to go!


Looks like that is session number 71. Thursday was session number 87.

So, looks like we catch up by the end of this month assuming I post a session summary each day.

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12/11/2022 1:46 pm  #82

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-07-14


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-24

The group goes up the stairs to the next level. Raigunn pokes
the northern door then opens it. In the room is a door to the
south. The door looks like it exploded. Chunks of it lie to either
side of the opening.

Going to the entrance he sees through the wall. There are what
look like small slivers of wall and large openings.

Raigunn climbs the ladder.

Raigunn opens the door and sees 6 folks

A large, burly man holding a very nice great axe asks,
"What the f*** you want?"

"Where's the bathroom?", asks Raigunn.

"Not here".

Raigunn closes the door. Then ties the rope the same anchoring as the ladder, looks like spikes and such, and climbs down.

Raigunn relates what happened.

During the tale everyone looks up and sees several folks looking back down. After some time they disappear.

Torcan hatches a plan centered around Sanctuary and Hold Person. Torcan climbs up first, then Raigunn, then Kallisto.

Getting to the top the coast is clear. The lead trio gets set and Raigunn opens the door. Behind it are 4 folks that look at the ready. Behind them is the Great Axe Guy, other guy with bow and sword, and a lady in a blue robe.

Torcan Holds 3 of the 4 folks. Raigunn barges through the stiffs and attacks a dude. Torcan puts an arrow into the bow and sword dude.

The Great Axe Guy gives Raigunn an up close and personal taste of the very fine axe he has. In the corner is a lady in red casting arrows out of her hands, but they miss.

The mayhem continues with Kallisto getting into the mix. The lady in red then makes the floor under Raigunn's feet greasy, covered in a layer barges through the stiffs and attacks a dude. Torcan puts an arrow into the bow and sword dude.

The Great Axe Guy gives Raigunn an up close and personal taste of the very fine axe he has. In the corner is a lady in red casting arrows out of her hands, but they miss.

The mayhem continues with Kallisto getting into the mix. The lady in red then makes the floor under Raigunn's feet greasy. The newly treacherous footing causes him to slip and fall. This doesn't stop Great Axe for apply more attacks.

Meanwhile more of the party is making it up but when all but Emmett, Verg and Asulfr are waiting for room the tide of battle really takes a turn.

Raigunn blows the Horn of Valhalla. The sound is ear splitting in the space. It feels as if reality itself is vibrating. Out of this spring forth a horde of berserkers. They fill the room completely. The other party is now consumed with trying to fend off the attacks.

Seeing this, Torcan grabs the rope and slide/falls down. He is able to avoid falling. Verica tries but her grip isn't true and she falls hard. She is knocked unconscious.

Raigunn rolls out of the grease and closes the door. The bodies of their
foes fall and the door shuts just as they start looking up for a new
opponent upon which they can release their rage.

Everyone gets to the bottom of the ladder and assess things.

While they do so they see a wyvern flying around. The party descends to the next level to have stone walls surrounding them.

Asulfr is able to heal Verica a bit.

The rest of they and night are spent recovering.

Verica's wounds keep her from praying but she does recover enough to
regain consciousness

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12/12/2022 10:10 am  #83

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-07-21


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-25

Torcan casts clw on Verica as does Asulfr.

Tor checks out the chests.

The first two contain books in a language no one knows but they
look similar.

The third chest has a book that Torcan is able to read. Rise Avatar, and Destroy.

Some time is spent reading it and determines that it's
methods of summoning an Avatar. It also describes devices that
have been used to summon or control an Avatar in the past.
A crystal in a tower is described and the associated avatar looks like
the statue in the first floor of the spire.

Tor hands the 3 books to Verg.

Tor and Aldi lead teh way up the stairs

Some avatars attack, tor is knocked out. Aldi takes a fair bit of
damage, Verg throws a hail of ice while Aldi shoots into melee.

Asulfr heals Tor back to consciousness.

Give the state of folks another day of healing is done.

### 576-11-26

Raigunn leads the way up the stairs.

They go up to a landing, really just a hallway following the curver
of the spire before more stairs continue up.

As Raigunn gets to where the stairs come to a room, he looks over
and sees 3 Avatar looking creatures. That unsling the metal lutes/guitars
slung over their shoulders. Their glowing red eyes staring back.

Emmett is convinced to come up and throw some fire at the closest.
He sets it ablaze. It seems unfazed by the flames. Two of the
avatars run to the top of the stairs. Holding their guitars like
giant axes, which they appear to be. The bottom edge of the metal body
looking very sharp. Meanwhile the avatar on fire is playing its
guitar and the sound of drums playing fast and aggressively fills
the room. Half of the party starts dancing and gesticulating wildly.
Thrashing their heads back and forth.

The two at the top of the stairs in a bass voice that shouldn't be
possible with their emaciated and mummy-like appearance say,
"Leave this place or be destroyed."

After some thought and herding of the moshing party members everyone
gets down to a lower level. The sound of the guitar fades but the
drums can be heard. A second drum is playing a chaotic, arhythmic beat.
The distracted folks stop their dancing and gesticulating.

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12/13/2022 4:21 am  #84

Re: Hyperborea.pm

gizmomathboy wrote:

Caveman wrote:

Nearly there, only a few months to go!


Looks like that is session number 71. Thursday was session number 87.

So, looks like we catch up by the end of this month assuming I post a session summary each day.


12/13/2022 9:19 am  #85

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-07-28


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-11-26

Picking up after half the party stops headbanging.

Go back down.

Raigunn goes berserk on the axe wielding avatars. Then proceeds
to  attack Arsalian. Arse gets the drop on them and is able to tackle
pin Raigunn down. He isn't able to break free and the rage subsides.

The avatars on level 1 are taken care of and the party heads back to the Eel.

On the way back a kid asks for help. Their mom fell and got hurt, maybe she
broke her leg. They are able to convince Kali to go with them. The rest of
the party follows. There is a large group of very grubby, "more downtrodden
than usual" looking folks. They turn to look as the party shows up.

Verica uses the last of her healing on the lady. Meanwhile Verg feels a tug
at his belt and sees on of the crowd putting something in their shirt. Verg
says, roughly, "What did you take?" As one of the party goes to search them
they make a break for it and start running away.

Verg isn't in the mood. He summons an ice axe and throws it into the back of
the fleeing, potential thief. Torcan goes up and finds a bag of jewels on the
corpse. "That's mine," says Verg.

In the dock area a building is just starting to catch fire. No one recognizes
the place nor do they notice anyone in the crowd. Everyone but Tor continues
walking back to the 'Eel.

Torcan spots the lone drunk,  "Do you know who's place that is?"

"Nope, I was drinking*hic*in the Black Mussel and heard the commotion and came out.

"Whatya drinkin'?" he asks.

"Grog", the inebriated fellow replies.

"Ah, mind if I try what you're drinking?"

"Nah", and he passed the flagon to Tor.

Tor takes a swig and barely restrains gagging on the swill. He instantly feels very
nauseous. Returning the flagon he fake stumbles and spills some on the drunk while also
trying to pick his pockets.

The awful liquid must have really messed up Tor because the drunk immediately notices the
bumbling attempt.

"Hey, what you doin'? HEY THIS GUY IS TRYING TO STEAL FROM ME!" bellows the victim.

Torcan starts walking away.

"Hey come back! Wardens! Stop that guy!"

No one seems to be paying too much attention to the drunk who then tries to grab Torcan and fails.

Torcan turns around and punches him, knocking him out cold. He leaves the fire and catches up with
the group.

### 576-11-27

It is decided to recover and rest until the horn of valhalla is ready to use again (576-12-03).

Also books that can be read are read, and someone is found to translate the rest.

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12/15/2022 9:11 am  #86

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-08-11


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

### 576-11-27

It is decided to recover and rest until the horn of valhalla is ready to use again (576-12-03).

Also books that can be read are read, and someone is found to translate the rest.

## 576-12-02
 sage will try to figure out language and title for 60gp

Most of the rest of the party are looking at the books or
getting to know one of the 4 cats.

  * 7 other leather bound books in a series named:
    - written in lemurian
    * Defender, Destroyer, Musician

The Maw
    * written in Uralic

  * Creatures of Chaos
    * Hellenic Amazon

2 others he doesn't read

10gp for a quick read of the last book in the Defender, Destroyer, Musician

Basically the tale of a dude killing and singing and then summoning
Azathoth to send everyone to the void.

Suggests going to Ulfstead's to look at the other two.

* Bulging Light (written in Latin)

* Consuming Darkness (written in latin)

Reads Consuming Darkness. As Ulfstead is doing so something
starts oozing out of the book.

The thing grabs and melts his hand, then shoves a pseudo pod into
his chest killing him. Verg checks behind the counter for the money

Arsalian? attacks the book as the blob attacks Verg. Arsalian throws
the cat he's holding at the book.

Verg tries to ice dart the blob but hits the cat.

Everyone runs out of the shop. Emmett is pondering when it's the
right time to firebomb the place. Meanwhile Verg takes an ice axe
to the thing before it drops him.

Arsalian is able to use a Shocking Spectral Hand to kill the ooze.

Verica steals 3 books that look interesing/valuable. Torcan isn't
able to find any that he thinks are valuable.

Emmett firebombs the place and everyone leaves.

The rest of the days is spent resting while Emmett gets a grappling hook.

### 576-12-03

Horn is ready to use again.

Emmett takes the 2 books written in Latin to Ogan.

On the way they walk by a street preacher talking about the good
word of Raven. Verica stops and chats and even preaches the greatness
of Raven.

He introduces himself as Melisos. He's from the Skarag coast and has
only been in Khromarium for about a month.

He asks about Goatboy since she mentioned it and he has no clue.
The rant goes for a bit as Verica lays down the tale. Eventually
he says he needs to go eat and the party goes to find Ogan.

Emmett talks about the time in the spire. Ogan grabs him by the head,
peers into his eyes and smooshes around his face. He scrutinizes Emmett.

Then Emmett hands him the Bulging Light book.

"Huh, it's been awhile since I've read Latin," says Ogan.

As he's reading the book seems to become brigh, glowing until a sphere of
swarming, multi-colored lights forms.

Everyone but Verica and Emmett run off in fear. Ogan drops the book
and disappears.

Emmett asks Verica for the halberd. They exchange the weapon and while
doing so it attacks Emmett. It does some damage but drains his vitality.

Emmett pokes at it gently while picking up the book.

Emmett makes his escape while the thing causes mayhem behind him.

Verica and Torcan figure out between them it's what is known as
a Colour Out of Space. Emmett has to remain bed ridden until about
a week. Even so he will need a Restoration to fully recover.

pause here and decide next week about whether to leave Emmett
behind or not.

## 576-12-08

Emmett recovers

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12/16/2022 8:43 am  #87

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-08-18


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

## 576-12-04

Torcan and Verica have Aldi watch out for wardens while
they break into a house. He didn't know what was going on but
he did help spot someon

## 576-12-05

Torcan, Verica, Aldi, and Kallisto go to the Arena in their
fanciest of pants. Looking for marks and such.

On the way there they walk near one of the oldest spires in
Khromarium. As Torcan is staring at it dark clouds start to
form over the area. Within minutes lightning starts striking
down out of them. The spire is getting hit be seemingly unaffected
by it. Some nearby buildings are hit and take some damage.

The group runs for cover and watches. After a solid ten
minutes of the storm they decide to go get a closer look at the
spire. The trip to it goes by without them being hit by lightning.

They get to a 10 foot high wall of black gneiss. It's surface is
smooth. A human ladder seems to be the only way to get over it.

As they are standing on top of the wall they notice a faint glow
to the spire. Lightning strikes near them.

There is a nice but slightly uncared for garden from the outer
wall to an inner wall. This wall is 30 feet high and of similar
construction as the outer one.

Torcan tries to recall if he's ever heard of their being obvious
doors or gates to this spire, but he draws a blank.

By now the clouds have made things darker. It's about like twilight.
Dropping down the start exploring the area and a nearby lightning
strike hits the ground near them. Near the strike , about 100 yards
away they see a large skeletal form rising out of the ground.

The darkness keeps them from seeing anything more than a rough
shape and movement.

It is decided to go back to the wall and at least get to the top.

The lumber shape is about 50 yards away by the time they
surmount the wall.

The clouds start lifting and it starts to brighten. They can see
that the lumbering form is the animated skeletal of an elephant.
It's empty eye sockets are at about the same height as the wall.

As the clouds dissipate and the normal sun returns the beast
starts disappearing into the ground until it is gone.

The walk to the Arena continues.

They see several folks arriving in sedans and even some carriages.
Torcan takes them to a gate that is expensive to get in, but it
doesn't require connections, just cash.

They are taken to a booth like area with chairs and a small table.
On the table are food and a variety of beverages.

The competitions in the Arena are rather boring.

During this "dull time", a neighbor introduces himself, "I don't
recognize you folks? You from Khromarium or just visiting?"

In the course of discussion he introduces himself, Samm Caitose.
He's a textile importer.

He asks Verica what do they do. "Mostly books for clients."

Verica introduces herself as Olivia, and Torcan as Machar.

Further talking and it is decided that Samm will send a messenger
to the Silvery Eel soon to schedule a time to meet for
dinner and discuss business.

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12/17/2022 3:28 pm  #88

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-08-25


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-12-06

It is decided to let Emmett rest.

It is also decided to go visit the crackhouse and give
Raigunn the tour.

The iron lady is met. No one is hanging from the meat hook chains
and the bull is not on fire.

It is remembered that there is a pool that was left unexplored.

With better light they can see a small shelf and what looks like
a body wrapped in a blanket.

It is 50 feet down to the pool of water. Verica ties herself to the rope
while Torcan and Kallisto hold the other end.

Verica gets down and the water is almost as deep as she is tall. Before
she is able to make it anywhere a giant python attacks her. It quickly
bites and wraps her up. She is squozen the whole time as she is pulled up.
She even drops her magic dagger in the murky, filthy pool.

Asulfr tries to befriend the snake but it is doesn't want to make friends.

Verica able to free herself. Also, the snake turns its attention to Kallisto.
Biting her and squeezing her as well. Torcan and Verica are eventually able to
kill the snake but also deal a bit of damage to Kallisto.

Verica heals kallisto who thanks her.

Verica then tries again to wade over to the cliff below the shelf. The wading
made it difficult for her to climb up the cliff face and she falls back into
the pool. She is floating unconscious, face down. She is pulled up and Torcan
heals her.

He then makes it over to the body and finds the corpse is in leather armour, of an
unusual kind, short sword, thieves tools, 46 gp and 3 pearls.
In a hard leather pouch are 5 egg shaped metal cylinders each cylinders is topped
by a stem with a small lynch pin through the stem. They all have small writing
on it that Tor recognizes as a Hellenic dialect.

Torcan takes everything but the bones

He then makes he way to what looks to be another tunnel entrance. He goes as far
as the rope will let him. He is able to partly see into a cavern with stuff
that looks to be glowing a cyan color.

It goes back to the group and they decide to go back to the Eel and go shopping for spelunking supplies.

Also, even with bed rest Emmett is able to read the writing on the egg
shaped metal cylinders, "DANGER! RELEASE IMMEDIATELY!", in Atlantean. He recognizes
them as radiation grenades. "They are fun," he says

## 576-12-07

Torcan and Verg decide to take Detect Magic and Identify. With these they are
able to figure out that the leather armour is +1 pterodactyl leather armour.
Torcan lays claim to it.

## 576-12-08

Emmett recovers, as does Verg.

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12/19/2022 8:40 am  #89

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-09-08


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-12-08

Emmett recovers, as does Verg.

Go back to the spire and attempt to get the crystal.

The first level avatars are found dead.

At each level where they expect to find avatars they instead
find them dead.

The avatars with guitars are looted of their "axes". Torcan
has 4 members carrying them.

Exploring the room they find 2 chests with hymnals and sheet
music. Stuff about the seventh son of the seventh son, aces
being high, and similar stuff.

There is a ladder down and a door to the southeast.
Aldi goes down the ladder. It ends in a hallway
with 2 doors on one side of the hall and it ending with a
small statue of what is probably azathoth.

Torcan kicks in the first door and sees a dust filled room
with little more than a bed, table, and chair.

The second door has a somewhat better room with some bookcases
and a foot locker. Torcan is unable to open it. He is however
does find 4 books, 3 he can read. Talks about rites for the Four of the
Avatar and being in a hidden room.

He does take the chest back up the ladder and has Emmett and Verica try.

Chest has a robe, necklace of azathoth, and a medallion of the

Torcan checks out the door and then opens it. On a large balcony
3 harpies sit on the ledge.

Torcan, Aldi, and Kallisto are charmed by a harpy. Raigunn
runs up and hits the harpy. Torcan, Aldi, and Kallisto run
to attack Raigunn for attacking their best friend.

Verg tries to grapple Aldi but falls.

Verica tries to grapple Kallisto and does! Aldi and Torcan
do some damage to Raigunn. Torcan and Raigunn trade slaps.

Verica is able to take down a harpy with her sling. Aldi,
Torcan, and Kallisto realize the error in having a harpy
for a friend.

A surviving harpy sings and gets Raigunn and Aldi to be its
friend. That doesn't last as Verica and Kallisto send it plummeting
to the ground.

Before the last harpy is able to get away or sing Kallisto and Verica
repeat the act of sending it earthward.

Torcan does his religious duty and searches the trash heaps and is
rewarding with 2 gems (peridot and a pearl), a circlet set with amber
gems, and a jade earring.

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12/19/2022 8:42 am  #90

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Once again the party goes Looking For Trouble instead of staying focused on the mission/target and almost TPKs itself. Having a berserker in a group is very much a doubled edge sword. Good thing there wasn't much time for him to decide to RAGE when charmed. That would have been messy.

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12/20/2022 4:11 pm  #91

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-09-15


    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-12-08

Go up a level and find 4 more dead avatars with sabers and short spears with a
rag of maybe a flag that has red, white, and blue striping/colors.

There is also a dead not-avatar body.

A cursory search of the rubble in the room and the bodies doesn't turn much of interest.

Going up to the next level 2 over turned chests are seen near a column of stairs as well as a door on the left side of the room and a door on the right side of the room.

Torcan daggers the left hand door but the right hand door swings into the next room and a dagger won't quite keep it closed. So everyone gets ready to open the door and face what might be on the other side.

It is opened to reveal 2 fighter looking folks near the door, a third behind them to the right.  Further behind them are a dude in armor and another dude not in armour. Behind both of them stands Zilzoon aka Goatboy.

The fighters get the drop on Raigunn but aren't able to take advantage of that fact. Raigunn however is able to get some blood on his broadsword. Kallisto steps into the fray to help out.

Kallisto and Raigunn get hit. A pair of vicious cuts to Raigunn happen. Kallisto is also commanded to sleep by the armor clad fellow in the back.

This sends Raigunn into a berserker rage. Meanwhile the opponent on the right is chopped down.  Asulfr decides to cast Heat Metal on the obviously metal clad mook on the left.

Verica casts silence on the floor next to Zilzoon. He looks displeased.

Raigunn gives the mook on the left a decent blow but then slips on some blood and gives himself a vicious slash, nearly as bad what the bad guys did.

The melee continues as Arsalian gets a shocking grasp in on the left mook.

Verg sees an opportunity to throw a volley of ice darts but flubs it and sends them into the ceiling.

Emmett continually ponders throwing some fire into things but refrains.

Verica moves in and gives some healing.

The left mook flies into a rage, screaming in pain and anger and gets one strike, landing it on Ars. Meanwhile Raigunn is struck down, failling to the stone floor and bleeding profusely.  The remaining mook slashes Verica.

With the tide turning Zilzoon and the other too slip out of sight. The remaining fighter looking person if felled.

Raigunn is pulled back into the room the party is in and the door closed. Some healing is administered until they get conscious.

As the group gathers its wits it is noticed that the left most door is slightly ajar and the dagger is on the floor.

It is decided for Emmett to take a radiation grenade and trap the right most door. He sets the trap very well.

Then the left most door is opened and the space beyond entered. There are wide benches/ beds against the wall. There is a door to the northeast that is not full closed. The most injured folks are left to rest of the wide bench along the wall.

There is a door that leads into the room where they just vanquished goatboy's muscle.

In that room they find 3 doors, two of which are barred.

The remaining door is breached and beyond are several beds, a table and chairs, and a desk.

It is decided for the party to hole up here for the night.

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12/21/2022 12:03 pm  #92

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-09-22


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-12-09

Emmett retrieves the radiation grenade from his trap. Then everyone starts the journey up the stairs.

Raigunn and Kallisto see a tapestry. On it they see what looks like an
avatar with a long knife in hand crouching over the corpse of an
older lady.

As they examine it closer it looks like an ethereal version of the avatar comes out of/off of the tapestry and attacks.

Raigunn and Kallisto get in some hits. Raigunn is positive one should
have cut it in two but it looks like it just went right through it.

Several more appear. Verg attempts to throw a volley of ice darts but
they miss their mark. One wildly so. Asulfr joins in on the one being
attacked by Raigunn and Kallisto.

One appears by Aldi attacks him.

As Raigunn, Kallisto, and Asulfr finish their foe another comes out of the
tapestry by Verg.

The one Verg attacked runs to attack Aldi and the one attacking Aldi shifts to Torcan.

Kallisto is able to engage the avatar menacing Verg and eventually kill it. Verg then decides to attack the one swinging at Torcan. He is able to get 2 vicious blows in with his mighty quarterstaff before cutting Verg down.

While this is going on Raigunn and Asulfr decided to attack and tear down tapestries.  They only find bare walls behind them.

The last of the avatars on this level are vanquished and Verg is healed.

The stairs lead up to an overhead trap door. Kallisto and Aldi go up and they see an avatar that looks like a flayed corpse. It is wielding 2 laser pistols that look to be attached to its skull via wires or something. Near it is a glowing crystal on a pedestal.

It fires 2 blasts at the duo, at the same time a ghoul looking avatar appears in existence by the pedestal.

Kallisto moves to strike down the ghoul while Aldi attacks the bepistoled avatar. The rest of the party swarms up the stairs and tries to surround the shooting avatar. Verg watches from the relative safety of the stairs.

The avatar with the dripping axe appears as the flayed avatar shoots shots at 4 different folks.  One of them is Verica and she is knocked unconscious.

It doesn't take long to kill the avatars. Especially with Raigunn going into a Rage.

The crystal and pedestal are examined.

The crystal is set in a 3d spiral. Its upward spiral creating a holder for the glowing, aquamarine crystal.

Eventually Torcan takes it with a gloved hand.

After Raigunn has recovered from the Raigunn it is decided to leave the tower and go to the guild.

As they encounter avatars Torcan is able to tell them to back away. In this way they get out of the spire.

Walking back to the guild hall people shy away from the group, or maybe just Torcan.

At the guild hall they are chided for looking like the hell they had been through.

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12/21/2022 12:05 pm  #93

Re: Hyperborea.pm

The boss fight with Eddie from Out of Time went way better for the party than I expected.

Taking care of the summoned avatars helped with that and being able to focus attacks on the boss helped, too.

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12/23/2022 8:59 pm  #94

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Looks like I forgot to post yesterday so I guess I'll post 2 today :-)

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12/23/2022 9:00 pm  #95

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-09-29


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

## 576-12-10

Got a +1 silvered long sword for Kali that Verica advocated for.

+1 studded for raigunn

## 576-12-11

Torcan informs the party that when Verica and him went out
and about in the evening to get some nicer, newer leather
clothes for Verica. On that trip they notices a trio that
seemed to be watching them or the Eel. They weren't
friendly and don't like cats.

## 576-12-12

start training

## 576-12-18

end training

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12/23/2022 9:02 pm  #96

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-10-06


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

  not present

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

## 576-12-18

end training

Open "threads"
  * Stonebrook
  * goat boy
  * abandoned manor/door-topia?
  * other
    * lost temple from Verica's co-parishioner

Decide to try out the lost temple

## 576-12-23

Get sketchy map to the place

## 576-12-24

Get to temple

The entrance has a form of tiling that seems to use two shapes but the pattern doesn't seem to repeat.

No one wants to walk on it.

Put Emmett's disk on Verica, tie a rope to her, and have her poke her way across with
the halberd. She pushes to hard and floats up out of the reach of the halberd.

She gets pulled back and Torcan walks across.

They go through halls and find stuff. Some rotting robes and confessionary looking
thing. A room with stone pews and a table/altar also made out of stone. They come
up from the stone of the floor.

The double doors to the east open to a hall with frescoes and reliefs of people walking.

The archway north out of the room is taken instead.

The hallway transforms into a natural cave/tunnel. When Raigunn enters a larger cavern
a tripwire is tripped and is hit with two arrows. There are small wooden boxes and containers
everywhere. The have stones, moldy grain, dry flowers and similar.

The northern tunnel is taken and it gets to a 4 way intersection what 2 rather large

Raigunn continues north.

Raigunn then enters a room with 4 giant apes. Verg kills one and gets an assistant on another that
Raigunn finishes off.

They are looted for : 150 gp, 12 gems, and 4 vials

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12/23/2022 9:04 pm  #97

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-10-13


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)

  not present

    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

## 576-12-24

The party explores more of the caverns.

Ape-man dies in flames, screaming from emmett's fire

The last ape-man in the first room throws up its hands and utters
"give up, give up" as Raigunn cuts it to pieces.

The group in the other cavern makes a break for freedom down a tunnel as Arsalion cuts down
two of them.

Looting the 10 dead bodies turns up 80ep.

Torcan heals Raigunn a bit.

Raigunn goes into a cavern is ensnared by 4 tentacles.

Several missiles into melee hit Raigunn.

The beast is killed.

Torcan moderately cures Raigunn, and Verica lightly cures him.

Follow the path the ape-men fled, as Arsalion is about to step into the cavern
he sees 2 monkey boy sized lumps of grey ooze twitch once then stop.

Verg throws some ice darts at one. The lump continues slowly shrinking.

They hug the wall and make it past.

They come upon 2 more ape-man bodies. One looks as if the skin was eaten off its face
and torso. The other has similar problems along with a ochre blog on it, slowly pulsating.

Torcan asks Emmett if yellow jelly things burn

"Dunno, only one way to find out", he replies

A couple things of fire are thrown on it. It reacts a bit but seems focused on the
task at hand.

Once again the party hugs the wall as far away from the blog as possible and chooses the
exit heading "south" vs the one heading "north".

We pause here

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12/23/2022 9:05 pm  #98

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Ok, you got 3, one of them was short.

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12/24/2022 8:33 am  #99

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-11-03


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Jenn (Raigunn - berserker)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

## 576-12-24

As Kallisto moves through the tunnel she can start seeing
words written to the dead.

This leads to an intersection with writing all over the walls and ceiling. There is also "debris meant for the dead"

12 Stirges are happened upon. The are taken care of quickly without
any bloodsucking.

A cavern with an empty casket is found with the led off and leaning
against it. Emmett checks things out and finds nothing.

The very narrow tunnel is left to explore later.

Then 9 giant black centipedes. kalli gets bit and gets poisoned.

A cavern with some carrion is in it. Torcan decides to poke at the
dead bodies. This releases an awful odor. Kallisto pukes but Torcan
is able to hold it in.

The tunnel leads into an owlbear den. It must have been kinda weak
because kallisto and Asulfr kill it quickly. A piece of jewelry is
found in it's next.

Another tunnel leads to an T. To one side is a cavern with fire
beetles that seem ok to find their business.

The is home to a violet fungus. Emmett tosses greek fire on it
and hacks at it while it luckily misses him.

It is killed and the room searched for naught.

They go back to the narrow tunnel. It twists and turns until
a cavern with a door in one wall is found.

Torcan checks for traps finds none. There are no locks are hinges
on his side.

It doesn't budge when he tries to open it.

It is knocked off. It has a good thud.

Torcan tries to kick it in. The sound of wood cracking is heard.
It doesn't seem to be quite enough to clear whatever is keeping
the door from opening.

Kallisto gives is a kick and is able to splinter the wooden bar.

A room with smoothed stone walls and floor is on the other side.

There are stairs going down.

Torcan checks out the room. As he gets near the stairs a
disembodied voice says:

"Deeper and deeper searched, the more arcane the knowledge perched."

The party decides to hole up here to heal and recovery.

Then go down the stairs.

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12/25/2022 6:31 am  #100

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Big drumroll, nearly there!


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