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10/30/2022 5:46 am  #41

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Go, Go, Go!!!


10/30/2022 3:36 pm  #42

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-07-18

So the party decides to lean into the spirit of Bealltainn and
sell their lotus leaves.

On their walk about town after breakfast and to a place they
think might be a good place for dealing they spot a mad man
that folks in the area ( a few blocks away from the sleepy toad)
is being harassed by some street urchins.

They tell the party to f*** off but Emmett doesn't take to kindly
to that and intimidates them enough to get them to leave. The
urchins part with much verbal harassment...from a safe distance.

Ogan, the kimmeri-kelt mad man, goes back to talk to the trash,
rocks, etc. that are nearby.

Emmett asks Ogan if he is ok.

"f*** off man, you're bothering me"

Emmett persists and then Ogan goes off on a tear about how the
Spires of Khromarium aren't the work and creation of the
Hyperborean sorceror-kings. They didn't have the science or magic
to pull off those impossibly tall and spindly things. It was the
work of aliens. Ogan getting progessively wild eyed and manic as
he is telling the story. Eventually he gets distracted by a passing
bit of trash and goes off on it, incomprehensibly muttering in
common and the Goidelic dialect of Kimmerian.

Emmett is able to sell a smokey lotus (madness inducing) leaf for
9gp. He is also able to unload 20 leaves to a group for 115gp.

During this time Verica asks Kallisto if she wants to get fucked up.
"f*** yeah", she replies.

The group then goes back to the Eel. Verica, Emmett, Aldi, and Kallisto
start drinking and take some russett lotus. They immediately get
stoned out of their minds for the next 4 hours. Tor and Verg wisely
decide to be the care takers and just keep a buzz going.

Aldi goes on about wrestling a bear.

"You already did that" he is told. "I know. I want to wrestle *another* bear".

Emmett starts talking about and sketching a device that would levitate
or otherwise reduce the weight of an object.

Meanwhile, the Eel is hopping and they can hear the roar of the crowd
outside on the docks along with smelling the bonfires raging outside.

At the end of 4 hours all but Emmett are hungover as f***. They decide
to keep the party going.

They venture outside and see huge fires on the harbor. They are told
they are rafts constructed with huge bonfires. They aren't so sure
they just aren't ships that were torched for the heck of it.

As they go walking around a quartet of sailors walk by.

"Look at the giraffe and the pygmy" one of them slurs, looking
at Kallisto and Verica. Let it be noted that Kallisto is 6 feet tall
and Verica is 4 feet 5 inches. Kallisto has elbow/arm on Verica's
shoulder and Verica's eye level is at boob height.

Kallisto reacts very, very poorly to this. This leads to a brawl
with the sailor. He is able to land a solid punch on her. She
however is able to knock him out with her second punch.

The crowd is both elated and saddened at the course of the fight.

The sailor's buddies are alternately mocking him and trying to help them.

This fisticuffs cools the crowd slightly in terms of fights breaking

The party goes until way past midnight and the group returns to
their place at the Eel.

Kallisto and Verica end up in the same room.

### 576-07-19
Emmett is hating life the next day.

Kallisto is slightly better. Verica assists in the holding of what little
hair Kalli does have while Kallisto pukes. Verica is doing fine and
feels great.

Aldi is slightly better than Kalli.

Tor and Verg help with the care of the others and their hangovers.

The rest of the day is spent recovering.

### 576-07-20
The lotus dealing effort continues. This time it is decided to try
the nicer part of the ward, near the Garros Manor section.

On the way there 4 peasants run up, "you have to help us there
are monsters attacking our house".

They group feels charitable and decides to help.

When they get to the hovel they see 4 zombies look like they are
trying to break into the house.

Relatively quickly the group is able to dispose of them. Tor checks
the bodies out. He isn't sure how long they have been dead but
they are covered in the colored powders that folks have been throwing
on everyone as part of Bealltainn.

The area is searched for more zombie sign.

Four bodies are lying motionless in a nearby alley. Emmett is sent
to prod them with his halberd. As he does so the body exclaims,
"Ow motherfucker, let me be hungover in peace".

The other bodies also look to be revelers that are deeply hungover.

The peasants are grateful and all they can offer is owing the party
a debt of gratitude/favor since they are so poor.

Once the newly minted lotus dealers get to a "good" part of town
they start offering the goods.

Six rowdy people roll up.

"We hear you are holding lotus, brah. What do you got?"

Emmett lays out, "We got ragers, we got mellows, we got death"

"no brah we don't want death, not cool. We raged two nights ago
how about some mellow?"

"60 gp for 6"

"We'll take it"

Off the sextet goes, hollering and pelting each other with colored
powder as they chew of the lotus.

The group calls it a day since they are out of "good" drugs to sell.

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10/31/2022 8:11 am  #43

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-07-21
Emmett decides to take the day off and hangout in his lab/room/etc

The rest go see the sights of the last day of Bealltainn.

They are walking towards the east end of the ward, a little bit
before the bridge into the 4th Ward.

In the crowd Aldi, Verica, and Torcan spot a gait and shape that
seems familiar. While they haven't spent much time with him they
are reminded of Goat Boy.

There are 5 others walking with him. It is decided to follow them and
see what they can see.

Occasionally 2 of the group peel off and disappear into the crowd then
some time later they join back in and 2 other repeat the process. Torcan
and Verica recognize this is as a standard looking for tails procedures.
The huntsmen and purloiners are able to keep the scouts from noticing

Goat boy and the rest cross the bridge and walk towards the direction
of the temple of Rel the purloiners go to. The entourage goes into the
transition from the "temple area" to the Old Graveyards. This is a section
of Khromarium that has been long abandoned.

The pursued go into an overgrown area, disappearing into the dense vegetation.

Aldi climbs up a tree and sees the ruins of a manor or shrine or
something. Whatever it was it has what looks to be two guards towers. Much
of it is overgrown, crumbled, and in ruins. The courtyard he can
see is empty. There are some columns on the northside of it that are
holding up a beat up roofed area.

Aldi comes down and Verg goes back up, after some difficult and the aid
of Aldi.

Verica and Kallisto go clockwise around the crumbling area while Torcan
and Aldi move counter clockwise.

Many open areas in the outer walls are seen. A secondary courtyard with
a mostly intact tower is spotted by Aldi and Torcan. Kallisto and Verica
see a hole in an inner wall. They can't tell if someone can easily
get through it. It's deep in the shadows and gloom. More fallen walls
and crumbling stone are found as they meet up on the north side.

They decide a pincer attack is best. Kallisto, Aldi, and Verg from
the east side going into the courtyard on that side. Torcan and
Verica sneak in from the west and hopefully they can get through the
hole in the interior wall.

When they go back to share the plan with Verg, he informs them he
saw 2 people run from the southwestern tower. One of them had a bow.
They decide to stick with the plan.

As the trio get to the center of the eastern courtyard a bowman pops
up from the third tower, shooting at Kallisto. Verg runs for cover
and gets ice darts ready. Kallisto runs toward the door that can
be seen at the base of the tower. She gets shot at a few more times
but they miss. A women comes out of the western courtyard and is
around the corner from Kalli.

Aldi takes out the women as Kallisto runs up to the top of the tower. She gets an
arrow for her trouble. Meanwhile Aldi and Verg get in position
to enter the western courtyard. Kalli slices her attacker, his body falling
off the tower and landing next to the dead women.

Meanwhile the purloiners continue their approach. Tor is able to get
to the hole. It is just big enough that one could get through at
half movement. He also sees 4 folks in the covered area. Two of them have
long bows. He also sees some stairs going down.

As Aldi enters the courtyard he get shot at. He returns fire just
missing. Kallisto decides to jump off the tower, plummeting 20 feet.
She sticks the landing.

See the quartet attacking, Tor casts a Hold Person on 3 of them. Only
one of the archers is affected.

Aldi moves up and shoots the other archer in the face. Verg thows
an ice dart into the one enemy he can see. It spikes him in the eye
and kills him. Kalli charges into fray easily killing the last

The held archer is trussed up and questioned.

He gives up what he knows. He's just a sellsword hired to keep people
away and from going down the stairs. He's just day shift and doesn't
see much of the person that hired him. Along with the leader are
his five bodyguards or whatever. Recently 2 others have gone down
the stairs.

The party gives him 2gp and tells him to get lost. He makes a hasty


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11/01/2022 8:33 am  #44

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-07-21

(Since Mark is here, Emmett is chump gated in)

As the group is deciding on a plan Emmett goes down the stairs.

He finds foot deep, murky water. He investigates while Verica
attempts to walk quietly and in shadows behind him. That goes well until she steps in the water.

As Emmett wades around the northern most pillar jumps out from around it trying to scare whoever is following him.

Some cursory exploration reveals some steps coming out of the south end of the hallway. Emmett and Verica go back up the stairs and inform folks.

It is then decided to go in together and explore.

Torcan, Aldi, and Kallisto investigate the eastern steps in the south end of the hallway. Torcan doesn't find any locks or traps on the door and opens it. He gets attacked.

Torcan retreats and lets Aldi/Kallisto fight the mook.

As Torcan moves towards the western steps a spear is thrown in his back from that side. Verg throws an ice dart at the attacker. The attacker moved out of the line of light and sight.

The attacker from the east is take care of and then those to the west.

Torcan finds a small altar in a room. He finds a small, secret cache in it. He finds some ivory idols of Yoon'Deh.

The hallway up the western stairs are further explored. Several intersections can be seen and a possible room at the edge of the lantern light.

The first hallway on the right is searched. A door is found and opened without incident. A boot is sticking up from under what looks to be a collapsed roof. Torcan pulls the boot and only finds some foot bones inside.

The next hallway, on the left, is checked. Some corroded metal bars are found.

At the fourway intersection the party is jumped by several mooks. Kallisto is able to make very short work of them. Two are clad in plate mail. That along with the chain mail worn by most of the rest is stripped and sold for loot.

The hallway to the north is searched. A door at the end is found, checked, and entered.

Behind the door is a hexagonal room. Each corner has a plinth and an idol of Thaumogorga on it.

Checking the room a concealed door is found. A narrow hallway is found behind it. The party goes along it until it ends in some room/building/shed. They exit it and see no sign of anyone.

They go back to the hexagonal room and explore more.

The find a room with a small exit in the east wall. Verica looks in, sees an old
pick and takes it. Out of habit mostly.

A few other rooms are found. One that looked to be where some folks ate and slept.

A portrait with a man that has a serpentine daemon wrapped about his shoulders.

Another room that has 2 reliefs of Thaumagorga in it.

An alcove with faded banners depicting fanciful demons on them.

Three defaced statues made unrecognizable by mutilation. There is rubble where a fourth would be.

A room with some pillars and water seeping into a pool.


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11/02/2022 7:57 am  #45

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

  not present

    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

### 576-07-22
Torcan successfully learns Silence from a prayer book

Emmett makes more fire

### 576-08-02
Check out a couple mook markets

First one...Emmett gets into an argument that leads to 6 mooks
killed...1 by fire

The other market they find out that one of the mooks was
hired by a 6'8" Hyperborean about 8? days before Bealltainn

### 576-08-03
Back into the area under the crematorium they go.

To map things out for Tull.

There are some dead end hall ways that are explored and Torcan
happens to find a deadfall trap (stone in the ceiling) at the
end of one.

The hallway sloping down is explored next.

Starting at the end of the slope the walls are covered in ancient
Hyperborean writing. Emmett is able to parse things out and determine
that they are prayers for the dead and for their protection in the
afterlife. Emmett thinks they probably are older than the Green Death
by a century.

The hallway is followed to a four way intersection. Two of the
hallways are only followed for a short distance. The last
if followed a long, long ways until it ends in a door.

Torcan does not find any traps but can't unlock it.

Emmett easily picks it.

Kallisto enters the room and is able to avoid a swipe from a sword.

The person is able to hold his own with Kallisto until he can't and
then runs away through another door in the room.

Torcan checks that door for traps and Kallisto then kicks it open.
She gets a trident for her trouble.

The trident wielder beats up kallisto until she has to swap out
with Aldi. Aldi also gets beat up. Arsalion is able to get a shocking
grasp in via a spectral hand in and assists in killing her.

The other assailant is nowhere to be found.

They were in a much larger room than the other one.

The large room has several bags and coffers. They are looted
along with the dead body.

The party gets a trident and studded armor along with a total of 4,000cp
and 500gp.

The other room has a crate and 2 stone containers.

Verg opens one of the containers and is enveloped with a cloud of
gas. He is able to avoid inhaling it but he does feel a little
drowsy with the tiny bit he did breathe in.

Emmett bashes the crate with his halberd. A 15 foot python emerges
from the wreckage and attacks him.

Emmett, Verg, and Torcan are able to kill the python.

Emmett uses his halberd to lift the lid off of the final stone container
but after failing he pushes it over. The cloud of gas doesn't reach
him nor anyone else in the room.

1,000gp are recovered from the broken crate along with a total of 400pp
in the stone containers.

The party decides it is best to head back to the Eel with the loot they
have an prepare and rest for another day.

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11/03/2022 2:28 pm  #46

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)


  * Emmett 1,100xp
  * Kallisto 1,100xp
  * Everyone else but Kallisto 1,000xp

Loot: 600gp

### 576-08-04
spend the day recovering

Aldi and Torcan go shopping, Emmett and Verg go along to watch.

Emmett and Verg take some walking beers. Emmett takes his mass
cancellation disk and attaches it to a serving tray. They pull
it behind them.

The group goes into the shop of Xáatl Yéil.

Torcan recommends browns and greens

80gp, ready in 2 weeks to get 3 outfits and a silk hooded cloak

Now go to fancy weaponsmiths.

Gijook Yéil Fine Weapons (Xáatl's twin brother)

Kallisto buys a silvered sword for 500gp

He recommends Ulva the bowyer in Ward 6.

There are 2 great bows (both long bows). Aldi is only able to pull
back one of them. He buys it for 240gp and trades in his old one
for 30gp.

Everyone goes back to the Eel, grabs some hooch, and talk things over.

They ask Kallisto how she came to be in the prison under the crack house.

She had recently come to Khromarium and was still living in the docks
area by the Eel. Walking back to the inn she was staying after a night
of drinking she was only in a dark alley. A man approached her, said
something and she was frozen/paralyzed. Then she was blindfolded and
a hood thrown over her head.

She then found herself in the cell. There were 7 other people in there.
She was already in a drugged state. They must have feed her or made
her inhale lotus.

Some of the other prisons were taken away and never came back.

Kallisto wasn't really with it enough to hear or remember any names.

Then the party found her and that's about it.

The party goes to the crack house to check things out.

They roust a drugged up dude. They think the dealer's name is Varr.

"Tell Varr Toonces was looking for him, wanting to make a deal"

Go back and rest up.

### 576-08-05

Torcan gives a little healing to Kallisto

There is talk of visiting the magic bazaar in Ward ???


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11/05/2022 11:56 am  #47

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-10-07


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

### 576-08-05

Back mapping under the crematorium.

The long hall continues until it gets to a room. There is an exit
to the exit (no door). Otherwise the room is bare and clean.

The exit leads to a 4 way intersection. To the north and west are

The door to the west is checked first. Tor doesn't find any traps.
During his inspection he notes the door is nicely made out of a dark wood.
Inset in silver are the phases of the moon in a circle.

Torcan jams a dagger into the door and the eastern hall is checked out.

To the east it goes a bit, turns south, and then turns a bit

It is decided to go back to the western door.

The door opens under stone galleries. These are 20 feet above the floor
and are supported by columns 2 feet in diameter. These are spaced 10
feet apart.

On the ceiling of the galleries are 1 foot diameter globs. Looking
down the gallery notice they look to be lit like the phases of the

At the far end of the room is a 30 foot tall statue of a voluptuous,
naked woman with glowing blue skin, yellow hair, and white eyes.

Her outstreteched arms are raised above her head beckoning onlookers
and welcomes their praise. There are 2 globes above each hand. That
are in full moon phase. These globes are 4 feet in diameter.

From the group's vantage point it looks like she is holding them up.

As everyone enters the room, standing at the south end of the room
you see more of the 4 foot diameter globes. They are also lit to
look like the phases of the moon. Those globes appear to be
floating in mid air without any supports.

Everything looks to be carved out of the stone itself. No seams can be

Verg and Tor go the north end of room, under the galleries, and just before
the climb the stairs a complete silence envelopes them. Verg and can
see a robed figure in the gallery in the southwest corner.

Verg runs up the western stairs and down the western gallery. As he
gets to that level he sees another figure next to the robed figure.
Another at the south end, and 2 more on the eastern gallery.

The dude in banded shoots 2 arrows into Verg rendering him unconscious.
Torcan runs up the stairs.

Aldi and Kallisto step into the center of the room and shoot arrows
at the 2 figures in the southwest corner of the gallery. They are
eventually felled. Meanwhile, the second figure on the eastern gallery
runs to the west and drops out of sight next to the robed figure,
presumably on the floor of the gallery.

The figure in banded shoots Tor with some arrows.

Kallisto runs up the stairs to the eastern gallery as Torcan charges
the dude that shot him. He lands a good blow but it doesn't
seem to bother the dude.

Emmett decides to try and throw some fire on the dude. It falls short
at to the right. It explodes in a fiery mess against the railing
and the flames rain down but not onto Emmett.

The dude is able to render Tor unconscious. He then charges Kallisto.
The both trade vicious blows but aren't able to knock each other down.

Kallisto is able to kill the dude.

All the while the figure to the south slings stones at whomever
he can. Eventually he is killed by arrows.

Kalli runs around and takes the cowering figure hostage. Everyone that
can loots the bodies and then brings Verg and Tor to consciousness.

The prisoner is interrogated.

He says they were defending the Temple of Lunaqqua from intruders (the

"You jammed the door close so it was obvious you weren't
here to worship Great and Divine Lunaqqua"

"You killed all of my friends I don't know of anyone else"

He is asked to show them the way to the quickest exist.

The leads them back the way they came, but not up the sloping hallway.
Instead it's through 2 rooms near the sloped hallway, a short distance
past a T intersection to some stairs spiraling up.

At the top they get to a narrow alcove that everyone has to shuffle
sideways to get past the stairs.

He pushes a place on the wall and it pivots.

They party finds itself in the southeastern columbarium of the
grand crematorium.

"I've shown you the quickest way out. Can I go now?"

Verg weakly, but menacingly says, "10...9..."

By 8 the prisoner realizes what is happening and runs off.

The party limps back to the Eel and heals.

### 576-08-06
heal up

### 576-08-07
heal up some more

determine the armor is +1 banded

It was decided by those present to have Kallisto take the
+1 banded since it is slightly better.

The +1 laminated is currently unclaimed. There are several
good reasons to have either Aldi, Arsilon, or Emmett use it.

### 576-08-08
Verg spends the day recovering

Will decide what to do on this day.

Verica gets back from training on 576-08-15


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11/06/2022 9:41 pm  #48

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-10-28


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

### 576-08-08

Verg spends the day recovering

Will decide what to do on this day.

Verica gets back from training on 576-08-15

Decided to let Verg rest and go do some further

On the way there part of a work gang starting their day doing
some dock repairs gives Aldsvider some grief about not being a
city boy. A little threatening demeanor gets them to back down,
"Hey, we were just busting your balls while we are getting ready for our day"

The rest of the walk goes by without incident. Until they go down into the
tunnels. There they meet a gelatinous cube. It is dispatched without too much
damage to the part. Two gems are recovered from the ooze.

While in the area they check out a room with a chest and empty shelf above it.

Torcan checks it out but misses the trap shooting darts. He is able to avoid
some of the damage.

A trap door under the chest is tripped. Torcan and Emmett are caught by it. The
group helps them out.

Down a different part of the four way intersection leads to a door. Painted in
white on the door is "Do Not Enter". It is also spiked close. Some are even

Emmett takes out the spikes and opens the door. Inside are 6 ghouls. Emmett is able
to retreat back to the intersection where they can be taken care of.

During this Aldsvider gets paralyzed and Torcan uses him as a literal meat
shield as the ghouls keep attacking him for his tasty flesh. Torcan has to cure
him a bit to keep things going.

Inside the ghoul room is found:

8 gems
4 scrolls
  * Map of the works under the grand crematorium with notes about traps
  and secret doors
  * Magician spells
  * cleric of Yig spells
  * a protection scroll

The room with the dart trapped chest had 2,000cp in jars.

Further exploration finds a door to the sewers. The sewer side is concealed.

One of the last rooms explored is a circular room. The entire floor of the
room is a trap door. It gets triggered when Aldi, Torcan, and Emmett enter.

They are able to take down the ghast also trapped in it.

Among the bones and debris is found:

15 gems
9 pieces of jewelry
5 potions

The map given to Tull is updated with the information found on the map
that was found.

The party gets back to the Eel and decides what to do from there. Although
Verica and Torcan will go to Tull with the map and get paid.


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11/07/2022 8:40 am  #49

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-11-04


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

Verica -> 4th
  hp roll 5
Torcan -> 4th
  returns 9-10
  hp roll 3
  Learns: Aid, Speak with Animals
Emmett -> 5th
  returns 9-16
  hp roll 4

### 576-08-09

Tor takes the map to Tull

### 576-08-15

Verica finishes training and learns Silence

### 576-09-13

Torcan finishes training and learning Precipitate

### 576-09-16

Emmett finishes training

In the interim Verg identifies:

+1 banded

 - climbing
 - water breathing
 - diminutiveness
 - elixir longevity
 - healing

Decide to go to Ward 3 and the magic bazaar there.

There is 300gp cover charge per person

Going in are:


Selling +1 laminated

Aldi looking for magic light armor
Torcan looking for magical sword and maybe bracers

For 1,300gp and the +1 laminated they buy leather +3 for Aldi.

Torcan finds some very nice bracers but kind of insults the
seller and gets asked to leave his stall.

Torcan does find a +2 broadsword that he buys for 5,500gp


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11/08/2022 3:37 pm  #50

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-11-11


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-09-17

Through the Adventurers Guild Bar and Grill as well as folks
you know Stonebrook is asking for help dealing with increased
attack from an undead horde

Group decides to go to Stonebrook. Rent a cabin for 40gp

### 576-09-18

Get to stonebrook

Get into town, talk to Kenaz.

Emmett stays and talks to Kenaz. Kallisto and Verica hangs out
and watch Emmett and Kenaz talk. The rest talk to Seamus.

Rough agreement with Xonn
 * 100 gp/party member up front
 * 200 gp/party member upon return
 * 5-6 months later being attack free
   * Real Estate
     * negotiable
       * ocean front
       * near snob row
   * key to the city type of thing

### 576-09-19

Head out of town to glowing zombie area

get to peat cutter camp

### 576-09-20

Get to mark 2 on map

### 576-09-21

Get to mark 3 on map

### 576-09-22

At noon they come across 15 aurochs. They are given a wide

At midnight

Get to mark 4 on map

### 576-09-23

Should have got to mark 5 (zombie pit) but come upon
a pine forest.

### 576-09-23

In the morning a herd of 8 boars attacks. They are taken
care of with Kallisto and Asulfr getting wounded.

A hearty pork breakfast is had.

At the end of this day a path is reached. Aldi does recall
that about this time of the journey a path is reached. The
landmarks are wrong. A grove of deciduous trees should be
on the west side of the trail to the northwest.

Instead there is a grove on the east side of the trail to the

It is decided to camp in the forest for the night


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11/09/2022 8:44 am  #51

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-11-18


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-09-23

Around midnight a pack of wolve attacks the group.

A notable event during the encounter is Kallisto tripping on
the corpse of a wolf she killed and falling down on the way to
attack a wolf attacking Verica.

Aldi tries to subdue a wolf but ultimately the wolf is found
to be untamable.

The wolf corpses are left.

### 576-09-24

Aldi decides to travel south on the trail for a day.
The party camps and nothing eventful happens.

### 576-09-25

Go back north.

Arriving back at the old camp everyone asks the druid
what they should do with the rotting wolf corpses, "burn
them" he says.

So they are dragged about a quarter mile away and a pyre is

That evening a slightly larger pack attack. Verg gets bitten
into unconsciousness.

Aldi tries to subdue a wolf but ultimately the wolf is found
to be untamable.

### 576-09-26

After another days' travel Verg and Aldi finally recognize the

### 576-09-27

Get to the rise where they can look down on the undead rave
going on.

Verg is able to recall that the horde was bigger the first time
they (him and Aldi) were there.


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11/11/2022 8:47 am  #52

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-12-02


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

### 576-09-27

Get to the rise where they can look down on the undead rave
going on.

The vortex of undead is watched for several hours with the
spyglass. At the end Verg sees a figure at the edge of large
copse of trees. After a moment a zombie walks from behind him
and towards the mosh pit.

The zombie goes in and eventually comes back out. Six other
zombies follow behind it. The figure waits a bit as the
pack approaches. Then it heads north. Before it disappears
in the vegetation it looks back at the 7 zombies.

Everyone decides to take a long path around to follow the
person and zombies. It is trivial for Aldi to follow the trail
of the zombies.

During first watch 2 black bears attack. During the skirmish
Emmett sets the one trying to maul him ablaze with greek fire.
Eventually it is killed.

Aldi attempts to subdue the other bear but it escapes him.

### 576-09-28

The tracks are followed. They evolve into a more defined trail
that most anyone in the party could follow.

The drier plain of the Lug gets hillier as they continue north.
In the distance a structure is seen a top a hill.

The spyglass shows some figures atop towers at the corner of it.
A low wall is in front of it. Several figures seem to be walking
outside of the wall.

It is decided to get closer and see what can be found.

Getting within 100 meters it looks like the place has seen better
days. Vegetation looks like it has grown unchecked for decades.

As they approach they do notice a figure on the right tower disappear.
Soon after additional people are see at the top of the towers. Each
tower has an archer and one other person.

Two zombies come walking around the left hand side of the wall.

When the group gets close enough to talk to the folks in the towers.

The party expresses concern of the safety of the person they were
tracking. The tower people are generally smug looking. After
some conversation a trio of skeletons round the corner and notice
the party. Torcan is able to turn them.

Further discussion if fruitless so the group heads back to the hoedown.

### 576-10-01

About noon a pack of 14 wolves attacks the party.

After some effort they are driven off, only after 10 are slain.


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11/12/2022 10:35 am  #53

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-12-09


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

### 576-10-02

During Torcan's and Kallisto's watch Torcan hears some rustling
but doesn't see anything. He alerts Kalli.

A few minutes later 2 zombies shuffle into the edge of the fire
light to the west. Arrows and a bullet speed into them but
aren't quite enough to take them down. An alarm is raised
to awaken everyone.

As the zombies are finished off 4 skeletons are heard clacking
into the fire light to the east.

Kallisto charges and demolishes one as does the rest.

As the skeletons are mostly finished off 2 ghouls and a ghast
come from the south.

Verg gives the killing blow to one of the ghouls with an ice
dart. The surviving undead charge Torcan and Verica.

Torcan is able to take care of the second ghoul. The foul
stench of death of the ghast causes Verica to lose her lunch.
Emmett remains steady and splits it dead with his halberd.

It is decided that the attack seemed to coordinated and probably
the responsibility of the people at the abbey.

### 576-10-03

Get back to abbey.

From a hilltop the abbey is observed. The watch is split so that
2 folks are on the hill top watching the abbey and 2 folks are
keeping watch by the fire down the hill.

### 576-10-04

Aldi and Torcan spend the day checking out the abbey in a very
long circle around it.

It is determined there were 16-20 unique guards on the towers during
the 6 shift changes.

An additional 8-10 folks were seen leaving the abbey and working
around the grounds.

Collectively the group thinks this isn't a place built for siege
but to handle life in the Lug. So it's not likely to have a secret

pause the session here while the party is encouraged to come
up with what to do without the DM hearing.


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11/13/2022 10:16 am  #54

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2021-12-16


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

  not present

    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

### 576-10-05

Shooting for 2am for the caper.

Emmett and Ars set up near the southwest corner. The rest kind of
off the northeast corner.

The distracting duo run for the wall. The try to jump over the
wall and both fail, sort of. Emmet falls on the outside but Ars
falls to the inside.

As Emmett gets up a pair of zombies shuffle up, one is able to bite
him before he gets over the wall. In the meantime Ars crawls towards
a crude shed nearby. Eventually the duo make it to the shed. Emmett
hands off all but 1 of his greek fire. Ars runs to the wall and
Emmett towards a shed to the north. This finally catches the attention
of someone on the tower. Only Verg can hear the distant cry.

Emmett breaks into his shed and Ars uses Emmett's anti-mass device
to easily climb up the wall and gets a few arrows for his trouble.

By this time an alarm is finally raised. Emmett sets fire to his shed
and runs towards the tower. Ars drops fire at the feet and the
archer that has been peppering him, all the while avoiding a hail
of arrows. He does shocking grasp the other guard in the tower to death.

At the northeast side of things, Tor and Verica fall during their
attempts to climb the tower. Aldi is able to succeed over them.
Verg distracts the non-archer guard with ice darts. The enables
Aldi to push the archer to his death and then kill the distracted
guard. He drops a rope down along with Torcan who gets to the top
of the tower as well. Verica falls again before the ropes are

Emmett climbs up the rope that Ars lowers. Also amid more arrow

Emmett and Arsalian descend down their tower, at ground level they
run into a half naked man wielding the biggest axe either of them
has ever seen. They do however kill him with rapidity. Soon
after however a women enters the room and commands Arsalian to sleep.
After that a guard steps up to attack Emmett but his fellow archer
shoots him in the back and kills him. Emmett moves to the side
of the door waiting for someone to enter. The guards decide not
to oblige him.

Meanwhile, the gang of six run down the tower. Aldi runs into a guard
and kills him and another archer is killed.

At the base of their tower is a door to the south. Torcan goes through
it and sees 2 women and a man. He disregards the women and cast Hold
Person in an area of affect way. The red headed women and man are
Held. The other women cackles maniacally at this.

The rest of the gang enters the room. Everyone ignores the red head.
Verg and Kallisto don't ignore the other women, in red robes.

Kallisto takes some good hits on her.

Just as a another woman enters the room she Commands Kallisto to sleep
and the room goes dark for the party.


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11/14/2022 10:42 am  #55

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-01-06


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-05

Picking up right after Kallisto is Commanded to sleep and the
room goes dark.

Torcan casts Light and removes the Darkness. Doors are heard
opening and closing along with shouts of "Alarm" and "To me".

Ars wakes up a bit and gets an arrow for his troubles. Emmett
is able to get him pulled to safety.

The group explores rooms. Aldi gets and arrow in the face but
the archer and his friend get dead.

Doors are opened to a large room and a ghast and 2 ghouls are seen
along with the lady in scale armor and some mooks. The booming
voice of "She-Verg (as the group is calling her)" says "Stop this nonsense and yield". Which
no one does.

The ghast charges Kali and several of the group are nauseated by
it before it is killed easily after it trips and falls to the floor.
Verg tosses a few ice darts during the missile attack into the room.

The ghouls also go into the anteroom the large group of folks are.

Meanwhile, Asulfr sends a Flaming Sphere rolling around in the
room and closing the door.

Emmett and Ars find the group and then explore through some
rooms hoping to flank "She-Verg" and her mooks. Torcan thinks
the same as he prepares to go through the door Asulfr closed.

Before they do that most of the large room is engulfed in Darkness.

As Torcan walks past the door into the room he is hit with a blast
of cold which he is able to survive.

The group decides to go through the door that Emmett and Verg
are at. Kallisto goes through the door and attacks a mook. Before
she does a gout of fire surrounds her. She is able to survive that
and kill the mook.

The battle goes badly for "She-Verg" so she yields. She is promised
they won't be harmed if they cure Emmett of his zombie bite. She
agrees. However, they question her before allowing her to leave.

She says the undead around the place are her pets. The glowing rock
was part of the bigger glowing thing at the undead hoe-down.

Verg picks up the rock but after a bit it weirds him out and he drops

She-Verg is asked about it and says that she does think any of the party
could handle it. Arsalian walks up, picks it up, and there is a certain
glow and smile on his face.

They let them go with some food and water but not their prayer books.

As they leave the compound She-Verg brings along all of the nearest
zombies (5 of them) and they walk down the path.

The group makes sure the dead won't rise, loot the bodies, and generally
assess the place.

The further exploration will happen next session.


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11/15/2022 10:09 am  #56

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-01-13


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-05

Continue corpse clean up and looting efforts

The group searches the ground floor for any other folks and loot.

It's all mundane stuff but 3 prayer books are found. Obviously
belonging to devotees of Thaumagorga.

The dead bodies are beheaded, stripped of stuff that won't burn
and tossed on the burning tool shed.

This task runs well past dawn.

Shortly after dawn a group of 3 people come around the front
corner of the abbey with surprised looks on their faces.

They run back around the corner when the party notices them.

Verg, Aldi, and Torcan give chase shortly thereafter. They
go in through the front door and into the foyer.

The hear many voices talking animatedly in the temple area.

The party then loudly tells them to get out or die.

The voices go quiet.

Verg sneaks around to the left entrance to the temple area. Torcan
to the right.

The group of people ask what the party is doing in their temple?

Where is Priestess Euphemia?

Why did they kill their friends?

Party says they attacked the people sending the undead against
Stonebrook, and they spared the priest's life in exchange
for curing a friend bitten by a zombie.

What do you mean sending the undead? We worship here and
why would Mistress Euphemia do such a thing?

After a little bit more back and forth and the trio fully enter
the room the six unarmored and as near as can be seen, unarmed,
folks rush Verg, Aldi, and Torcan.

Verg is knocked to the ground. Aldi kills the two that charged
him. Torcan takes care of one of his attackers.

In the meanwhile, Kali moves through the rooms leading to Torcan's
side. Emmett and Arsalian towards Verg's. Verica and Asulfr stay
in the foyer.

A parishioner pulls a knife (maybe a steak knife looking thing) and
says "I will kill your friend, leave us"

Arsalian steps up and tries to kill the sunday school teacher that
has Verg. Instead he stabs Verg.

Aldi moves around and takes shots at the pile of people around
Verg. One of his arrows hits Verg.

Meanwhile Torcan's attackers are dispatched.

More folks stream into the room with Emmett and Arsalian.

Eventually all of the cultists are killed.

It is thought best to explore the lower level the came up from.

Closets and storage are found.

A small temple with a small statue of Thaumagorga is found. Torcan
takes his flail to it and is able to knock it's head off.

Sleeping, eating, and training areas are found.

After tossing the bodies of the cultists on the pyre the group
holes up in the southwest tower. Emmett and Arsalian guarding the
bottom level. Verg, Verica, Asulfr, and Torcan rest up in the

Aldi and Kallisto maintain watch at the top.

The night passes by uneventfully.

### 576-10-06

Everyone gets some healing. Torcan gives a little healing
to Arsalian but holds some back until Ars proves that using
the rock doesn't make him more evil.

Ars is a bit miffed by that.

We walks to the wall with closest bunch of undead. It is noted
that they aren't as disciplined with their marching around the walls
as they were the day before.

Regardless, Ars takes control 2 skeletons and 1 zombie. The other
zombie of the group folks the undead trio.

After some discussion it is decided to head back to the undead
hoedown and the rock there. It was briefly pondered to trek
across the Lug to the bend in the river shown on a map that was
found some time ago.


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11/16/2022 9:06 am  #57

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-01-20


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-06

Kallisto mentions that this might not have been Euphemia's.

The large room in the abbey is checked again. The symbol of
Thaumagarga is painted on the wall in what looks to be dried

Tor and Verica note that window at the top of the wall looks like
a symbol for Helios. It was "painted" over in blood so it
wasn't easily "seen" to be a window.

Now the group heads south. Ars' 2 zombies and 1 skeleton tag along.

Around noon 4 zombies are met.

Aldi and Kallisto kill 2.

Then Kallisto and Tor kill another.

Aldi trips/slips in the mud and falls down. Asulfr has a shooting accident
with his "new to him" long bow. Kallisto is distracted by Asulfr's yip of pain.

After a few more hilarious misses by Tor and Verg the last zombie is killed.

The path is taken until the party is about 2 hours (a few miles) from
the undead rave. Aldi finds a spot that is far enough of the path
that a small (torch light sized) fire can't be easily seen.

The night goes peacefully until third watch, Verica and Arsalion. That
is when 2 ghasts and a ghoul attack from the east and another set
of 2 ghasts and a ghoul from the west.

Verica and Ars raise the alarm but to little effect. All but Emmett,
Verica, and Verg succumb to the stench of the ghasts. The first
wave of attacks leaves all but Emmett, Aldi, and Kallisto paralyzed.

As a ghast and ghoul go down only Kallisto is left unparalyzed. A ghoul
starts dragging Torcan to the west, a ghast drags Emmett to the
northeast, and another ghast is dragging Asulfr to the east.

Kali has a hard choice but charges the ghast draggin Ars away. It looked
the most damaged and being a ghast it was more dangerous. She strikes
it down. The ghast dragging Emmett sees his possible fate and drops
him and runs away.

Meanwhile Tor is drug further and further away.

After 80 or so minutes everyone is able to move again. They start
racing towards Torcan. The path is easy. Verica, Aldi, and Verg struggle
to keep the pace. However, the ghoul is run down and Kalli puts and arrow
through its head.

The crew goes back to the encampment and plan their revenge on

### 576-10-07

While the night isn't restful to recover and healing there was
enough rest to renew spells.


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11/17/2022 10:38 am  #58

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-01-27

    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-07

While the night isn't restful to recover and healing there was
enough rest to renew spells.

It is decided to chase down the ghast and maybe run into Mistress Euphemia.

Aldi easily follows the trail east-ish. It leads to the path they've
crossed before. It dawns on everyone that the "trail" is actually
the road to Swampgate. (DM fucked up a bit here about this detail as

They catch up to the ghast. All the archer types let fly. Arsalian's
bolt does a particularly good amount of damage. The ghast stumbles
a bit from its wounds but keeps running north along the road to
swamp gate.

The is killed and the party stumbles into the hostel they know is
just north of them.

### 576-10-08

The plan is to head to Swampgate and ask about Mistress Euphemia
and her sidekick (Viking looking lady).


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11/17/2022 10:43 am  #59

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-02-03


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-08

The plan is to head to Swampgate and ask about Mistress Euphemia
and her sidekick (Viking looking lady).

### 576-10-10

Get to Swampgate uneventfully

### 576-10-11

Go around town and do stuff.

### 576-10-12

Ask the town guard about Euphemia

Kill time until Saturn Day

### 576-10-13

At the Inn a couple of folks that came from Khromarium thinks
they saw her outside Khromarium on their way up to Swampgate.

Virssuccios and Dunn aren't really more helpful than that.

### 576-10-14

Verica et al talk with folks at the Saturn Day market.

Ullsteinn noticed 2 ladies heading south matching Eupemia's
and minion's descriptions. Moving kinda fast south.

Kill 4 boar on the way to the hostel

### 576-10-15

The journey to the next hostel (B) on the map is ok.

### 576-10-16

The journey to the next hostel (C) on the map is ok.

### 576-10-17

Get back to Khromarium without incident


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11/17/2022 10:50 am  #60

Re: Hyperborea.pm

## 2022-02-10


    - Shawn(Asulfr - druid)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick (Verg - cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (arsalian-death-lord)

### 576-10-17

Get back to Khromarium without incident

### 576-10-18

Tor goes to Ulva the bowyer in ward 6.

Kallisto goes and trains for 5 days to level up to 5th

Decide to go to the crack house and check out the caves
and temple

The get to the iron lady and Emmett kills the chicken that was
purchased and throws its blood on the cupped palm of the outstretched
hand of the statue.

Then everyone goes through a secret door to the west. It leads to a hall that goes down.

This goes to a space with 2 arches. The floor is made of human skulls, mortared together to form a cobbled floor.

The stone walls are 12 foot high and arch to a 16 foot ceiling. A thick
coating of dust and grime layers on the skull cobbles. There are footprints
tracking through it.

To the west side of the hallway are several arches into what was once a
tomb. Four smashed and desecrated coffins are in them. Broken skulls and
shattered bones litter the floor. Four rusty scimitars and four dented,
corroded shields are amid the clutter.

The hall enters into a large room. The cold hall has a 26 foot high ceiling
supported by massive bones. They are black as pitch and came from some
giant creature. Maybe leviathan from the depths of the Hyperborean Sea.

The stone block walls are black gneiss and the floor is the cobbled skulls. There are twelve cressets on the left and right walls, six per side.

The far, north wall has a large, riveted brass door. It is set in a gothic
arch 16 feet tall.

Aldi pulls the door open with a burst of strength.

The gigantic door opens into what can only be a tomb.

The interior is dominated by a large, rectangular sarcophagus. It is
embellished with Hyperborean Esoteric pictographs.

Emmett comes up and deciphers it for the group:


While everyone is discussing what to do Emmett sets his feet into
a wide stance, squats down, gets his hands set under the lid of
the sarcophagus, and just as he prepares to lift it Torcan attempts
to pull him away. Torcan fails but it is enough to give Emmett pause.

"Can't you see I'm working here?" he says to Torcan.

"How about we hold off and come back with some fire and you can
burn it properly?", offers Torcan.

"But...Shaziromir Vheez...Mistress of Daemons" counters Emmett.

Torcan further pleads his case to wait until Emmett can get some greek
fire and do things up properly. Emmett seems agreeable to this course
of action.

The sepulchre area is checked out and nothing more interesting is found.

They follow the hallway that leads to the other archway. It also has
a tomb to one side with four demolished and desecrated coffins with
4 rusty scimitars and 4 old shields.

Stairs going up lead by the room with the bronze bull in it. There is a
fire smoldering under it.

They press forward to a locked door. No one is able to pick it so Tor
kicks it in.

The western end of the room has hooked chains dangling from each of the
five triangular alcoves. Underneath each hook is a sluice sloping
down into an engraving in the floor of a malefic horned helmet set
inside a 10 foot diameter circle.

There is a naked man dangling from one of the hooked chains. Tor
goes up and notices he is still breathing. Tor and Aldi get him down
and Tor cast a cure light wounds on him.

It's just enough for the person to regain consciousness and say,
"Thank Rel", and perks up a bit.

The investigate the cell area and find 2 more people and rescue them.

It is decided to go check out the area that had bedrooms. The first
room they check has a locked door, but Torcan fixes that.

Aldi goes in and gets sucker-stabbed. Aldi is able to quickly get his
revenge but not before he can raise an alarm.

Torcan, Aldi, and Ars try to sprint to the concealed entrance but as they
turn a corner Aldi is Commanded to die. Aldi does not make his save and
falls "dead". Another cleric comes around another corner and attempts to
Command to Arsalian to sleep, but fails.

Next cleric casts a spell while Torcan and Arsalian make quick work
of the other cleric. Verg tries to ice dart the remaining cleric but
misses. Emmett tries to shoot him but hits Torcan instead. Verica
tries to Hold them but also fails.

Then goat boy steps out from a door way and Holds Verica and Emmett.

The cleric attempts to run to goat boy but some folks are able to
notice him and get attacks as he runs by. The cleric falls dead.

Goat boy gets fired upon by many folks. Verg makes a great slide
to see him but his flurry of ice darts miss him.

He eventually quaffs a potion and disappears in a transparent cloud.

The bodies are looted, Aldi awakens, Verica and Emmett are carried
out of the place while the 2 ex-prisoners and 1 hanging sacrifice

The return to the 'Eel is uneventful.

The dude that was on the hooks introduces himself as Ranzell. Verica
and Tor recognize him from church.

Pai Gunnos offers his sword in service for 6 months, just requiring
room and board as repayment for being saved.

Sit' Gooch is a tanner and offers to make/give them any leather good
they request.

Most of the party saw goat boy's face.

We pause here.

### 576-10-23

Kallisto done with training


What? Me worry?
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