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10/10/2022 9:20 am  #21

Re: Hyperborea.pm

When they presented the fake lamia's heart to Tull I got to use my full, pissed off, and angry voice.

The reaction on everyone's face was priceless, even though we were all on discord video.

The purloiners really felt bad about messing up so so hard.

They later realized that they should have used their time to tie up "Lady Garros".

Torcan came very close to being assassinated by her too since they messed around too much at the door. Giving her time to get set.

Their second heist is a hoot as well, but that's a bit later.

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10/12/2022 7:11 am  #22

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

  not present

    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker)

### 576-03-13
it is decided to go to the Adventurers Guild bar and grill to
see that jobs are there:
  * Vul Kovtu has an out of town job
  * rumor of some fun to be had in an abandonded mansion

They take the out of town job

4 day walk to swampgate get there day 18

### 576-03-18
When the group gets to the gates of Swampgate they are asked about their
business in town. They are directed to the town council building.

The directions lead them to  what is actually a leatherworker's shop. He
says it's actually next door. He also inquires if anyone needs a belt, some
leather armor, or any leather repaired.

Xarazir knocks on the town council doors. After an uncomfortable amount
of time a tall, willowy man in his mid-50s, with curly black hair and blue eyes answers.

He says Muireall actually works for Renarra. Renarra is the council woman.

He gives them directions to her place.

They get there and a women is outside knitting and watching the party

After some chit chat she invites them inside. Confirming the info they
have and filling in some gaps.

Verg asks if the council could provide some horses. She says they
don't have the resources for that but the party is welcome to find
some and rent them if they like.

The kids name are Conn Macc Taran and Narria Dunfell. Conn is a 16 year old boy with blonde hair while Narria is a 16 year old girl with red hair.

Conn's father is Taran. Narria's dad is Brion.

She then informs the group about the inn as the only place in town to
get some lodging. There are 2 more taverns if they want something to drink. She does say that the Rivermen's Tavern is not welcoming to strangers.

They decide to stay at the inn. They get food and lodging and talk with some folks.

They find out that Peat diggers are being worked to death, thanks to the demands of Khromarium.

Others say it's dangerous to live out in the areas where the kids went missing.

The barbarians of Vol will never invade so long as the ranger commander, Cunobelinos, continues to protect the people.

The next day they head out to the farmers.

### 576-03-20
They come upon some buildings and some fenced in fields. They notices 2 folks in the fields but they are watching the area outside the field.

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10/14/2022 12:11 pm  #23

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

### 576-03-20
A rustling sound is heard outside just before sunrise. Aldsvider
pokes his head and and sees a very large silhouette. Everyone decides
to just be quiet and hope it goes by peacefully.

Then they follow the tracks north north east.

Aldsvider is able to follow the tracks for 5 miles before the
trail is lost as they go into some shallow water.

He convinces them to keep going in the rough direction.

As they are setting up camp that night they spy a small tendril of smoke
rising to the north northwest-ish.

### 576-03-21
They approach the cabin and a women beckons them to come in.

Xarazir and Emmet go in. She is leaning over and turning what look
to be a few rabbits on a spit. She looks back and gives them a
black-toothed smile.

She offers some rabbit and tells them about "the little people".

"It was inevitable! Those Who Were Shunned—the
so-caled 'litle people' -- have been disturbed by
the peat diggers of Swampgate. Foolishly, the peat
diggers opened a moss-hag atop Dagon's Mound,
an old barrow where They reside. Wickedly did
the peat diggers enter and defile that charnel
house! The abduction of those young people was
an act of retaliation, you see."

She agrees to show them where Dagon's Mound is for a small price.

"the fierce kisses and strong embrace of a man"

Emmet gives her a kiss and a hug.

She takes them to Dagon's Mound.

"Behold, the true Black Moss-Hag of Lug! Blacker
than me, my pretties! This place was called Dagon's
Mound before the Green Death nearly eliminated
mankind. Now it serves as a gateway to where They

Then she leaves them, presumably to go back to her cabin.

Aldi is fairly certain he can trace the circuitous path taken
to the mound from her cabin.

### 576-03-22
They spend the night watching the mound and see nothing until morning.

Then they see 2 giant elk, ten feet tall at the shoulder.

Xarazir argues to go down the hole to check things out.

He finds some armour and a sword on a granite pedestal.

He has Verica come down and check for traps. She doesn't.

She casts detect magic on it and it lights up.

He notices there is an iridiscent, rainbow scaled fish on the
breastplate of the scale armour. He puts in on and they go
back out.

After some discussion they go back in

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10/15/2022 7:10 am  #24

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

### 576-03-22
In the cavern below the moss hag.

The party kills 6 little things.

The find a cavern with yellow capped toadstools with
mauve stalks. Emmett takes 10 of them.

Exploring the tunnel exit north finds a blocked passage.

Tunnels are explored, generally taking the left hand fork.

Another blocked passage is found.

At the net fork the go right, but the left hand tunnel looks to open
into a cavern with broad ridges descending deeper into Hyperborea.

The other leads to a very large cavern with a cold pool of water 5 feet
below the bridge/ridge of stone leading northwest out of the cavern.

This leads to a fork with a cavern opening to the immediate left.

A natural pedestal of stone rises two feet from the entrances.
Engraved on its smoothed, angled surface it reads,

The walls of the cave are sculpted to rock-cut reliefs.
* South wall depicts soldiers marching proudly with spears, swords,
  and shields. One soldier bears an banner/standard with an eagle
  atop it. This is an eight inch sculpture

* The west wall depicts the soldiers beset on all sides by a horde
  of wild haired savages.

* The north wall depicts the soldiers in a cave, while the barbarians
  lever massive boulders to seal them in

The other fork leads to a cavern with an old mineshaft in the floor and
ceiling. The shaft upwards is blocked by earth and debris. The shaft
down descends 25 feet to a stone floor.

Verica goes down a rope.

She finds a partially worked cavern. The ceiling is supported by
carved stone buttresses. There looks to be a room to the east. To
the north and west are carved tunnels with tracks. There is
verdigris on the tracks.

On the west side of the north wall a black metal lever protrudes
from the wall. The lever is in the "up" position.

Verica climbs back up and says there isn't much down there. Careful
to not mention the lever since Emmett is staring with curious intent
down the shaft.

They go back to the cavern with the broad ridges. A saurian smell is noted
along with luminescence in the roof of the cavern. The tunnel north
leads to a cavern on the left with more of the small creatures that
give a good fight and do some serious damage collectively to Xarazir.
Verica heals him.

The tunnel proceeds north. There are alcoves with pallid, maggot like
things. They are 18 inches long. The have rudimentary appendages and
misshapen heads. They are left along as the go deeper and deeper.

This ends in another cavern where more little ones are dispatched.
Torcan heals Xarazir. The party retraces its steps almost all the
way back to the first cavern.

They explore the right hand fork. This leads to some beetles that
are killed. As they explore the cavern some grub like creatures
crawled up behind the party.

Torcan, Verica, Verg, and Emmett do an admirable job killing
most of them. Xarazir and Kallisto barely have to get involved.

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10/16/2022 9:38 am  #25

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late

  not present

### 576-03-22
hang out in scrotum

Kill 12 little people

### 576-03-23
Kallisto and Aldsvider poke through some ick and find
12 amber stones and a broach. Emmett helpfully provides
some water to clean up.

Verica threw Emmett's greek fire on leather eggs. Most of the
party puked at the smell.

Found a viking skeleton with a shiny broad sword named Thorn
89 sp, 25 gp and a bone scroll case with a vellum page.

Kill 7 more little people

Decide to rest for the rest of the day

See some pink centipedes roll by.

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10/16/2022 9:40 am  #26

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)

### 576-03-24
The group goes to "The Sphincter". Torcan and Xarazir go down.

Kallisto swings, misses and falls on her sword knocking her out.

The 6 little people are killed.

The teens are found and released.

They go back to Moss Hag cabin. Emmett decides to accept her
advances and spends the night with her. The teens also spend
the night in the cabin.

### 576-03-25
The teens mention that Sleessik is looking for something called
the Stygian Stone, a largish dodecahedron made of stone.

The day and a half trip back to the road goes by.

### 576-03-27
Got gold chain and potion

Spend the night at the farms

### 576-04-01
Get back to swampgate on 1st day of Month 4

### 576-04-02
On the 2nd meet with council to look for Stone.

Got 500gp for teens

### 576-04-03
Start on the 3rd ask around and find it. Get a
bog pony and cart to help carry it.

### 576-04-04
Leave on the 4th to take it back to the hole.

### 576-04-08
Get to the mound of dagon on the 8th.

### 576-04-12
Get back to town on the 12th

Got the 700gp taking stone back.

Head back to Khromarium

They  meet an organized group of 21 solders. 9 of them have
Swampgate/Khromarium livery

Towards dusk 6 boars charge the party. They end up being
dragged to the nearby hostel to trade from room.

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10/16/2022 9:43 am  #27

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

### 576-04-13
Start the journey back to khromarium

Meet a group of organized 21 men. 9 had swamgate/khromarium
insignia on their armor.

Later that day run into 6 boars.

They are killed, gutted, and dragged to the hostel. They are
traded for room and board

### 576-04-14
The see a man sitting at the side of the road.

When the party gets withing about 50 yards he gets up, stands in the
middle of the road, leaning on a staff.

When they get within 20 yards he says, "Stop. Stand and Deliver.
Give up your goods."

The party doesn't take kindly to that. As they start hostilities
they are ambushed on either side by 7 heavy crossbows. Most are
wounded by excellent marksmanship. This really angers Xarazir.

The bandits then toss 4 flasks of greek fire. Their throws are
off so the party isn't that surrounded by it. Another volley of
bolts rains down but only torcan is knocked unconscious.

Xarazir charges the man in the road and demolishes him.

Emmett tosses some greek fire in the bushes that 2 of the bandits
are using for cover, splashing some on them. The party kills
a bandit as well. Three bandits run up to the party with spears.

Xarazir runs through the pools of fire to split in thirds the bandit
menacing his brother.

Some more bandits are dispatched and for some reason continue
the assault even though at least half are dead.

Xarazir makes short work of a couple more. Kallisto and the others
take care of the few that Xarazir doesn't. One does decide to make a
run for it. This lone survivor is pursued by Aldsvider and a newly
conscious Torcan.

They follow him to an encampment. Seeing his pursuers he doesn't stop for
long in the encampment. Aldsvider runs him down and kills him.

Torcan starts ransacking the place.

The loot recovered:

96ep from bodies

bronze locket
gold armband
jade bracer
copper mask
copper ring
platinum diadem
gold sceptre
jade girdle
copper mask
silver circlet
silver broach
silver ring

4 flasks of greek fire

11 heavy crossbows, take them all
4 long bows
4 spears

### 576-04-15
Verg and Torcan spot a group of 10 walking towards the road.
They are about 70 yards to the right of the road. They are
making their way through the brush and the muck.

Verg alerts to group to them. The ten folks stop when they see
the party.

Aldsvider walks over to them in as least a threatening way as

As he gets closer they draw bows, crossbows, etc. "That's
close enough. Just keep on moving."

Eventually Aldsvider goes back to the road.

The party continues on but are watching their backs until the
other group is out of sight.

### 576-04-16
Goes by peacefully.

Get to Khromarium

Folks level up

HP Rolls
Xarazir - 10
Torcan - 4
Verica - 4
Verg - 2
Emmet - 5

Emmett rolled on pool 5
  advanced toolkit

Torcan took cure moderate wounds
Verica took cure moderate wounds
Verg still pondering 2nd level spell


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10/17/2022 3:57 pm  #28

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late

  not present

### 576-05-09
Training finished

### 576-05-10
  observe Garros manor

### 576-05-11
  visit Miraxin Xon, Hyperborean Alchemist the group
  He has 6 invis potions for sale at 1,000gp each

### 576-05-12
  Do the gig at night time

  Aldsvider, Torcan, and Verica climb to the roof of
  the first floor.

  The find the shutters to be locked from the inside.

  It is decided to climb down and go in through a ground
  floor door.

  As the guards make their rounds before they go down.

  Verg walks over in a drunken, loud manner and starts
  urinating on the fence. They tell him to f*** off as
  they point crossbows at him.

  Verg wanders off to the park and hides in the shrubbery.

  Verica fails to open the locked side door, but Torcan does (
  I think that was the order). Regardless, Torcan opens the door
  and a crossbow is shot at him but it misses.

  The guard gets a shot off and yells the alarm.

  Torcan, Aldsvider, and Verica run to the fence to attempt to
  make their escape. Only Verica makes it across.

  Torcan and Aldi decide to make a stand as many guards come
  from the stables and out of the house.

  Torcan is able to Hold most of them. More guards keep coming
  so they have to engage them. Verica jumps back over the fence.

  She is able to Hold more guards that keep arriving.

  By this time the dogs start making their way to the commotion.

  Verg and Kallisto are waiting for the signal of fire to happen.

  Xarazir and Emmett see the mayhem and make their way to the problem.

  Guards that aren't Held attack but are felled.

  Verica tosses some greek fire at the dogs. She misses but is able to
  splash some fire on them.

  The dogs run up and chew out Aldsvider and Verica, but it's mostly
  Verica that gets gnawed upon.

  Verg and Kallisto see the fire and run to the fence.

  Out of the shadows a women attacks Verica just missing her attempt
  to assassinate her, she is still able to knock Verica unconscious.

  Kallisto and Verg shoot arrows and ice darts into the women and killing
  her. (Torcan insists he got the killing blow.)

  By this time Xarazir and Emmett make it into the compound. Xarazir
  kills the Held guards as he gets to the group. The dogs are
  taken care of too.

  Verica is give the healing potion and she is revived.

  Verg gets people to drag the dead into the stables. Emmett moves the
  cart next to the fence to make it easier to hop over if they need to
  leave in a hurry.

  The assassin's body and the rest of the dead are searched for loot.

  The manor is then methodically searched. Pewter candles from the dining
  room are looted by Torcan, to make it look like a break in.

  In the bedroom where Torcan was nearly assassinated the first time
  they broke in they find a parchment. It details the manifest of the
  Berg Breaker (ship usually docked near the Silver Eel). The "Garros hold" is
  noted to contain rare woods and spices from New Amazonia valued near

  The domestic help are found cowering in their bedroom.

  Torcan opens one of the last rooms they search. He is rewarded by a stab
  from the broadsword of Garros' bodyguard. The bodyguard is able to
  knock Torcan to near death, but Aldsvider kills him. Then threatens
  Garros to show them where the Lamia's Heart is. He complies.

  Xarazir gives Torcan the extraordinary healing potion to revive him.

  They are led to the basement. They are told there is an iron box under
  a stone in the pit.

  Aldi looks in and finds 2 asps. He is able to kill them. Goll is told
  to get the iron box.

  Hey gives them the key to it and it contains a heart shaped topaz set
  in gold.

  Xarazir kills Goll. They loot his body and give the coins to the domestic
  help to say the Ixian from the crooked tenement did all of this.

  After using found keys to unlock the gates they are thrown away.

  Loot acquired:
    - assassin loot
      - gold bracers
      - dagger
      - 12 pp
    - 4 pewter candle sticks
    - gold jewellry (garros)
    - body guard room
      - 305 sp
      - 32 gp
      - flask of whisky


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10/17/2022 4:03 pm  #29

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late

  not present

### 576-05-13
  Loot acquired from last session

    - assassin loot
      - gold defensive bracers AC 6
      - +1 dagger
      - 12 pp
    - 4 pewter candle sticks
    - gold jewellry (garros)
    - body guard room
      - 305 sp
      - 32 gp
      - flask of whisky

tor memorizes:
  - cmw
  - hold person
  - sanctuary

verica memorizes:
  - cmw
  - detect magic
  - clw

verg memorizes:
  - magic ice dart
  - magic ice dart
  - freezing hands
  - ray of enfeeblement x2

The party goes to The Sleepy Toad. The bartender signals to
Verica and Tor. He tells them where to go to hand over the
thing and when.

The party takes some time to checkout the area. It's at the
edge of this part of Khromarium where it transitions from
dock area, kinda seedy parts of the dock area, and into
an area with some better off folks. Nice houses, walled/fenced
in compounds, etc.

Possible escape routes and such are pondered.

The go to the meet. Everyone goes inside but Aldsvider and Kallisto
who hang outside.

They are checked out to determine what weapons and gear everyone
is carrying, but aren't disarmed.

The gang is lead to a room with Tull and his Amazonian bodyguards.

They give the Lamia's Heart to Tull.

Tull asks if they have the thing. The bodyguard checks it and
hands the box to Tull. He smiles.

"You two", pointing to Verica and Tor, "come with me. The rest
stay here."

They are lead away and come about 30-45 minutes later.

The party leaves and are told that they can't come back to
this place again, and head to the Eel.

It is decided to check the loot for magic items and identify

Day 14-17 identify magic items

### 576-05-14
We also determined that Emmett's advanced toolkit gives +2 on rolls

Vul visits and checks on them and pays them for the Swampgate
task. He says he has a job but he needs to finish some prep.

Go do the Saturn day fights at the docks

Tor, Verica, Verg, Aldi put 1 gp on Kallisto, she puts down 5gp

odds are 5:1 and payout when she knocks out a very muscular

odds are down to 3:1
2 GP from Tor
Aldi bet 3gp
Verg:5 gold pieces
Kallisto lets the 25 ride
10 GP for verica "You can do it, baby!"
xarazir:1 on each side

In the second brawl she almost gets knocked out but recovers and
knocks her opponent out.

No one else steps up to fight the rest of the night.

During the fights Tor lifts and agate from a mark: 2gp

Verica bumbles here attempt but the mark was drunk and shrugs it
off from her excuse.

### 576-05-18
They decide to investigate the talk about an abandoned manor house
that might have some loot.

A methodical exploration is done. Another group of explorers are met and things are a little intense.

They find stairs down and that is where we pause.


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10/18/2022 11:41 am  #30

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late

  not present

    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

### 576-05-18
Verica casts clw on Tor

The party splits to try and ambush the other party.

Xarazir tries to kick in the door and it doesn't budge.

After spending about 30 minutes with the door the party regroups
and goes down the stairs.

Emmett disables a door with a trap that shoots an arrow.

Xarazir goes through it and keeps exploring until he runs into
a giant ant. He kills it, Emmett rushes to the rescue at the end of
combat...they then join the rest of the party.

A secret door is found and it's a bookcase that pivots.

The room has Run Away on the east wall, there is a small circle
of 6 tall stones.

The book case has 5 books on it:

Common - Arcanium of the Alchemical uses of Peat
Common - The Diary of Caigarr Nilltose
Keltic - Libram of Government Policy
Old Norse - A Study of Khromarium's Famous Muscians
Old Norse - The Early History of Khromarium

While waiting for the folks in the bookcased room an ant wanders
in attacks Xarazir and subsequently gets slaughtered.

A long corridor is followed.

The party has trouble opening stuck doors.

Aldi opens a door full of giant rats. He is able to close it before
any pour into the room.

They circle back to the areas past the stairs they came down.

The see a room with a demon face graffiti.

In the next room is a mural of a battle of Hyperboreans fighting
some ape men/devolved humans.

As the room beyond that is explored several ants "sneak" up on
Xarazir who happened to be at the back of the party in the hall.

The last area is explored.

The stuck door is opened with some difficulty by Xarazir. In the hall beyond he sees a couple folks in leather armor and 2 more beyond those in splint.

One of the armored folks tells them to leave, this is our place.

Discussions go for a bit before the armored dude gives a command and one
of the mooks throws a spear at Xarazir and misses.

Xarazir goes into a berserker rage. He steps up and kills 2 mooks with
his charge.

He obliterates the first armored dude in his way. Meanwhile Aldsvider
slips by him and kills a mook.

The last mook drops his spear and surrenders. Aldi tells him to leave. Verica shakes down the mook for all he's worth before he can escape.

Meanwhile, Xarazir steps into the room attacking the other armored dude. As he does, 2 others descend on him and attack. Torcan then casts a Hold Person on the group. Xarazir makes his saves but the others don't. He beats on
them until his rage subsides. Aldsvider and Torcan leave and close the
door behind them while Xarazir finishes off his opponents.

Emmett checks to make sure the blood bath is finished.

The room is splattered with blood on all surfaces.

Total loot found is 32ep from the mooks (living and dead) and 19gp from the dead not-mooks along with a silver bracelet set with gems.

The party decides to head back to an inn and rest up.

The next day being
### 576-05-19

Here the sessions ends

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10/20/2022 8:12 am  #31

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late

### 576-05-19
Go down some stairs.

Torcan pops the ruby eyes out of a demon idol at the bottom
of the stairs

They open a door (with a torn tapestry) and what looks like
coins floating in the air moving towards them.

After "killing" it they garner 8cp, 11sp, 11ep, 3gp, 4pp,
and 4 gemstones in the jelly

Emmett wanders into a room, finds some empty bottles, and
takes them. For future reasons.

Emmett also finds a hall way with 3 books and takes them.

Xarazir opens a door and is confronted by 6, horned lizard
things that are deep red and reek of sulfur.

They are killed.

The group camps in a room behind 2 doors.

The night passes uneventfully

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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker) late
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

### 576-05-20
They descend the stairs, go into a room with white and black
tiled floors.

They get to another door that Emmett opens and sees at least
1 skeleton and 1 ghoul. They move towards him and he sees
a second skeleton.

Emmett swings his halberd, missing wildly and grievously
wounds Verg.

The ghoul was wearing a gold crown set with gems. One skeleton
was wearing an ivory bracelet, and somehow the second skeleton
was wearing a gold brooch.

Around the statue is piled 750gp and some rolled up leather.

The leather is unrolled and a map is found along with a rod. The
map has written in the margins in atlantean: "Necromancer fortune awaits"

They get to a room with a ruined siege weapon and mural on the ceiling
of chimera and other legendary beasts.

Going back past the toppled statue a skeleton wanders upon the party.
Kallisto takes care of it.

They pass a party. It is an amicable event and no one gets hurt or
messed with.

Stairs down are found and taken. It dead ends quickly at the
bottom of the stairs.

Emmett finds a secret door triggered by turning a sconce.

Inside are a bunch dudes that tell them to leave.

Xarazir doesn't oblige. As he enters the room he is hit with a hail
of arrows and goes down. Tor heals him and Xarazir gets up mad.

He takes out 4 and on the fifth he manages to slip on some blood and
fall on his sword, killing himself.

The party is able to exact a measure of revenge on the mooks.

4000 sp, 4000 cp is looted from the dead bodies and their stash.

Emmett finds and deactivates a trap but couldn't unlock the door. He's going through some stuff right now.

They find a room with an iron chandelier and a ruined gauntlet.

Emmett sabotages the portcullis to always stay open.

The door beyond is stuck such that no one can open it.

They tire and go back top.

Emmett makes arrangements for Xarazir's remains.


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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

### 576-05-20

Kallisto, Emmett, and Aldi level up

Aldi rolled 5 for level 4 hp
Emmett rolled 4 for level 4 hp
Emmett also finds a levitation disc
  slap it on something and it makes it weightless
  Up to 500 lbs

Tor is gonna research Light

Verica seeks out Miraxin and buy 2 healing potions for 700gp

Skip ahead to the end of everyone's training

### 576-06-21
As the group is walking down the street a group of prisoners
are being escorted by some guards. One of the prisoners
bumps into Aldi. Aldi happens to notice and think his purse
is lighter.

He brings this to the attention of the head guard. He then
proceeds to check all of the prisoners and doesn't find any

Not satisfied Aldi, Verica, and Tor (I think just that trio)
follow them. They make their way to a jail.

The trio sets up where they can watch things. Just past
nightfall a dozen folks are walking down the street. One looks
at Aldi, seems to recognize him. The person the talks to his
compatriots who look over and also seem to recognize Aldi.

They approach the trio, "Are you Alsdvider?"

It turns out they are from Swampgate. He introduces four
of them: Hyginos (he's an Amazon), Siku (he's an Esquimaux),
Cartimandua (she's a pict), and Sokrates (he's a Kimmerian).

Verica flirts a bit with Hyginos since he's an Amazon, and tells
him to say hi to his mother (her name is Theodora).

Hyginos sort of gushes over what the party did for Swampgate. He
then mentions that recently (in the last few weeks) there as been
more "interactions" with the Little People.

Not much else is discussed and the group leaves.

During the time the trio is watching the jail they see the
5 guards leave (at the beginning of when the trio was watching),
and later, around 9pm, the head guard and 2 prisoners leave. They
aren't in shackles.

The trio follows them at a distance.

Eventually the guard goes down one street and the prisoners down
another. The trio splits up and will meet at the Eel later.

Verica follows the guard. He just goes to some apartments. Presumably
where he lives.

Tor and Aldi follow the duo. They are available to avoid being seen
when the prisoners stop at an intersection and check around. They
then go to a door and knock. Some conversation can be heard but not
understood. They go in.

Aldi and Tor climb some nearby buildings to observe. During their
vigil they happen to catch some movement in a building across from
theirs and the building they are watching. Tor is just able to make
out some conversation but, once again, not what is being said. In
the darkness it looks like one person is coming and another is going.

Thinking they are busted Tor and Aldi climb down. Tor, slips and falls.
This awakens the occupants in the building. The duo jumps down, taking the
hit, and run off before the person from inside comes out with a lantern.

There is some discussion what to do next.

Is Lady Garros (Saiaia) selling off stuff to raise money to put a hit
out on the party?

Are those nice folks from Swampgate the hit team?

How corrupt is the town guard, are they in on it?

Emmett, Verg, and Aldi talk with Vol to see what he knows about things.
Vol confirms that he did receive some info in a letter from Una about
the Little People causing problems again.

Vol is still working on the project he mentioned to the party months

Verica, Kallisto, and Tor take a stroll around the streets outside
Garros Manor. They notice many dogs, the grounds staff doing their
thing, and their are guards on patrol, too.

In a tangent, Verica and Verg look at the map that was found. They
determine that its terrain matches a river east of Khromarium.
That looks to require a bit more logistics than the group is
willing to deal with at the moment.

The general consensus is that they are being lured to Swampgate
and will be ambushed when they leave Khromarium.


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Re: Hyperborea.pm

2021-06-24 (fixed session date)


    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-06-23
Start the trip to Swampgate

23rd is pretty chill.

### 576-06-24
24th run into 4 giant ferrets. Aren't too challenging. However
Emmett goes into a kinda berserker rage on one of them. Working
out some issues.

The pelts of the other 3 are taken.

### 576-06-25
25th 4 large, rusty-orange lizards in trees are noticed before
they attack the party. Even after taking some shots they all
glide down and attack the group. Three are killed before the
fourth runs off. Verg convinces folks not to skin them for
I think aesthetic reasons.

### 576-06-26
26th chill day of walking

### 576-06-27
27th a giant ferret is quickly shot and killed by Aldi and Kallisto.
Its pelt is also taken.

Emmett tells the guard at the gate they are hiding out in Swampgate.
The guard takes this well.

"Since you seemed to be so honest with us I'll be honest with you",
says the guard. He then rattles off a variety of offenses and their
penalties. For some reason Emmett looks at Verg when sedition is

They spend the night at the inn.

### 576-06-28
28th the talk with Muireall and get some info. See thinks there
was a new development last night and they go talk to her boss,
Agricultural Councilor Renarra Xall.

Renarra says they have been attacking livestock and last night
they got news peat cutters have been attacked. The militia has
tried to find them but lose them in the bogs. The Rangers were
even convinced to try and they also eventually lost them in the

She also says there isn't much money left in the coffers to
pay the party adequately.

Emmett asks about maybe getting paid with a house. She thinks
this might be reasonable.

Renarra will try to get the council together tonight.

The group kills some time trying to find a peat cutter and get
what info they can. They do find out that peat cutters were
attacked by there were no casualties on either side.

Later at the meeting house they find Muireall outside and she
says they have been talking and waiting for group.

The council and mayor agree that if the problem can be dealt
with a house would be given as payment.

A squad of militia will also go. They won't go into the mound.

The mayor informs the group that the Rangers won't provide help
but they are free to ask the commander, Cunobelinos, if he would.

They try and it doesn't go well enough for the Rangers to help.

Talking with Cunobelinos doesn't convince him to send some rangers
with the group

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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-07-01
Around midday they meet a lady looking have
some lunch off to the side of the road.

They figure out she's a bard when she asks
them what icky things they took care of
since she collects and tells stories.

They get to the farms, talk with Macc Cathal and
spend the night in the barn.

### 576-07-02
The next day they get to the Hag's hut. Emmett
has tea with her and feels rather mellow afterwards.

By end of day they get to Dagon's Mound

### 576-07-03
Go into mound and make their make directly to the

There Verica tells Emmett they didn't tell him about
the level.

Emmetts proceeds to beat on the lever with Xarazir's
two-handed scimitar.

After Emmett wakes up the dead cutting at the
lever with Xarazir's scimitar Aldi shoots himslef
with his bow.

Torcan casts light down the hall to make it
easier to see.

Aldi tosses one of the vials of greek fire at the
group of little ones but misses, splattering it
on the wall.

Torcan joins the fray and helps hold them off.

Some little ones come from the north tunnel. Kallisto
holds her action until 3 of them charge her. She
then cuts 2 of them down.

An individual comes down the tunnel but it seems like
everyone is not paying attention to them. Verg does
throw an ice dart at him.

The man holds Verica and Kallisto but Emmett is unaffected.
The little one attacking Kallisto misses.

As the last of the little ones in the west hall are
vanquished Verg throws another ice dart and Emmett
takes a good chunk out of the man. He then chugs a
potion and turns into a cloud.

The cloud drifts up the sphincter. The remaining
little one runs away.

Emmett yells at Verica and Kallisto, "That's what you
get for lying to me!" as he shakes some vials of
greek fire at them. Then storms off to the nut sack.

The rest maintain a watch and move Kallisto and Verica
to the southwest corner of the room and wait for the
spell to wear off.

Laoise has a bit of a stunned look. Not sure what to
make of what just happened.


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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)

  not present

    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-07-03
It is decided to wait for the Hold to wear off and
give Emmett time to work through his tantrum.

The mine is slowly explored. Skeletons with crappy
tools and rusty helmets with red crests are found and
dealt with. Verica and Toran take their newly learned
turning skills out for a spin...and fail.

Kallisto is there to beat them down along with the rest.

A door is found. Tor checks for traps and finds none. He
attempts to pick the lock and fails. Emmett steps up, picks
the lock, and opens the door. This triggers a stone block
to fall on him. He is unable to avoid it.

The opened on to a skeleton wearing banded/laminated armour,
brandishing a morning star. The red crest on his helmet
goes on a line from ear to ear, unlike the front to back
that the other skeletons have had so far.

Emmett has the reaction to throw some greek fire on it. It
makes good contact and sets it ablaze. The flaming skeleton
swings its flaming morning star and it sails out of its grasp
and lands behind Emmett.

Emmett stands up and pokes it with his halberd as it falls
more lifeless to the ground. He steps over it and goes into
the room.

Verg is left to strip the armour, that didn't seem to be any
worse for the fire wear. He also finds a golden ornament that
is 8 inches tall. It is an eagle.

The found rooms are searched and a bed of moss with the largest
shed snake skin any have seen are found. In it is found 110cp,
68 sp, 80 ep, and 22 gp.

It is decided to rest for the night in a place that has
two lockable doors.

### 576-07-04
The next morning the second door is checked. A trap similar
to the other door is found but couldn't be disarmed.

Emmett picks the lock and opens the door. He is able to
dodge out of the way of the falling stone block.

They find a tunnel, adit by definition, that leads to the
surface. It ends in a door that is blocked on the other side
by heavy bushes.

They turn around, explore the rest of the caverns, finding

They get out of tunnels by nightfall and are greeted by
some surprised militia members. They are most intrigued to
hear about the mine as much as the lack of bad guys.

### 576-07-05
The next morning 3 of the party go down into the caverns,
out the adit, and circle around to find the rest. The
adit entrance is about 300 yards to the northeast of the
Dagon's Mound entrance.

Then everyone leaves to head back to the farms.

Utla waves to them as they pass by. Emmett waves back but
keeps on walking, seems to not want her company or her
potentially spiked tea.

Get to the Macc Cathal's and spend the night

Some time in the night Laoise disappears. As near as the
party can tell, their pockets aren't any lighter.

### 576-07-06
Get back to swamgate and schedule a meeting with the town

### 576-07-07
Meet with the council. They are very interested to hear
about a potential mine in the area.

They agree to give them tax breaks

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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

  not present

    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

### 576-07-07
The group spent the day walking around town, seeing the sights, and talking to folks.

Notable interactions are the rope walking buildings since Torcan started an apprenticeship as a rope walker. There is talk of
the export of the rope to Khromarium and some protection racket/scheme.

The "new" house is checked out, Verg checks for garden space.

The house (15) across the street from the salt warehouse (16) is noted to have what look to be off-duty militia hanging around.

The other bars are checked out.

It is noted that the mayor's manse is basically across the street from the party's house.

A covered cart, horses, and necessary equipment are purchased. The new real estate is making folks less willing to walk to and from Khromarium now.

### 576-07-08
On their way south the pass by a militia patrol. Just nod at each other and go on their ways.

### 576-07-09
Just as the group pulls into the rest stop before getting to Khromarium a streak of flame/fire across the sky with some faint bits of light or the fading light of the sun glinting off of something around the streak. It is moving roughly west-southwest, almost due west, of where they are.

The see it arc down and shortly afterwards the horizon glows for a bit. No sound is heard.

Aldi is fairly confident he can walk in the direction the object went down.

They spend the night in the rest area and head out the next day.

### 576-07-10
Not far into their travel in the Lug they say a thin, befurred figure rise up out of the low brush of the surrounding swamp.

Rising up with her is a huge wolf. It is 5 feet tall at the shoulder. She is just barely sees it eye to eye.

She is standing with her right arm on the wolf while her left is resting atop a bow.

Pleasantries are exchanged. Her name is Etain and her wolf is Thunderella. She is notedly giving Aldi a critical eye.

She is convinced to join them.

### 576-07-11
Near the end of the day they come up a rise and see before them
7 figures. They are standing around the object.

Emmett goes up and asks them about everything.

They oblige. He asks about their vehicles.

They explain the pilots of the object they are investigating were travelling through space...time....in an unapproved manner. They miscalculated and effectively aged decades in seconds.

The 4 working on the object say something to the rest. They look to have placed thin, tiny boxes on it. The group is told to stand back. Beeping is heard from the boxes.

The 7 individuals, in matching orange clothing, put up the "hoods" and the hoods transform into a fearsome, goblin like visage with glowing eyes.

They get on their vehicles and take off. Minutes later there is a bright "explosion" without sound or shockwave, just a blinding light. The object is gone.

The party heads have from where they came.

Some rough ideas of what I envision the goblin heads to look like.



The above is the image below, but the domain has changed content or something
so it's useless/not there


and a bugbear from the 1e monster manual


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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-07-11
Traveling back to the North Road to Khromarium (a few days in the Lug)

The first day of the walk back goes by uneventfully.

### 576-07-12
Etain says good bye early in the morning.

A few hours later a black bear is happened upon and Aldi decides he wants to subdue it.

Aldi puts to arrows into the bear, it is enraged and charges Aldi. Aldi is able to ensnare it in the net. Then, 11 rounds of wrasslin' later Aldi tries to assert dominance on the bear but fails.

Several rounds later it escapes the net and runs off.

As the group pulls into the rest they recognize the gait of a figuring leaving. Taking a closer look it is Laosie.

Verica says, "Hey, Laosie can you play us a song?"

She turns, "I have to push on through the night to get to Khromarium." She didn't appear to recognize the party.

Verica and Tor ask the bartender about her, "Photine was her name, didn't seem to be a bard"

### 576-07-13
Get back to Khromarium

take a day to identify stuff

### 576-07-14

The armour was identified as +1 laminated armour.

Kallisto seemed to best candidate for it unless someone else would
like it.

Verica levels to 4th, HP roll 3 and starts training for 4 weeks on the 15th.

Verg and Kallisto cased the Garros Manor. The guard and dog levels are the
same as they were when the place was pillaged. During the day (as Verg and Kallisto were eating and drinking on a fine Saturn day), 4 folks visited Saivaia. She met them outside eventually went into the manor in the big dining room (room 10). Sometimes they left they room but Verg and Kallisto couldn't see where they went. It was 3 visits. Two with single individuals and 1 with 2.

Verica and Tor went off and did skullduggery.

Aldi is interested in going back out into the wilderness to find an
animal to subdue. Tor, Kallisto, and whomever else are interested in
witnessing such a thing. We are assuming Verg would join as well since
what Viking wouldn't want to watch someone wrestle a bear or some other


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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)

### 576-07-15
Verica and Tor go off to their temple of Rel for festivities and rites.

Around 10am/midnight they return looking not one bit like they've been partying or had a good time at temple. Tor was helping back a wheezing Verica.

They relate that 4 individuals they had known turned into rats of human size. Tor, Verica, and a group gave chase. Eventually all but Tor are left in chase until Tor takes a stumble and loses them.

The head of the temple tells Verica and Tor that if them and their group can find where they are he'll pay each 100gp. If they bring back their heads he'll pay 300gp.

### 576-07-16
Tor gets Aldi to the part of the old graveyards where he lost the rats.

Aldi does note that the temperature is dropping and thinks the weather is
going to change soon. It was 50F/10C yesterday.

The trail is not so old that Aldi has too much trouble. At one of the many
intersections a town patrol comes up and asks them what brings them to
the graveyard. Verg shows the flowers he brought for just such an
occasion, "Paying my respects" he says.

"Sorry for your loss", the sgt says as they continue on.

Deeper and deeper Aldsvider leads the band. It looks to be leading
towards a large, stone building. Tor informs them that is the grand
crematorium grounds.

Just as Aldi gets to the edge of those grounds a sleet storm starts. He
is still able to confirm the trail leads into the grounds before it
is wiped away by the ice pellets.

They decide to traverse the columbariums in a clockwise fashion.

There is some graffiti etched into the plaques or stone:

"Kleopatra was a Kimmerian whore"

"I love you Iôdas"

"Lysandros was here"

Some of the niches are busted open and empty.

This is repeated in each of the four columbariums.

The crematorium building is approached from the north.

Verg will open the door. Aldi has his silver tipped arrows at the ready. Kallisto temporarily uses Emmett's halberd and stands next to the door.

It is thrown open. It is dimly lit. On a sunny day there would be more light but in a sleet storm there is not nearly as much.

Everyone goes in and gets out of the falling ice.

The room is open all the way up to the domed ceiling, 50 feet above them.

The party takes the eastern stairs to the gallery above. As the ascend 3 archers rise up from the western gallery. Only one of their arrows hit Verica.

As the group prepares to attack Torcan is hit by 3 arrows in their next volley. Aldi fires a bow, Verica and Tor sling at them. They are able to bring down one of the archers. Verg's ice dart isn't able to find a target. Emmett runs under the gallery the archers are in. Kallisto runs up to the gallery. There she finds 3 more men wielding swords. They aren't able to hit her however.

Aldi is able to take out an archer. While Kallisto takes done one of her assailants. Tor heals himself.

Kallisto finishes off the other two while the missile folks take out the last archer.

A chest is found. Inside it is 2,500sp and 2,500ep.

The chest is re-locked and the dead stacked on top of it.

The rest of the crematorium is searched.

The get to the rooms with the crematory ovens. There are also 4 stone tables. Two of them are in front of the ovens and are at the height of the bottom of the grated doors.

Tor, Emmet, and Verica search the tables for secret doors. Verica is found a 2' by 2' panel on the southeastern table. Meanwhile Aldi tries in vain to find any wererat or any other tracks.

Verica doesn't find any traps and opens the panel. Unfortunately she missed a trap that released a dart. She is unable to dodge out of the way. It hits her and a burning fills her body. She does survive it and heals herself.

Inside the 2'x2'x2' niche Verica reports finding nothing inside.

Finding nothing else, Torcan climbs into the western oven. Inside he
finds a secret door, 3'x 4'. Finding no traps he opens. Inside he finds
a chute down with ladder rungs.

A torch is dropped and lit. It falls for 2-3 seconds. Everyone starts climbing down.

At the bottom a passageway heading west is found. It is worked stone with sconces that do have torches in them but they aren't lit.

Emmett lights them as they progress forward.

A door that no one is able to pick is found. Torcan busts it open to find a a hallway stretch east and west.

Travelling east it ends in stairs doing down. It is decided to go the other way before going down.

Going west until it splits in a Y. The northern branch is taken. This leads to a square room 40'x40' with 4 exits. In the northwest corner are 8 tall, ceramic pots. Tor finds them filled with copper pieces.


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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

  not present

    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Arsalion - death soldier)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

### 576-07-16
The two eastern doors are explored. The southeastern door had
some broken pottery. Emmett checks it out finding old dust and
stains on the inside of the shards.

In the northeastern room there is what looks to be a human body
wrapped in old cloth on a stone table. Emmett pokes at it with
the halberd with some greek fire at the ready. His poking exposes
what look to be foot bones.

Verg checks out the southern door. Inside is a pile of debris.
Broken furniture, the stuffing from inside it, papers, shreds of
papers, some leaves. He shuts the door and moves on.

Beyond the northern door is a long, long hallway.

It ends in a door. Tor tries to open it but it doesn't budge.
Tor give it a mighty kick. The sound of splintering wood is heard.
In the room are the 4 people from his temple he pursued yesterday.

They greet Tor with 4 thrown daggers that all miss.

Tor, Kallisto and Aldi enter the room.

During the fight Aldi overswung, tripped, and fell down. Kallisto
makes good use of Emmett's halberd. Even Verg gets a good cut
in with his handaxe.

Eventually the 4 are killed.

Tor decapitates them and puts the heads in a bag.

20gp, 4 prayerbooks, and 2 scrolls are found. They all are the same
religion as Tor.

On the way out the copper pieces are grabbed along with the electrum
and silver.

By late afternoon the sub-basement apartment in the Silvery Eel is
reached. Tor and Verica take the heads to their temple leader. They
return later with a bag of gold.

They relate that their temple is willing to pay everyone 200gp each
to map the rest of the area under the crematorium.

### 576-07-17
The day is spent relaxing and healing.

Tomorrow is the peak of Bealltainn.


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