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9/04/2021 9:53 am  #1


So many session summaries I can post.

However, I'll just that during Thursday's session...giraffes exist now in my Hyperborea.

I have not clue where, but a sailor called on of the party (an NPC in the group actually) a giraffe and the PC, she was leaning against, a pygmy.

The NPC is Kallisto from Brazen bull. I have her at like 6' and the PC is 4'5".

This led to a brawl where Kallisto knocked the sailor out.

This was during the peak of Bealltainn. Four of the party got high on russet lotus and then started partying....it was a rather interesting session.

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9/11/2021 10:00 pm  #2

Re: Hyperborea.pm


  * Mark (Nabazos - necromancer)
  * Jason (Dominall - scout)
  * Yanick(Gromm - barbarian)
  * Dave (Altheda - cleric)
  * Chris (Perakos - runegraver)

### 576-01-15
The group gets off the boat and heads to the Adventurer's Guild Bar and Grill.

They get their drink and check out the place.

Dominall buys a drink for the lone, old Kelt in the corner. The fellow has tattoos on the left side of his face, down his neck, and the exposed parts of his arm.

Dominall sees the runes for fire and flame weaved into them.

He introduces himself as Kenaz. He's lived in Stonebrook for about 2 years. He grew up on the Skarag Coast, traveled a bit of Hyperborea including Khromarium.

He only knows about what the party knows about the missing peat cutters.

Next stop is the Peat Cutters Guild Hall. They are taken to the cutters' camp and are introduced to Tullamoor.

They are shown about where the missing people were last known to be Dominall and Gromm find a faint trail and follow it for a little bit. It is decided to go back to the camp before nightfall.

They get back just as dinner is finishing up, they get some of the stew and bread and chat with the peat cutters.

One theory they hear is that the thew wagons are in the middle of mating season and are extra aggressive for some reason. Probably lotus.

Another cutter suggests they were dumb asses and probably fell into a tar pit or some such. No accounting for any kind of common sense nowadays.

A passerby stops and listens to the conversation. He tells the group that the Dead of the Lug are rising up. The Long Night is coming early this cycle and not when it should.

This is all taken into consideration as everyone turns in for the night.

Dominall decides to take a stealthy walk about the camp a few hours after sundown. He notes a lax sort of watch is setup but not much else. Just the expected night sounds in a swamp.

### 576-01-17
The next day they eat breakfast with the rest of the camp and set up along the faint track they found the day before.

After about half a day's walk they surprise a trio of ghouls. Altheda is not able to turn them, the ghouls are able to paralyze all but Perakos and Nabazos, both of whom use the opportunity of the ghouls feasting on the fallen to make an exit.

At least Nabazos' cat is able to distract and harm a ghoul.


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9/12/2021 3:21 pm  #3

Re: Hyperborea.pm


  * Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
  * Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)
  * Dave (Labrás MaccBrógán - priest)
  * Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
  * Yanick(Verg-La - magician)

Did some retconning of dates and such to make more sense to me.

Then about 4 days was spent from the time of landing at Stonebrook,
visit the Peatcutter Guild, get to the cutter camp, get to the encounter
with the ghouls, and get back to the cutter camp.

Then head back out after the replacements join the group

### 576-01-19
Well, first...there is the woolly mammoth encounter  and later 6 giant ants to deal with first.

A width berth is given to both encounters.

Some zombies are encountered and taken care of.

### 576-01-20

Nabazos, Perakos, and Aldsvider found boots that fit.

Perakos takes the spare pair of boots.

A ghoul wearing a bronze medallion worth 100gp is defeated

They  set up camp and night passes uneventfully

  More zombies dealt with.

### 576-01-21

They find a pit and short tunnel full of zombies. They climb out of the pit and then slowly take care of them.

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9/12/2021 3:22 pm  #4

Re: Hyperborea.pm


  * Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
  * Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)
  * Dave (Labrás MaccBrógán - priest)

  not present

  * Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
  * Yanick(Verg-La - magician)

Year 576, Month 1, Day 21?

### 576-01-21

A giant beetle wanders in during second watch and quickly dispatched.

### 576-01-22

meet the patrol (World War 2 rangers)

Wyvern attacked. Party scattered.

Perakos went down but recovered.

The encampment let them in and one sort of speaks something like Old North

The party spent the night outside the palisade.

### 576-01-23

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9/12/2021 3:24 pm  #5

Re: Hyperborea.pm


  not present
  * Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
  * Yanick(Verg-La - magician)
  * Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
  * Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)
  * Dave (Labrás MaccBrógán - priest)

### 576-01-23

Wake up and talk some of the rangers to join in on the fun.

Lt. Dan, Sgt. Rock, and 2 Rangers join the group.

They encounter what looks to be a large eagle with a bare human torso and head.

It is quickly driven away by some skillful bow fire.

### 576-01-24

The next day 8 creatures that look like some hellishly large mosquito with pterodactyl like wings. A ranger gets nearly sucked to death along with Labras before they are driven off.

### 576-01-25

About midday they approach a small rise and note a glow emanating from behind it. At the top of hit they look down and see a horde of what look to be zombies about 200 meters away. The rangers immediately crouch down as does the rest of the group.

In the center of the horde is a glowing orb, as near as can be determined since there are so many zombies or other undead. They are in a shallow depression that doesn't seem to be filled with water, or even any water at all.

Watching the show for a bit they note what appears to be a zombie approaching from the "north", their right. It shuffles towards the glow and joins the mass. Everyone decides to nope out of there and head back.

The 2 day march back to the encampment goes by.

### 576-01-27

That night a ghoul attacks the party but it does take long to kill it.

Later, at dawn a large troll attacks the group. The rangers make short work of it. Labras remembers that trolls can only be killed by fire. A pyre is quickly made on it.

### 576-02-02

The walk back to the peat cutters camp is mostly quiet. A giant beetle approaches and it quickly killed.

peat cutter camp - tullamoor then has them go to town.

adventurer's bar and grill - meet to figure out to do

The rangers hangout.

Meet peat cutter guild master

Go meet the duke

get money, 500gp for the party

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9/12/2021 3:24 pm  #6

Re: Hyperborea.pm



  * Yanick(Verg-La - magician)
  * Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
  * Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)
  * Dave (Labrás MaccBrógán - priest)

  not present

  * Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman) - npc mode

### 576-02-02

everyone gets:
  - 500xp
  - 120gp

It is decided to take a boat to Khromarium.

The 2 day journey goes by

### 576-02-04

they take up Xill's offer to rid the Silvery Eel of its rat problem.

Perakos takes the Xill's shield

Verg and Perakos go to the basement.
  They find a discolored flagstone.

  5 rats are disturbed and attack them
  They are dispatched and find a pile of shiny coins:
    336sp and 133ep
    each party member get
      67sp each, Verg gets 68sp
      29ep to Verg, Perakos, and Aldsvider
      26ep everyone else

Nabazos goes to talk to Annesta.

Before that Nabazos and Labras here Perakos yell and go to the basement.

Naby loses his squirrel as he sends the cat and squirrel into the rat holes.

Naby animates a dead rat.

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9/12/2021 3:52 pm  #7

Re: Hyperborea.pm



  * Yanick(Verg-La - magician)
  * Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
  * Dave (Labrás MaccBrógán - priest)
  * Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman) - npc mode

  not present

  * Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)

### 576-02-04

It is decided to go buy a pry bar to try and lift up the discolored flagstone.

Doing so they find a rusted, iron trapdoor with a large pull ring on it.

Several attempts are made to open it. Oil is used, ropes are use, but eventually some brutes off the docks/ship area are paid to pull it open.

A sandstone enclosed spiral stair with old, dusty cobwebs is revealed. There are signs of giant rodents being on the stairs. They weren't able to get through the iron door.

A torch is lit and the group descends into the darkness.

At the bottom is opens up into a large room. Two pearly, rose colored columns are seen from the bottom of the stairs along with crates and boxes and some stairs going down.

The pile to the right is explored. They find rotted and rotting boxes, crates, and casks. During the search 5 giant rats surge out of the mess.

They are quickly dispatched but not before Perakos and Verg suffer bites that immediately start festering. As they are assessing their wounds 4 more giant rats swarm Nabazos and Aldsvider. Nabazos is knocked unconscious. Eventually the rats for killed.

They pack Nabazos' unconscious body back upstairs with them. Xill asks how it's going.
They meant a huge room under the basement. Xill is stunned to hear this. He had no idea about it. He is a bit concerned about the general state of the party.

The party crashes in Xill's room to recover. They ride his journal and enjoy the prose of him descending into madness because of the rats.

Labras visits his temple to inquire about some healing to cure his friend. Perakos uses his healing on himself first. Labras gathers money from the party and gets a potion to save Verg.

Nabazos convinces the party to pay for his research to successfully learn Exterminate.

Two days of recuperation plus the week of spell research pass.

### 576-02-13

Back in the sub basement the room is explored more. They find a low dias with a 14 foot tall statue of Auroras. There are old, moldy curtains to either side of it. The reanimated rat is sent behind the curtain. They see its form as it moves along the walls.

On the "east" wall is an archway. It is explored. A door on the left side of the hallway opens into what they determine to be a vestry. Three tarnished silver holy symbols of Auroras are found. Labras takes ownership of them.

Across from the door is an archway to a largish room. There are old, shredded, dilapidated divans. There are some vhuurmis pelts about. During the poking around of things 4 giant rats attack. They are taken care of. Further searching afterwords garners 6 pewter goblets.

Back in the main, large room Verg tears down the curtains along the northeast and east walls. They are able to not something that looks like an ajar door that pivots on its vertical axis.

Looking into the room with a bed, a dresser, and a small bookshelf. The walls are covered by fine velvet curtains dyed maroon.

Labras goes into the room but is not joined by the rest of the group.

As approaches the bed, 5 tall (7 feet) skeletons emerge from behind the curtains. Brandishing halberds the chop down Labras.

Seeing this through the secret door the rest run away.

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9/12/2021 3:53 pm  #8

Re: Hyperborea.pm

    - Dave (loman-paladin)
    - Yanick(Verg-La - magician)
    - Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)

  not present

    -  Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)

### 576-02-13

The party had gone back upstairs after securing the entrance to the subbasement.

When they get up there they are joined by 2 new friends, Verica and Loman.

After getting acquainted they head back down.

Nabs sends a rat friend down to explore. After a bit it comes back. Then an empty barrel is rolled down the stairs.

The group follows with Loman in the lead. At the bottom of the stairs he finds 5 skeletons around the barrel.

He moves in and attacks Aldi and Verg are able to move in as well.

Loman fells his skeleton with a mighty blow. Aldi hits but isn't as successful. Verg throws some Freezing Hands at his but isn't able to stop it.

The skeletons return the favor by giving Aldi a big hit with their halberds.

Verg's second round of Freezing Hands stops his.

Aldi is knocked unconscious and is bleeding on the ground. Perakos fires some arrows and does some damage to a skeleton. Verg pulls out his axe and joins the fray.

Verica comes down the stairs and heals Aldi, bringing him back to consciousness.

The skeletons are dispatched.

Examining their piles of bones the party notes that 4 of the halberds are mottled with rust but the fifth has a silvery sheen. It is decided that Perakos should have it. Nabs notes how fine and well preserved the homespun cloaks are and picks them up.

Their attention now goes to the room with the corpse of Labras.

Loman beats his shield, waits, and then enters. He pulls off the curtains on the walls. The left hand walls is bare but the right hand wall has 5 purple velvet gowns. They are embroidered with gold thread. On the breast are 7 small gems in the shape of a constellation.

Verg checks out the bookcase and the cedar box on it. It has 3 vials in it: one that is light blue, on green, and one clear. He takes the box.

Nabs checks out the book next to the box. It has the symbol of Auroros on the cover. Thumbing through it he recognizes the writing as Hyperborean but that's about all he can figure out.

Next the only unopened door is examined by Verica. Finding not traps nor locks she turns over opening duties to Loman. He is unable to budge the stuck door.

Aldi steps up and with a loud shriek of rusted hinges it opens. Nabos sends the rat in to explore. They see it walk in the cracked open door and disappear.

When it doesn't come back after some time Verica listens at the door. All she hears is scratching.

Verg is positioned to open the door, Loman is waiting to take on what might come through...and nothing.

Loman looks in and sees a hole going down. It has the look of a cistern with sandstone block walls. It goes down 20 feet where he sees the rat scratching at the wall with its one good leg. He can see where it landed and then crawled around the brown, filmy grime covered floor.

Nabos says good bye and the door is closed.

The halberds, gowns, and capes are taken to their upstairs room along with any loot acquired from Labras' corpse.

The corpse is taken to the Auroras temple they visited earlier. The pries checks over the body and asks about his prayer book. Nabos asks how much he wants for it, "Your life" is the priest's reply. Nabs hands over the book.

He then shows the book acquired from the subbasement of the 'Eel. "How much do you want for this?"

The priest's demeanor changes, "how much are you asking?"

After a quick confirmation with his fellow travelers he asks for 125gp and some help exploring the subbasement. Some negotiations lead to 2 acolytes and the 125gp price.

The acolytes will show up 2 mornings hence. They will support the party. Mostly for lifting, a little fighting, and a little healing.

Also they want to inspect the temple and such where the statue of Auroras was found.

The session is paused here.

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10/04/2022 12:13 pm  #9

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Goodness but I have a backlog of session summaries I can post :-)

I'll just say. Having a snake-man in a campaign as an antagonist really ups the plot complexity

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10/05/2022 6:17 am  #10

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Go, go, go!!!


10/06/2022 7:12 am  #11

Re: Hyperborea.pm

A player was noting they have been dealing with an antagonist for a year in our time.

My reply after looking things up

The first session Zilzoon Qaan AKA Goat Boy showed up was 2021-02-25, 588 days ago :-)

In game time, it's been about 9 months. Almost exactly.

That Hyperborean date was 576-03-11. The current date is 576-12-18, 259 days :-)

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10/06/2022 7:16 am  #12

Re: Hyperborea.pm


    - Dave (loman-paladin)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

### 576-02-13
During the downtime the subbasement is searched and a gold statuette of Kthulhu is found.

### 576-02-15
Acolytes arrive on the morning of Day 15
  Artemisia and Dunn show up

They go down to the subbasement. Get a barrel, set it on fire, and roll it down the stairs.

They follow it down.

At the bottom of the stairs there are skulls and skeletons strewn about. Human and what are determined to be ape-men.

The barrel remains are about half way down the short hallway. At the far end 6 giant rats can be seen advancing.

High pitched laughter is heard followed by:

"Oh, how divine.  Never do my children bring enough blood to keep me sated. Now I shall drink of your crimson nectar, mortal pigs."

The attack begins.

Nabos sends his buddies into battle. The cat decides to investigate the door of the barred cell doors.

Most of the rats are dispatched quickly, however Aldi does drop his bow early in the battle.

A large 8 foot long rat wades into the melee. It is bloated with swollen nipples with 8 rat pups hanging from them.

She takes a vicious bite out of Perakos who retreats to get some healing from the visiting acolytes giving support to the party.

Loman, Aldi, and even Verg are able to defeat the large rat.

Aldi strikes a grievous blow killing it. The rat explodes in a shower of blood and bile. Covering everyone but Verica, who's shoes do get some small bits of splatter on them.

The acolytes are stunned by this.

The area is explored and find:

304 sp, 524 ep, a gold chain, a gold ring set with a pearl, and a gold pendant.

When everyone goes back upstairs they find Xill in the main room. He is aghast and dumbfounded by the sodden crew.

He hopes the rat problem is solved. He gives them directions to a bath house to get themselves cleaned and their clothes taken care of.

It does take a few days to get their gear back from the cleaners.

### 576-02-15
About that time Xanthe, the priestess of Auroras, comes to visit. To see the temple/statue in the subbasement.

She is surprised by it all. Having a temple this far underground and the size of the statue. She also starts looking around to figure out to get it out.

Xanthe asks about the cistern. Verica is dispatched to climb up to see where it goes. At the top she finds it is boarded up. The boards can't be budged by her.

Everyone puts their heads together to figure out where it would be at ground level. They put it inside Garros Imports' warehouse.

They talk with the ever present guards and someone is sent to find Goll Garros, the owner.

A short, portly man, probably in his 50's with a wispy beard, fleshy jowls, and beady eyes arrives in a carriage. With him is a tall and shapely women in her 30's. She has long black hair and elegant features.

Goll asks "What's this all about?"

Xanthe explains about the temple under The Silvery Eel and her need to get the statue in it out. There is a cistern that goes into Goll's warehouse.

Goll thinks a bit, then sends a guard to get some folks.

Meanwhile Verica and Loman go back to the cistern so she can climb up and pound on the boards so it can be located in the warehouse.

Now that 10 mooks are available to Goll everyone goes inside the warehouse.

Moving some crates out of the way and taking axes to the floor the cistern is found.

"Huh", grunts Goll.

Xanthe asks if her temple can use this cistern as a way to get the statue out. After some discussion he agrees to it

The condition is that the temple pays to wall up the door from Xill's entrance and to seal the cistern's top in his warehouse.

Xanthe is more than willing to do this.

Goll estimates everything should take a week.

We pause here.

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10/06/2022 6:50 pm  #13

Re: Hyperborea.pm



- Marge (Verica - purloiner)
- Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
- Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
- Dave (loman-paladin)

not present

- Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
- Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)

### 576-02-15

Verica and Verg take money and time to learn Detect Magic
Verg and Nabazos take money and time to Learn Identify

### 576-02-22
After that Verica runs Detect Magic over the loot.

The halberd, vials, silver dagger, gold pendant, and shield
are magical.

Over the course of a week Nabazos and Verg take the money
and time to Identify what they are. It might have gone
faster by the Constitution drain from the spell knocks
them out for 24 hours.

They determine:

+1 halberd
+1 silver dagger
+1 small shield

gold pendant is a periapt of health

The potions are healing, cure disease and invisibility.

As it current stands the magic loot is divided thusly:

Perakos : +1 halberd
Loman : +1 small shield
Nabazos : +1 silver dagger
Verg : periapt of health
Verica : potion of invis
Aldsvider : potion of healing

The cure disease potion is in someone's pouch

### 576-03-01
Aldi and Nabazos both have enough XP to get to 3rd level.

Money and time is spent leveling up.

While the duo are training the rest do their thing.

The group is approached by a tall, lean, rather muscular dude.

He introduces himself as Tull, I run the boat shop next door.

"From what I hear you have the skills and talent I need for a
job". He is mostly looking at Verica when he says this.

"Stop by the Sleepy Toad if you are interested. I should be
easy enough to find."

### 576-03-02
The Loman, Aldi, Perakos, and Verica find their way there.

The see Tull sitting in a booth with 2 rather large, muscular Amazon women. He sees the group, waves them over. He makes some motions
at the bartender.

Loman hangs back while the rest take a seat.

A round of beer is set down in front of everyone. Tull happens to
be drinking when it comes. One of the Amazons takes a drink from
Tull's new drink. He sets down his mug and starts drinking from
the new one.

"Verica, I would like you to acquire something of mine that
Goll Garros took from me.

I was in an auction bidding against him for this rare jewel
called the Lamia's Heart. I was getting ready to put in my
next bid when the auctioneer declared Goll having the winning
bid. I think Goll and the auctioneer cheated me out of the item."

If you are interested in we can proceed further.

Verica quickly confers with everyone and they are ok with her
recovering Tull's item.

He says he will pay 1,200gp when the Heart is returned to him.
You can stop by the tavern and let the bartender know and I'll stop
by for the transaction.

He will provide directions to Goll's mansion, a vial of poison if you can and are so inclined to put it on his food or drink, a potion of healing, and a spyglass.

Chatting with the group present, at a discreet location/distance, Verica agrees to the task. Loman will...not participate even though Verica assured him that she is just acquiring property that rightfully belongs to Tull.

On the way back an old, one-toothed Ixian women approaches the group, noting the presence of Loman.

She begs them to find her lost son, Ardaros. She last saw him with a man with a listing head. She goes on further say she doesn't have much money but will give them a family heirloom, an electrum brooch studded with small diamonds. During their questioning of her she recalls the man holding/smoking a pipe.

Loman agrees and the rest go along. They start a quick look on the way back to The Silvery Eel.

Walking through a very seedy area a greasy haired Pict leaning in a doorway extends greetings to the group passing by. A large cloud of smoke shrouds his head that is tilted very much to the man's right.

Perakos and the rest circle back and talk with the man.

"Can I interest you fine folk in some lotus leaf," he asks, another cloud of smoke leaves his moth and surrounds him.

He has extra that he is willing to sell at a discount rate, "you can use it yourself, make a brew or potion, or if you're not so inclined you can sell it and make a tidy profit", he suggests.

Perakos, being Ixian is quite aware of lotus. There is mostly idle chit chat that happens. During this they notice how shabby his clothes are, the tiny burn holes all over it, and the wine stains.

They also take in how run down the area and this 3 story tenement is. It is flanked on both sides by very dilapidated buildings.

The group bids good by to the man and go back to the Eel.

So, Nabazos and Aldsvider are out for 3 weeks training so won't be available for either task.

Session paused here

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10/07/2022 7:37 am  #14

Re: Hyperborea.pm

These are a lot of fun to read. 

HYPERBOREA- A Role-Playing Game of Swords, Sorcery, and Weird Science-Fantasy

10/08/2022 10:06 am  #15

Re: Hyperborea.pm

Ghul wrote:

These are a lot of fun to read. 

Good thing :-)

That is session 8 of 82 (so far).

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10/08/2022 10:12 am  #16

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Dave (loman-paladin)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)
    - Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)

  not present

### 576-03-09
Casing Garros' place

### 576-03-10
Head back to the tenement where Venutios was.

After some discussion about what to do while observing the crumbling
building, noticing a fire flickering in the cracks of the "door" and
crudely boarded up windows, Loman approaches it.

Venutious comes out and is busy smoking, scanning the crowd.

Loman chats him up a bit and then Perakos joins them. Venutious asks
Perakos if he's interested in that lotus.

Nabazos scampers up saying he needs to use the bathroom. That along
with Venutios trying to get Perakos to come in to see the lotus brings the trio into the building.

Inside are 4 dudes. One looks to be passed out faced down. Another is
gently rocking and smoking a pipe staring into the fire. The third figure
has his back to them, slumped against the remains of the wall between
the 2 rooms.

The 4th figure is atop a 4'x4' crate. He's clothed only in a loin cloth.
He waving a bloody dagger while saying over and over "I told him". The lack of clothing makes apparent how heavily muscled and scarred he is.

Nabazos asks where a bathroom is, Venutios says choose a corner, but
not the one by Gillpar, the man passed out on the floor.

The loinclothed man rants on "No one passes Naitol! This crate is not to
be budged --or even looked at--lest you suffer the same fate as old Dillmore here!"

This seems to upset Venutios, "Naitol what the f*** did you do?"

Nabby eventually finishes up and checks out the scene, by this time Loman
has placed himself between Naitol and Dillmor. Perakos also is checking
things out.

They notice Dillmor has blood oozing from a deep, wide gash under his left
eye. Nabby decides to Command Naitol to be calm. Naitol doesn't seem to notice. This sparks him to jump down and stab Loman.

Loman returns the favor and knocks him down.

Nabby makes sure that Dillmor is dead with a throat slashing.

Venutios is upset with things more.

Nabby makes a skeletal servant out of Dillmor and has him try to hold
Venutios. Venutios takes how the reanimated Dillmor quickly.

Venutios moves to attak Perakos who by this time was checking out what
looked to be a door with debris piled up around it.

Venutios is succumbed.

Verica considers climbing to the upper stories but it is obvious things
are crumbling down.

The crate is kicked over and the party finds a hole with a ladder going

A torch is thrown down and everyone climbs down into it.

The ladder leads to a chamber made of limestone. 2 long spears are resting
against the wall of the fork that is north most/tunnel to the right.

It is decided to take the left hand tunnel.

The leads to a large cavern that seems to have been sunk/fallen. A lit
torch is tossed down to find the bottom. It hits what sounds like water and goes out. Infrequently a cry for help is heard coming from the southwest

Verica climbs down the cliff made by a sink hole.

At the bottom is water. She clambers down slowly until she is up to
her chest, then decides to get back to the top.

The group meanders around to another side of the sink hole. They see a ledge at the edge of their light.

They continue exploring the caves. Finding one with blood everywhere
in the northeast part of it.

They warily take the exit with blood caked on the walls and other signs of blood.

This leads to a large area with a 16-18 foot high ceiling supported by columns.

There is a 12 foot tall iron statue which stands atop a 3 foot black marble plinth.

It is of a sneering Hyperborean women snearing as she grips a scythe resting on her left shoulder. The right hand reaching forward, palm up. There are Hyperborean pictographs on the base of the plinth.

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10/08/2022 10:13 am  #17

Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (loman-paladin)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Nabazos Iramboustos - necromancer)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Chris (Perakos Iramboustos - runegraver)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

### 576-03-10
In the caves under the lotus smokers place

The party explores the area.

They see a door behind the statue.

As they walk towards it the statue attacks.

When it attacks it trips and falls off the plinth landing
face down on the floor.

Everyone piles on with their attacks.

It then gets up.

Perakos tries to attack but fumbles so badly the iron lady strikes him hard with her scythe.

The rest of the group tries to get their hits in.

She then takes Perakos' head off with her next strike.

This sends Nabazos into a bit of a rage.

By now the party notices that only Perakos' attack with the magic halberd is doing any damage.

Everyone continues to attack without affect, except for Nabby. He charges towards the statue and stabs with his magical dagger.

Even with the wounds from Nabby the statue turns her bloodied scythe onto Loman, cutting him in two.

Nabby continues stabbing as best as an 11 year old can do.

The rest of the party decides discretion is the better party of valor and exit through the way they came in.

Nabby persists but is ultimately cut apart as well.

The group makes haste back to the Eel to regroup and reassess.

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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)
    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker)

  not present

### 576-03-11
Regrouping after losing Perakos, Nabazos, and Loman

Talk over options, decide to go back to the crack house, go
to the sight of death and see what can be looted.

Investigating a room with Stalactites and algal pools Emmet finds a secret door. He decides to use a few bags of rocks to trigger it open. Some green slime falls from between the stalactites onto the bags and dissolves them.

Emmet takes Verica's holy oil and tosses a torch on it. It recoils from the fire. He then uses a torch to herd it away from the secret door entrance.

It is decided that Verica goes down the tunnel. She see that back side of a dresser at the end of it. She noisily pushed it aside. She sees a cot on north wall with a tapestry on the wall above it.

She reports back and they decide to go back to the room.

They ransack the room. They find clothes and a red robe in the dresser. The tapestry is 3'x3' and depicts a scene of daemons doing unspeakable acts to their human captives.

They go down the hall into another room. Verica and Torcan can't pick the lock but Emmet is fine with it. Xarazir ransacks the dresser and finds a sack full of copper coins. He gives the sack to Verica and keeps the coins. Verica gives the bag to Aldi.

Emmet finds a metal vial between the sheets, looks at it, and gives it to Verica. "This is the something I owe you."

They find another door. Verica checks for traps, finds none, and when she tries to pick the lock 2 scythes spring out. Verica mostly rolls out of the way, taking some damage.

Emmet goes up, looks at the lock, and tells Xarazir to break it down.

Take the cedar box, baskets of lotus leaves, the brooch, and Emmet took the book of alchemical treatises. The take the last 18cp from the dude in the room.

They wound him enough to make him unconscous, put the blanket over him, and prepare to leave the room.

They make the broken door look like it was busted from inside the room.

A room with a bed, table, and dressed that have been busted up and piled up in a heap in the corner is found. Emmet rummages through the debris and founds a pouch of lotus leaves. He takes it.

At a dead end a secret door is found.

It opens into the room with the iron lady. Aldsvider does not want to go in there. Xarazir and Emmet go in. Torcan edges to the pool of blood were the bodies of Loman, Perakos, and Nabazos are. He grabs the halberd and dagger.

The Slaan brothers go further into the room and walk around enough to see the writing on the base:


They try putting a bag coins in the statue's hand, but nothing happens. They get the dude they knocked out and place him in front of it. Nothing happens.

They toss his body about where they think the triggered an attack. Nothing happens.

Emmet finally chops off the dude's hand and places it in the cupped, right hand. The hand closes and the arm drops.

The party at this point splits in two. Verg, Verica, and Torcan explore the halls a bit more. Finding a door but not opening it. They do find a secret door.

In the meanwhile, Xarazir and Emmet go through the brass door behind the iron lady. A short hallway leads to a room with a baleful horned helmet engraved into the floor inside a circle.

Emmet chops off another hand. He tosses it into the circle. It disappears. They go back and get the body of the dude. Tossing him in he circle. He disappears. His clothes remain behind.

As the rest of the group joins them they start dragging the dead party members into the room.

They are talked out of tossing them into the circle as well.

Bloody foot prints and trails from dragging corpses

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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker)

  not present

    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

### 576-03-11
The party checks some hallways and find a secret door. There is a short, dusty hallway. It is searched and another secret door is found.

Xarazir opens and sees a tall, red-robed figure in a goat horned mask leading a lethargic old woman to an enormous bronze sculpture of an aurochs bull.

Two black-robed figures chant while throwing scraps of wood on a fire under the bull. The fire pit is ringed by charred skulls. A third figure opens a door set in the side of the sculpture.

One of the black robed people command Xarazir to fall, which he does.

The rest of the group gets into the room and attacks.

They are then held.

Verica, Verg, and Aldsvider get in the room and attack.

Until the lose interest in them.

Verg however isn't afflicted in such a way and attacks the red-robed figure.

This prompts the other figure to attack Verg. Aldi and Verica are now interested in doing some harm.

The combat continues until Verg is blinded by the bemasked figure. Verg does not relent and in fact gets in some hits.

Aldsvider switches to his bow and inflicts significant damage to his enemies. The red-robed figure heals themselves a few times but eventually after his 2 compatriots are killed he takes the chance to runaway.

The party doesn't follow. They heal the wounded and wait for the held to be released from their enchantments. They loot the bodies. Verica takes a holy symbols off of them.

On their way out Xarazir notices what look like footprints in the blood in the hallway coming out of a wall. They find another secret door. In the area beyond they find a prison cell. Among the 5 prisoners is the boy they are looking for.

The various prisoners:

Ambrosia Nereos - Altantean fishmonger - lifetime fish dinner at her table in khromarium
Ardaros - broach from his grandma
Kallisto Aelladoros - Amazon fighter will join your party
Miraxin Xon - Hyperborea - offers 4 potions of invis for safe return
Suka - Esquimaux - can help book passage on the Berg Breaker (he is a member of the Mariner's Guild)
They relate that they were drugged by the dudes in robes

Then everyone heads back to the Eel, or are escorted home by the party

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Re: Hyperborea.pm



    - Dave (Torcan-purloiner)
    - Marge (Verica - purloiner)
    - Mark (Emmet Slaan - gadgeteer)
    - Jason (Aldsvider - huntsman)

  not present

    - Chris (Xarazir Slaan - berserker)
    - Yanick(Verg-La -cryomancer)

### 576-03-12
The group goes back to Garros Manor at night to do the job.

Aldsvider, Torcan, and Verica jump the fence and climb the side
of the manor. Verica falls had on her back but gets back up
and joins the duo.

Torcan opens the window and they all go in the room.

They can see in the darkness 5 figures/shapes.

Verica slowly approaches one and puts her hand on it. It feels like smooth stone.

Torcan and Verica search in the dark for a way out. Eventually a torch is lit and a secret door is found. It is a revolving bookcase.

It leads into a cluttered art studio.

They see a ladder leading to a trap door in the ceiling. An iron bar is locked across it.

Torcan opens the door in the room that opens onto some stairs going down ending in another door. The torch is doused and the door opened. Torcan feels his way. His best assessment is that there is a hallway or door to his left that leads to the room the "fake lady garros" was seen. He feels a metal plated shape at about head height with a knob on it. He finds the door knob and keyhole. Deftly picking the lock in the darkness.

Slowly walking down a short hallway he sees the room dimly lit by the hearth. As he steps into a dagger slides just in front of his neck. The blade barely nicking his skin.

Torcan quickly goes further into the room and casts Sanctuary. Verica goes in as well and Commands the Fake Lady to sleep. As the lady falls Aldsvider grabs the pendant from her.

The group tries to silently go back upstairs while the Lady is asleep.

They get to the window, look out, and see the guards and dogs down below.

While waiting for them to pass the quaff the invisibility potions they brought with them.

After the guards and dogs go around the corner of the building they climb down.

Well, Aldsvider and Torcan make thumps as they fall. Verica climbs down.

At the same time they here "GUARDS!" screamed from inside the manor. The dogs and guards run back around the corner.

As the do so Verica runs to and climbs to the top of the spiked fence. Torcan and Aldi stand up.

Then they follow Verica's invisible example.

Verica drops down on the other side, drops the holy symbol she picked up from the temple under the crack house, and runs towards the northeast.

Alsdvider is able to run to and get atop the fence. Torcan slips and is unable to climb the fence. A dog snaps at him and just barely misses biting him.

Aldi drops down and makes his exit.

Torcan climbs the fence before the dogs are able to bite him.

The party regroups at the Eel.

### 576-03-13
They guard the pendant until the next day when they go to the Sleepy Toad and give the pendant to Tull.

They sit down, Verica hands him the bag with the Lamia's Heart.

He looks in the bag, frowns, and pulls it out.

He slams it hard against the table, shattering.

"Are you trying to f*** me!", he angrily shots.

"It's made of topaz, not glass"

He points at the broken remains, "It was set in gold, not copper."

The party is fairly stunned by this.

Tull reiterates, "The Lamia's Heart is a large, heart shaped topaz set in a gold pendant. Don't come back to me without it." as he sweeps the broken remains onto the tavern floor.

The group returns to the Eel and ponders their next course of action.

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