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6/26/2021 2:02 pm  #1

Devils Whip

Inspired by the Orange Goblin song The Devil's Whip on the Back From The Abyss album.


The body of a greater daemon was used in the distant past to make this.
The handle is made from daemon bone and the whip from daemon hide.

In the presence of daemons (120-foot range), the whip glows crimson.
The weapon provides a base +2 attack and damage bonus; this bonus is
+4 versus daemons.

An attack roll of natural 20 can trigger the remove of the target's
soul. The target gets a save vs death at -2 penalty to resist this.
A successful save still results in the target being stunned for 1d8 rounds.

The whip can capture 13 souls before being destroyed. A whip will
have 1d12 souls already stored.

An attack roll of a natural 17-20 on a daemon will negate their
magic resistance for 1d6 rounds.

XP Value: 5,000
GP Value: 50,000

What? Me worry?

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